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can you believe the wynonna earp twitter is wayhaught af and uses the "tm"? lmao i bet it's emily she's so funny

All of the wynonna gang on twitter are just so Iconic™?? idk what we did to deserve this but i am grateful


how many of you other hunties n huntresses were G A G G E D when you were a little bittie just watching cartoon network during christmas time and Grandma Got Run Over by A Reindeer came on? Cousin Mel really was THAT BITCH! Grinch who? Scrooge WHO? Cousin Mel was serving looks on looks on looks while trying to take down grandma and destroy christmas! like her fit is so iconic. that Harry Winston necklace paired with the signature Hermes white scarf and a cropped Gucci blouse? like who is this bitch? and don’t even get me STARTED on that vintage YSL blue coat with real mink blue fur trim on the collar and cuffs? like when will your fav? Miss Mel is a legend and that’s that on THAT!

if you don’t think that lucy is a workaholic and kara has to literally carry her out of the DEO because damn it, lucy, you haven’t seen your friends in weeks

that’s not true, i see my friends!! i hang out with richard like everyday.

who’s richard?

the bat.

the one that bit me?!!?!


then you’re wrong.


mel, brigadeiro, caramelo

i just love this scene so much because look at this:

sherlock’s moving his head in swift motions and slowly and he literally looks like “what the hell there’s so many hot soldiers?? i’m getting hard?? john just called me NURSE??”

AND HERE HE’S MAKING SUCH A WEIRD FACE IT MAKES ME LAUGH i’ve never seen him this confused he’s like “wait, NURSE?? is this some kind of roleplay??”

and john just shouts at him in action and then


sherlock looks so overwhelmed and turned on and it looks like he was about to swallow nervously but then john demands him to do something and as soon as john turns, he does exactly what he says IMMEDIATELY

and this is like proof of his military kink because if you look at those facial expressions and don’t see some kind of attraction i don’t know what to say

‘Shiny’ from Moana really fucking hits the nail on the head honestly

  • I love Lin Manuel Miranda with all of my heart and his music and lyrics are bomb
  • The demo where Lin tries to be Bowie is amazing
  • The fuckin RHYTHM GOD DAMN
  • The character of Tamatoa
  • Jemaine Clement
  • Jemaine Clement evoking his inner Bowie
  • Tamatoa having David’s eyes
  • That fucking Bowie guitar before the second part of the chorus kills me
  • The instrumentation jesus everyone really loves and misses Bowie
  • I just really miss David Bowie
🌟attention: thank you🌟

this small post is meant to thank my squad
[ @heartbeatkitty 🌟 @the-beat-girl 🌟 @ninnie-knees-up 🌟 @so-misled ]
for having liked and reblogged my art.
it really means a lot to me, during these hard times.
because of exams, summer hasn’t come to me yet.
plus I wasn’t really confident whether my drawn taniwha Tim looked much like the actual Tim.
but those lovely word you said, and the fact you hit the reblog made me feel incredibly well.
thanks so much. 🌟🌟

Me while watching The Last Five Years movie
  • Still Hurting: no anna no bby we love you
  • See I'm Smiling: how the hell did the costume manager not catch you steal that sweater?
  • Moving Too Fast: Damn son can ride a bike
  • A Part of That: when most people see someone start randomly smiling after staring catatonically they'd be worried
  • The Schmuel Song: what kind of shit name is Schmuel anyway
  • A Summer in Ohio: Wayne's my man. They should make a movie of just you
  • The Next Ten Minutes: I want
  • A Miracle Would Happen/When You Come Home to Me: This is where I start getting lost. Also I see u Sherie
  • Climbing Uphill: Why does the pianist hate me? I see u JRB
  • If I Didn't Believe in You: chill or this won't end well
  • Nobody Needs to Know: Jamie u turd
  • Goodbye Until Tomorrow/I Could Never Rescue You: THE FEELS

my great grandma was the strongest person i knew. she was always getting wrapped up in antics and the few times i did hear stories, it was always great. it broke that age barrier, you know? like when she was around my age she was in weight watchers back when it first started. the first weigh in she went for the heaviest clothing and all the jewelry she could manage, wearing several necklaces and hiding them under her clothes so she’d be weighed in more. then when they did a progress check, this girl ditched her bra and all the jewelry and came out weighing way less so she could win the mini competition. 

then she when she was about 92, she fell one night and got roughed up. sh was in the hospital for quite some time. seeing as my grandparents were out of the country, my dad, sister and i were to take care of her and visit to check on her and the live-in nurse. we asked what she wanted to do the first day out of the hospital, and you know what she said? she wanted the biggest burger in n out had and to watch legally blonde while eating. i repeat, a 92 year old woman who lived through the great depression and other hard times, wanted nothing more than to eat greasy food and watch elle woods kick ass. 

like honestly??? if i live as long as she did (which i think i wont lmao. she lived to 94) i hope i have an ounce of her strength in myself.