miss lady bird

i just really can’t wait any longer to see how romantic and intimate armie and timmy get in cmbyn. my god, seeing my baby boy acting in anything makes me feel some type of way so the fact that he will be engaging with armie fucking hammer in such a sensual erotic love story will literally kill me. i’m not being dramatic when i say i will die. timmy just has a fucking way of stealing the goddamn show whether he’s the lead or not. with raw talent alone he is perfection, but then you add those longing puppy dog eyes that you could get lost in for days, that luscious hair you want to run your fingers through every second of the day, that deep but soft and subtle voice that puts you at ease but also makes you quiver, and those fucking lips that you want on every inch of your body… can u tell i’m in love jesus christ i need help. we don’t deserve this boy. i am so excited for his come up but i am also hesistant. he’s going to be HUGE and soon everyone will adore him and know who he is and my selfish ass just isn’t ready for that at all. soon everyone is going to be deeply and positively impacted by his beauty and talent just like i was. he’s already being recognized for his massive talent which is amazing but pls i’m weak. i really have never felt so close to an actor as i do with him. like i’ll obvi be proud and happy for him but i still just love only sharing him with this somewhat small community of fans. i’m selfish i want him to myself and i want him to be protected at all costs ok goodnight


Favorite Teams {3/5}
     ↳ Birds of Prey

“So they’re like….super powered birds?”


Here’s the first meeting of now former First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy and Lady Bird Johnson, now the wife of the President of the United States.

“I don’t know what to say,” Lady Bird says. “What wounds me most of all is that this should happen in my beloved state of Texas.”

“To this, Jackie says nothing. She sits in her very particular brand of silence, her pink outfit stained with gore, flecked with fragments of her husband’s skull and brain. One of her stockings is almost completely lacqueredin blood. Her right glove, white that morning, is caked and stiffwith it. Her left glove is missing. Lady Bird asks her if she can get someone to help her change.

“No,” Jackie says. “Perhaps later I’ll ask Mary Gallagher, but not right now. I want them to see what they have done to Jack.”

Right when things finally got good, babe has to leave for a couple weeks. :( I knew this was coming, and I know he’ll be home soon, but this is no fun. I’m trying not to be sad about it though because to me, this is just the start of a new beginning. We can start looking for an apartment soon, and we can start trying to get pregnant again.. my body is finally recovered. Everything will be fresh and new and way beyond exciting when he comes home. I have been blessed with someone who not only understands me, but is there for me, day in and day out. Through the good, the bad.. and the distance.. I am one lucky son of a gun and I can’t wait to REALLY start this journey. Here’s to lots of love and a fresh start! Now I just hope these next couple weeks go by fast.