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Doodle - Currently Re-Watching one of my fav anime show “Bleach” and tbh all i want is just to see my waifu “Zaraki Kenpachi” HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHA …..i mean it. *waits for everybody on the internet to judge me*

i have the worst taste for anime boys, waifu section of gals are okay but when it comes to anime boys- /le cries/ why am i like this—


Hello again, everyone. Sorry for the delay in posting this video, but I got a bit side-tracked when the holiday rolled around and I was busy spending time with my family. I was hoping that I would get this video uploaded on the day of Thanksgiving, but that didn’t work out like I had planned it to. In any other case I do hope you guys enjoy it! (P.S. It’s better to watch the video than the audio post, but I will still post an audio version of the video.)

Voice of Lewis and Arthur: Me

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“As if I woke up from a long dream, the sky I looked up at is pink” - Sakura Biyori sung by Unohana’s VA

Setting is “sort of” based on the lyrics, and two versions again because I like monochrome. The fuck am I doing?

Someone’s tags just reminded me that Yhwach mentioned thousands of futures for Ichigo. As someone who is incredibly disappointed and confused by the ending, this makes me feel better. Because, you know, some of those futures are 

  • Ichigo and Rukia being the guardians of Karakura who see each other as much as they want (and would never dream of staying apart for 10 years for no apparent reason, because what kind of friends do that???? NONE, especially not “more than friends” friends)
  •  and Ishida being a FASHION DESIGNER (”and here comes [insert model] wearing Ishida Uryuu. Look at that silhouette! Ishida-sensei is shaking up the fashion industry with his fall line.”) 
  • and Chad being idk a vet or pediatrician or something equally sweet and nurturing like he is. 
  • And Isane gaining strength over the course of TEN years to become the kindest hbic and the most badass duo with her sister lieutenant (seriously the potential there!!). 
  • And Kyouraku being so tired of war and bloodshed, he forbids the rebuilding of the sogyouku (because it’s too much work and haven’t we seen enough killing?). And at Nanao’s insistence, he puts Kurotsuchi back into the Maggot’s Nest. They don’t need him anymore anyway.
  • Squad 4 raises Nemuri Hachigou. She’s one of the best and brightest students in Soul Society, and her squad dotes on her. Nanao reads to her, and Lisa takes over occasionally.
  • And Tatsuki’s the one that becomes a professional fighter and gains a following in Soul Society. 
  • And Kenpachi eventually misses Yachiru so much he learns how to sync with his zanpakutou so he can see her whenever and learns to materialize her. 
  • And Orihime jumps from job to job trying new things just because she wants to and gets a degree in interpersonal communication while she’s at it. Who knows what she’ll do? She doesn’t, but she loves exploring life! 
  • And Yoruichi and Urahara start a World of the Living Travel Agency for Shinigami and make a healthy profit. Or at least Urahara does. Yoruichi naps as a cat a lot and goes back to SS once a week to bug Soi Fon while she’s drilling her squad.
  • The Visoreds confronted Aizen and were the ones to put him back in jail. And armed with this closure, they have productive lives as either captains or lieutenants
  • Hiyori takes longer to acclimate but decides to stay in the world of the living. She becomes a fitness trainer and starts to meditate. She loves going to sports bars and Tatsuki’s matches.
  • Hachi teaches kidou classes at the Academy.
  • Halibel and her ladies free themselves and eradicate the quincy presence in Hueco Mundo even before Ywach killed them all. They start a girl gang. 
  • The dad duo go out for drinks and lament the youth these days, like dads will do, but they’re secretly proud. Sometimes they pull Mr. Incredible/Frozone wednesday night stunts, because they get bored too. Ryuuken always blames these on Isshin when things go south.
  • Matsumoto eventually understands Haineko enough to gain her bankai. She doesn’t tell anyone.That would mean more work.
  • Karin takes weekend classes at the Soul Academy. She’s determined to be better than her brother. She probably will be.
  • Yuzu comes into her quincy powers and Isshin cries for a week because he’s so proud of his little girl
Bleach characters, you have become human! What is your reaction?

As requested by kazuma85. :)

Rukia: Oh great. This shit again.

Isshin: Whelp. The powers come and the powers go.

Isshin: Good thing I wasn’t planning to help with the Quincy anyway!


