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What if Kat ISN’T Layton’s daughter?

Some people liked this idea so here we go

What if Katrielle isn’t Layton’s child, adopted or biological? 

Imagine Kat is merely a Layton fangirl - one of many. She even went and bought her own little top hat to match her idol’s! 

She dreams of being a detective, just like Layton, but no one will take her seriously. She has quite the “imagination”. Scotland Yard sees her as a harmless nuisance. (”Leave her to deal with the petty pickpockets,” Alfendi scoffs.) 

But then, Layton goes missing. Kat is devastated, along with the rest of London. The city goes into an uproar. Layton - the man who saved the world from the Azran, who stopped the Mobile Fortress - is missing! What hope is there for the rest of them? The citizens needs someone to depend on… even a girl claiming to be Layton’s daughter. Oh, not Flora! This is Katrielle Layton. Layton must have forgotten to mention her, just like his son. 

“What’s this? I thought I was getting the famous Professor Layton! Don’t tell me I’m stuck with you!”     

“You’re still getting the Layton intuition to some extent… just from his daughter! So, I’ll be solving the case in his place.”

Using the Layton name as a starting point for her detective business, Kat creates a humble yet respectable reputation for herself, solving day-to-day small mysteries. (Nothing too grand that would attract unwanted attention.) She may not truly be a Layton, but she embodies their key traits - right down to the famous Layton finger point! - though, she can come off as a bit of an “airhead”. 

Kat is always dismissive when people ask about her mother. (”Who’s the lucky lady who ended up with Professor Layton?”) Her usual excuse is that she was adopted, like her siblings. In actuality, Kat’s mother is alive and well and living in London, though she constantly worries about Kat. She’s never even met Professor Layton! 

A few months into the detective business, Kat receives some unexpected visitors. Alfendi Layton barges into her office, followed by a young man in blue and a lady in an orange dress. Sherl barks at the intruders, but Kat hauls him away, stammering, “Sorry! I’m so sorry…!”

Alfendi laughs. “What’s the matter Katrielle? Don’t you recognise your own ‘family’?” 

“Leave her alone,” Flora interrupts. She studies Kat, wistfully noting that this girl resembles Layton more than she ever did. “Katrielle, we’ve come to request your help.”

“Why bother? I’ll bet she wouldn’t have solved a single case if it weren’t for the Layton name - “

“Do shut up, Al’,” Luke snorts. He smiles kindly at Kat. “Why don’t we discuss this over a cup of tea… and some cookies?”

“There’s nothing to discuss,” Alfendi mutters. “She’s a fraud. Case closed.” 

“If I might intervene…?” Noah enters with a tea tray, much to Kat’s relief. “While her decision to adopt the ‘Lady Layton’ person was… questionable, Miss Kat has proved herself to be worthy of such a title.” Kat smiles gratefully at him. 

“That’s reassuring,” Luke says, accepting a cup of tea, “because, as Flora said, we need your help.”

Kat swallows and finally asks, “W-with what?”

“Finding Professor Layton.” 

I love how politicians these days use God and Catholicism as an excuse to do whatever they want
like nuh uh sweaty,,,,,, if Jesus was here rn he’d be smacking the shit outta y'all bc hatred and discrimination and oppressing the poor is the e.x.a.c.t opposite of what he preached
hmmmmmmm maybe,,, politicians should??? actually?? read the Bible?!?!?!!?!!

Dutch Tumblr, I need your help.

Dit is mijn kat Flea, roepnaam Pippi. We zijn hem sinds dinsdag 17 januari kwijt, en dat is niks voor hem (hij mist nooit zijn eten). We wonen in Driebergen dus we vermoeden dat hij daar ergens is. Hij heeft een stevig lijf en een klein hoofd, en zoals je ziet ook een soort melksnor. Hij kruipt graag in schuurtjes, komt niet als je roept, maar wel als je eten hebt. Als je meer weet, laat het ons alsjeblieft weten op 06-40131652 (Monique neemt op, dat is mijn mam). Reblogging wordt heel heel erg gewaardeerd.

For the people who live in NL but don’t speak Dutch: this is my cat Flea, goes by Pippi. He’s been missing since Tuesday 17th of January and that’s weird for him because he never misses mealtime. We live in Driebergen (near Zeist, Utrecht) and we assume he’s somewhere close to home. He likes to hide in sheds, won’t come when you call but definitely will if you have canned food or meat or so. If you know more, please phone my mum Monique at 06-40131652. Reblogging is appreciated.