miss meanie

okay but why did nobody tell me that this new produce 101 thing has 


i might have to watch a few episodes to relive my old 17tv feels and i’m betting with all i got that dongjin, our giant baby, has grown even taller by now - i genuinely wouldn’t be surprised if he is going to be taller than mingyu one day (if not already like who knows?) 

arghhh and ming ming, i never knew that he signed with a new company let alone FNC? and ofc samuel my precious sweetheart. seeing him sing together with hansol and more importantly bickering with him literally made all of my summers back then. their live streams were such an integrate part of my summer routine that i’m getting emotional right now ;;;  i’m missing doyoon too :((((( 

+ NU’EST??? i know that they are really underrated but i never expected pledis to send them to this show seriously i’m shook…. with that said people should listen to “daybreak” and i really like “hello” too which again reminds me of seventeen’s cover and their showcases back then…… ahhhhh emotions ;; 

Imagine Wonwoo showing up @ a fansign super happy !!! because he can talk to carats and be next to his members
but then

mingyu: ah I miss wonwoo~ *pats wonu’s plushie*
svt: yeah *fake tears*
wonwoo: guys I’m here!
scoups: I can even hear his voice…
wonwoo: guys I’m right her-
Dk: it’s like he is next to me!
wonwoo: YAH!