Byakuya: I am worthless trash. My life has become pointless. I have failed my clan and my duties and myself. My life has become a dark march toward death.

Ichigo: …feeling a little hurt here, Byakuya.

Renji: Rukiapleasestabme!

Hitsugaya: P-please don’t make me go to grade school! I AM [sob] CAPTAIN HITSUGAYA

Matsumoto: Good thing I already have all of this adorable human clothes!

Halibel: M-my mouth…it’s there…even though I am wearing my uniform…


Kensei: Aw, come on! I JUST got back to Soul Society!

Shinji: Dammit! And I hate high school!


Hisagi: Captain Mugurum is not going to be pleased about this…

Nel: Nel is going to go live with Itsygo now!


Hinamori: I guess I’ll have to buy matches now…

Szayel: Perfection just became a lot more distant.

Sasakibe: Omg I can live in England!


Nemu: I guess I have to stop getting fatally injured now.

Urahara: Hm. It may become problematic that I can’t see most of my customers now.

Starrk: I have become normal.

Starrk: Apparently that sucks too.

Ukitake: Oh dear…I think my consumption may be fatal now…

Lisa: My life just developed an expiration date.

Lisa: Better speed up my reading.

Yoruichi: I-I can’t change forms anymore….?

Soi Fon: No speed…no invisibility…no ability to kill people in two touches…

Soi Fon: I think I even miss my rocket launcher!

Kenpachi: Ichigo, please tell me that humans fight too!

Yachiru: Ichigo, why did you give me this pamphlet on cavities?

Ulquiorra: At last I can understand what it means to be human.

Ulquoirra: I no longer have to ask about the heart - I can feel it beating.

Ulquiorra: All of my questions are about to be answered.

Ulquiorra: ..

Ulquiorra: And yet all I can think about is how delicious microwave burritos sound.

Starter for miss-kenpachi

If there was one thing the pirate loved about his job as team leader, it was being able to scout out future spots of pillaging and interest….but mostly pillaging.  The sight of Mt. Pyre stretched through the horizon, and Archie found himself craning his neck to even see the top of it.

The man was content; he got to get his feet wet and let his sharpedo have a couple dashes around the base of the mountain.  Even better, now that he knew how easy it was to get to the landmark, it’d prove useful as his plans slowly unfurled.  But for today, it was enough, and it would be best to make his way back to the base.

Sending his sharpedo back into its pokeball, the pirate stretched once so he could crack his back into place, and then started the short trek back through Lilycover.  He was tired though, and boy was he looking forward to a hot meal and a good snooze.

white mist

if ichigo had been there to see rukia’s bankai…

He would watch the world around him slowly crystallize, the clear frost encasing everything until they stood in nothing less than a winter wonderland. The shards of her ice would graze against his cheek, turning into powdered dust just before they touched his skin, so it felt like getting kissed by her bankai.

The whiteness of her features would take him by surprise, but he would be more taken by how each of her lashes had frosted over, or how her hair had turned an angelic white to match the beauty of her zanpakutou. The ice crown on her head would have looked like a glistening halo.

The awe on his face would be impossible to hide, the slight parting of his lips a dead giveaway of how she had stolen his breath away.

“Beautiful,” he would whisper.

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anonymous asked:

Who are all the special war potentials? I know there are 5, but there's 2 missing. Ichigo, Kenpachi, and Aizen are special war potential right?

Ichigo’s ego counts as a separate potential


“Relax, he doesn’t sleep in any other bed besides mine. And that’s usually when I’m not home, so you can quit worrying about that.”
She replied noticing the bitter tone in his voice, before shutting the door behind her and walking over.
“Whatcha doing?”

Archie twisted a strand of hair back under his bandanna, before rubbing at the back of his neck.  

“I mean, have ye tried gettin’ that fuzz out at all?  He hugged me once and I’m still tryin’ to pick it out, worse than a Skitty, I tell ye!  But this?”  The pirate motioned to the map, which was beginning to curl in at the edges.

“Just some old sea maps from me grandad.  Thought they might be able to help, but…they’re just a bunch of nonsense now.”


Hello everyone and happy holidays! I hope you have a box of tissues near you, because this video is going to take you on a feels trip! 

Voice of Lewis and Arthur - Me Voice of Vivi - miss-kenpachi

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