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“Go on! run back to your pathetic, ugly little-” Erica barley had time to finish her insults before her body was hitting the ground.

Allison crouched above her now trembling frame as Erica groaned in pain, regretting her words.

“You ever speak of y/n like that again and I swear, it won’t end well for you..bitch”

Although it was completely out of character for Allison, she was unable to stop herself when she had heard you being insulted, she loved you and the last thing she wanted was for you to get hurt.

Admin Query/Planning

Hello, my lovely followers (what there is left of you)! As you can no doubt tell, I’ve been very absent around here lately. I’m still active on my KHR and BNHA blogs, which receive quite a few asks and have fandoms I’m still really into. I’ve realized though, sitting and writing requests for those, that I miss writing for other fandoms. I’ll find myself thinking ‘I would love to write imagines for Cute High Earth Defense Club’ or ‘I should open an Overwatch imagines blog’. I have found that I really, genuinely miss having a multi-fandom blog.

This is where Toonitude comes in. While this blog is technically multi-fandom, it’s never gotten more than a handful of requests and has very little in the follower base. So what I’m thinking of doing is changing the url to something more fitting, revising the fandoms I write for on here, and making this my main multi-fandom blog, opening it up to other fandoms other than cartoons (though there are still a couple that will be kept) and running it on a queue system with large events four times a year and sleepovers/mini-events with each new ask opening like I do with my other two blogs. 

Now, I know what some of you are thinking - why don’t you just reopen Polycanons if you want a multi-fandom blog again. The answer to that is simple - while I love Polycanons, it has two drawbacks: 1) it’s really tied into some fandoms I’m just not into anymore and 2) I felt so much pressure because of number one that I felt guilty about removing fandoms that I just didn’t care about anymore. This new multi-fandom blog will likely have fandoms that come and go and I hope people will get that.

I know what else some of you are thinking - what about your other blogs? As said, my KHR and BNHA blogs run on queues and, if I stagger them right, I can have events/sleepovers and ask box openings and closing that complement each other, leaving me enough time to write for one while the queue is running for the other. Those blogs would be in no danger of closing or becoming a lot less active (they’re not always active as is, honestly, since I do work a fair bit). My Saiyuki blog would get moved to the multi-fandom blog as I’m always going to be into Saiyuki, much like I’m always going to be into KHR. It’s one of my first huge loves. My Eyeshield 21 blog is likely going to go into permanent hiatus, honestly. While I’m trying to reread the manga, I just can’t capture the same love I used to have for the fandom (and honestly, the fandom doesn’t help a lot because it’s very hard to make fandom friends in it unless you want to talk about shipping and nothing but shipping and, as mentioned numerous times, I don’t ship). 

Anyway, all this rambling and my main point is : what are your guy’s thoughts? I’ll be cross-posting this to my KHR, BNHA, and Saiyuki blogs to get people’s thoughts. I’d also love to know what fandoms you’d be interested in seeing me keep or seeing me write for? I don’t know if I should just list off all the shows/mangas/games I’ve watched/read/played and see which ones I want to write for - it seems like it will be disappointing for readers who like fandoms I just don’t feel after writing them once.

What are you thoughts, darlings?

i made rick on a whim at the beginning of october and it was one of the best impulse decisions i’ve ever made. i’ve never felt so welcomed into a new fandom; everyone has been incredibly kind and supportive getting this blog off the ground, and stuck with me during the busy periods i haven’t been able to get online. it really means a lot, and i’m thankful for each and every one of you that hit that follow button - whether you’ve been following for 5 minutes or since this blog’s conception. seriously: thank you

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i know for a fact i’ve missed blogs out - this list is entirely off the top of my head, and as it’s gone 2am i’m not thinking too straight. but i wanted to get this up before i sleep, as i won’t be around now until 2017 - i’ll be back sometime in the first week hopefully with a full revamp and lots of muse!

i hope you all have a good holiday wherever you are, and a brilliant new year! stay safe, look after yourselves, and once again, thank you for following my painfully slow ass because it means everything to me. ♡

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As you guys can see this is my first follow forever! I finally hit my first milestone last week which was 100 followers and I want to thank everyone who has followed my somewhat okay blog haha so yeah thank you very very very much ^-^ I know 100 is not a lot but it’s quite a lot to me (seriously I didn’t think I would get past 5 tbh >.>) You are all amazing and I love all you guys!  (ノ◕ヮ◕)  (I’m not going to highlight mutuals because I literally follow back everyone so yeah) 


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