miss olive

Enoch: *acts like a little bitch*

Me: Cute.

Enoch: *is rude to people*

Me: Precious.

Enoch: *literally destroys everything*

Me: What a guy :^)

  • Jacob: Get out the way there's a hollow !!! You'll die !!!
  • Enoch, probably: Where ???
  • Jacob: *points to place where the hollow is*
  • Enoch: *moves exactly where he pointed*
Dating Enoch O’Connor would include:

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Not requested I’m just really trash for good ol’ baby boy Enoch:

- Him being really awkward around you at first

- Miss Peregrine and Horace / Millard / Emma briefly discussing how happy you two are with each other

- Really awkward but really cute hand holding

- In fact he REALLY likes holding your hand, and finds himself grabbing it several times throughout the day, even for short periods of time

- Him being really hostile around Jacob if he gets too close to you

- “You know she’s mine, right?”

- If you played an instrument, he probably loved listening to you play it.

- Sometimes you two walking to each others rooms in the dead of the night because you’re ‘cold’ or ‘can’t sleep’

- Cute little kisses throughout the day 

- All the others being happy that Enoch was happy (but mostly they were happy that he wasn’t so rude to them when you were around)

- Him rigging his homunculi to bring you flowers while you read in the library

- c u d d l e s

- Him being incredibly overprotective of you

- No but seriously ^^

- “Y/N are you okay you have a scratch.” “Enoch It’s just a scratch.” “But you could be dying.” “Enoch I’m fine.”

- If you have a mental illness he drops anything to help you when it gets hard to deal with

- Helping with his homunculi

- “You’re so beautiful.”

I’ll probably make another one of these cause I really liked making this.

Jacob is inexperienced, awkward, and clumsy in love… but he’ll go to whatever lengths he must to do the right thing.

Emma has had her heart broken once and has closed herself off from loving again… but she still feels, and deeply.

Millard is nerdy and meticulous to almost a fault… but he mourns for the one thing even endless knowledge couldn’t bring back.

Bronwyn is remarkably strong both physically and emotionally… but she uses that ferocity to be a mother.

Olive is young and lighter than air… but she always knows exactly what she must do to save her friends and their world.

Claire loves dresses and princess dolls… but that doesn’t stop her from chomping on a wight’s (probably unsanitary) arm with her sharp teeth.

Enoch is moody and pessimistic at times… but he comforted a common girl without asking for anything in return.

Horace prefers to stay in the background and even calls himself a coward… but when the time comes, he’ll stand up for himself, no matter how much it scares him.

Hugh can kill and lead with pride… but around Fiona or his bees, he’s soft, gentle, and finely attuned to the emotions of those around him.

Fiona is silent, serious, and a mystery… but she gave herself up when no one else would.

Thank you, Ransom Riggs, for giving us characters who break out of their archetypes.

The Peculiar Children as Things That I've Said in the Past 6 Months

Jacob: Nut allergies are only nut allergies because people have them.

Hugh: I have three goldfish named Gordon.

Enoch: How likely would it be that you could just… you know… go away…?

Bronwyn: You don’t need to be strong to protect people, you just need to be small enough to kick them in the nuts.

Millard: Jigglybits is a very scientific term. I should know, I took a biology class for a day.

Horace: Does this sweater make me look like a walking trash bag? Because that’s the look I was going for.

Olive: If people were made to fly, they would have wings. Like flying squirrels; such majestic creatures…

Emma: If I set fire to this piece of paper, how fast would the school burn?

Fiona: When did spring come? I was uninformed about this.

Claire: [when asked for a number between 1 and 10] Triangle.


Miss P: I don’t care if you haven’t come out of my womb; I am your mother and you will listen to me or you will be standing in the rain for the rest of the night. Do you understand me?