miss my bros

yes the carnival event is cool and everything but consider the following:

  • prompto taking ALL THE PHOTOS and demanding ALL THE SELFIES with ALL THE MASCOTS, smiling brightly like the ray of sunshine he is, looking at the baby chocobos and starting to cry
  • IGNIS HAVING FUN, SMILING AND LAUGHING, tasting all the desserts and taking notes so he can prepare them when they return home
  • everyone laughing wildly because of noct terrible dancing performance 

philip talking about how he lies, he can’t help it, he thinks he lies to get close to people?? gabe saying ‘you don’t need to do that with me. i’ll always help.’ philip asking if lukas is lying to him?? lukas saying ‘i lie to everyone else. not with you.’ this poor mistrusting boy who is so good so soft trying so hard finally meeting people who don’t want to lie to him, who can’t, who don’t want to be lied to, don’t need to be, everything so tentative but slowly building and nourishing his starved lil heart afdl;sk


The answer is yes

Here is what they say btw:

Toby: Highly Gay
Ben: High and Gay
Kagekao: Spooder
Eyeless Jack: Hentai Material
Jane: THICC Queen
Smile: Urban Dictionary
Jeff: Miss America
Liu: My Bro Was My Plastic Surgeon WBU?
Puppeteer: B My Fren
Bloody Painter: Van Gogh
LJ: Monochrome Toothpick
Tim/Masky: This is David
Brian/Hoodie: Lowkey Dead ( ;) )
Clockwork: WHORE


So Magnus and Will met in, before, or around 1878. Magnus tried to kill himself in the ‘early 1870s’ because he thought no one cared about him. Then he met Will and lemme tell you something if Will mother fucking Herondale found Magnus (in the late 1870s) he would have made sure Magnus knows he isn’t alone and that he cares. If you think otherwise then

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While we’re on Headcanon Express here…

I like to think Dave is more unsettled by the differences between Dirk and Bro than the similarities.

Dirk does something frighteningly similar to Bro and Dave says nothing, hardly even thinks anything of it. They’re bound to be similar. That’s To Be Expected.

But sometimes he bangs his fucking shin on a coffee table at 3am while flashstepping and the goDDAMN X FILES THEME PLAYS IN DAVES HEAD AS HE STARES IN BEWILDERMENT. Dirk proceeds to curse under his breath about asspacking endtables as he makes himself a pot of coffee, all the while Dave’s entire world is falling apart. He thinks back. Had Bro ever clipped the coffee table? No? What the fuck, did he ever trip over a chair? NO? SLIP ON A SMUPPET… NO. No unexplained bumps in the night, no quiet cursing as he goes about his weird routines. Nothing.

I think that after a while he gets used to it, and takes comfort in the differences as well as the familiarity fostered by any resemblance he may share with dead relatives. But it takes time. And so it goes that for like 4 months Dave just quietly freaked out every time Dirk wasnt the untouchable broninja he grew up with.


i’ve been meaning to post all the qrs for the medal i have since the old ones work in yw2 and the japanese ones work in yw2. so here’s a big master photoset of all the medal qrs i have for youkai watch organized by tribe. [SCREAMS INTO THE VOID] I’VE ONLY EVER GOT ONE FRIGGIN’ EERIE COIN
((also i made a lil’ tiny komasan kaomoji gif just because to put above the text))


Little headcanon AU in which Jean Havoc, Ed and Al whenever left by themselves, they revert to country slang and talk so fast that no one understands half of what they’re saying. Roy once catches them talking, tries to listen the conversation but only manages to catch 1 word out of 20.

*shrugs* I thought it was cute, lol

PS: Shall be posting art later, about what i still don’t know ^^’