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LGBTQ* Gallop Polls (You May Have Missed)

2012’s Gallup Poll: 

“Do you, personally, identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender?”

3.4% of those you participated said “Yes”

On the Poll’s Wording:

Being ignored and not finding your representation is not empowering and can lead to many voices not being recorded. No one should be erased. Sadly, many people believe LGBT(Q*) is the most inclusive way to ask everyone who does not identify as cis- and heterosexual. We need a more inclusive way to ask these questions and properly document and record our neighbors. Do you have any recommendations on better wording? 

Note: I, Rebecca, am knee deep in statistics for an upcoming KNOWhomo (Kh) project. If you have participated in any Campus, University , School, or Community Polls, similar to this, feel free to send me information. And as always:  Keep On, Keeping On!


anonymous asked:

It's kind of depressing when you think that Ali was an alternate in 2008, missed the 2012, and may not even be a starter for this olympics

It’s kind of inspiring to think that Ali was an alternate in 2008, missed 2012, but now gets a chance to play in her first Olympics after winning a World Cup championship in the same field she tore her ACL. Stop being negative, babe.