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I’m not a big one on—I don’t know what to call it—getting all glamorous. I don’t really worry about my looks, and I don’t worry about getting old. Exterior beauty doesn’t mean a lot to me. I mean, sure I like to look nice—sometimes. This is going to contradict all the pictures with the interview, because I’m very glammed out. I’m a total hypocrite.


Joyce Byers (Winona Ryder) is one of the best written characters and is a saint.  She is a wonderful mother.  You see that her son has a password for his fort.  She remembered the password and respected his rules, and he trusts her with the password.

You see the pride she has in providing things her kids love despite her low income.  “what kind of a mother can’t afford markers?”  You can tell it’s a struggle and that she wants the best for her kids.  Will is missing a red crayon and not only is she is taking an interest in his art, she cant stand to see him limited.

I love she knew where Jonathan wanted to go to college since he was 6.  My mom cant tell you things like that.

She’s over worked and underpaid but she takes the time to pay attention to her kids.

These scenes just break my heart and anchor her and us as the audience in her search for her missing son.


Joyce, this is Hawkins, okay?

will singing here comes the sun by the beatles to mike one night when mike’s crying and upset about missing eleven.

like maybe joyce used to sing it to will when he was upset to calm him down, because all she wanted was for her son to be happy again. and will only wants mike to smile again, too, because mike’s happiness means absolutely everything to him.

and mike just LOVES it when will sings to him. will’s voice just calms him like nothing else can.

prom night // a mileven HighSchool!AU

this idea was created by the lovely sydney, who has given me permission to bring her AU to life! thank u bb, i’ll try not to disappoint :’)

I feel like this one is self explanatory so I hope you all enjoy!! Let me know if you’re enjoying these oneshots and I’ll continue to write them!

(no nsfw, just fluff, even in high school these are innocent beans :)

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Who is Susan Storm.

Who is Jean Gray.

Who is Polaris.

Who is Scarlet Witch.

Who is Storm.

Who is Misty Knight.

Who is Black Widow.

Who is Miss America (Madeline Joyce)

Who is Rogue.

Who is Wasp.

Who is Sif.

Who is Valkyrie.

Who is Nova ( Frankie Raye).

Who is M.

Who is Siryn.

Who is Wolfsbane.

Who is Domino.

Who is Ms. Marvel, the one you have on your fucking lunchbox on the 2nd panel.

And I was avoiding she-heroes. Though I don’t know why when female Ghostbusters and fem-Thor are apparently the pinnacle of feminist characters.

Which is why this is called Regressive Left. They aren’t interested in any progress. They will shat and erase any progress that was ever made, solely because they want to be historically remembered for “changing the Status Quo”.

Like a fireman putting out the fire he started.