miss ney ney

Ego temptabunt semper admonet in somnis.“

“Ti cerco sempre nei miei sogni.

—  Seneca.
The sense of humor of…? Dani Alves. I think he’s a spontaneous, happy guy and he’s always himself.

The fashion sense of…? Dani Alves [laughs] Because of the outfits he comes up with.

—  Neymar’s perfect footballer: Who does he choose? [Via: CNN}

Brazil’s Neymar celebrates with Brazil’s Dani Alves after scoring against Colombia during their Russia 2018 FIFA World Cup football qualifier match Brazil vs Colombia, in Manaus, Brazil, on September 6, 2016

Dani Alves was fundamental for me when I came to Barcelona to help me adapt and become what I am now.
I have much gratitude for all that he has done with me and helped me with
—  Neymar during his interview with Jô Soares for Programa do Jo [12/07/16]