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remembering that tomorrow, the story of the characters that you’ve come to know and love will be completed–and while you’re excited to see what the mcelroys do next with the podcast, seeing the end of the bureau of balance campaign Hurts

#JLMyōkaioftheday : Baku, or the “Dream Eater” ☁️😴☁️

With a trunk and tusks like an elephant, feet like a tiger’s, and tail like an ox’s, the baku is a legendary yōkai that protects people from nightmares, by devouring bad dreams.

If a person wakes up and doesn’t remember what their dream was, or if they don’t remember having a dream at all, it is said that they must have had a nightmare and that the baku ate it.

In some areas in Japan, children are even taught to chant “Baku-san, please eat my dreams” if they get scared of nightmares! ✨But be careful though, because asking the help of the baku too much may result in it devouring even your hopes and dreams, leaving you empty inside. 😶 #japanloverme

Art by @littlemisspaintbrush 🎨

In Memoriam, for those members of Radtron we have lost

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