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We have a bit of a girl crush on Amani, the protagonist of the upcoming fantasy REBEL OF THE SANDS. She crushes it on every page with her gunslinging skills and fiery attitude, and her incredible feats are guaranteed to make her the greatest myth of the desert. So in anticipation of the release of REBEL OF THE SANDS on March 10, we rounded up our top 9 heroines who we think will reach #myth status someday:

1. Amani from REBEL OF THE SANDS 

Why she’ll reach #myth status: Being the best sharp shooter for miles, taming ancient beasts, never telling a lie, and finding a romance hotter than the desert sun.

2. Adelina from THE YOUNG ELITES

Why she’ll reach #myth status: Unleashing her dark powers, changing the course of history for malfettos, and descending on a path to villainy.


Why she’ll reach #myth status: Spying on the most evil woman in the empire by pretending to be her slave, fighting with the Resistance to find her brother, and causing one of the top military students at Blackcliff academy to change his ways.


Why she’ll reach #myth status: Making it through the night as the wife of a ruler who weds a new bride each day only to have her executed the next morning.


Why she’ll reach #myth status: Being the most powerful female jinni of all time, falling in love with a human, and breaking the boundaries of her world.

6. Lady Helen from THE DARK DAYS CLUB

Why she’ll reach #myth status: Breaking her expectations to fight with a force dedicated to destroying the demons that have infiltrated London…and doing it in a dress.


Why she’ll reach #myth status: Keeping it together when she finds out the world is run by 12 secret and powerful families who think she’s the key to an ancient prophecy.

8. Harper Price from REBEL BELLE

Why she’ll reach #myth status: Balancing her duties as a debutante with her new job as one in an ancient line of guardians sent to protect her nemesis-turned-love interest.

9. Cassie from THE 5TH WAVE

Why she’ll reach #myth status: Showing us how survival is really done in the war against humanity.

It’s less than one week till Valentine’s Day and we’re back with more advice to make February 14th go smoothly WHATEVER your romantic situation:

When you can’t believe you’ve fallen for your worst enemy:

Or you’ve suddenly gotten powers and become one in a line of ancient guardians sent to protect the guy who’s annoyed you your whole life like in REBEL BELLE by Rachel Hawkins.

When you can’t seem to tell if they’re joking or not…

Or the girl you’re into is the odd, mysterious girl who lives next door and she’s way different than the last girl you were in love with, like in WINK POPPY MIDNIGHT by by April Tucholke.

When you accidentally text the wrong guy back:

Or you find out that 12 secret and powerful families rule the world and now your social circle is pretty much the guy who might help you save the world and the one you’re falling in love with like in THE CONSPIRACY OF US by Maggie Hall. 

Thanks to authors Maggie Hall, April Tucholke, and Rachel Hawkins for giving us infinite wisdom by writing these texts!

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