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Stranger Things 2: Teaser Trailer Checklist.

Eggos ✔️
Bicycles and the Squad ✔️
Evil Scientists ✔️
Hopper digging for conspiracy theories ✔️
Mike: “ELEVEN” ✔️
Will getting into some scary ass shit, AGAIN (BOiii) ✔️


Joyce, this is Hawkins, okay?

The Proposal

So since my blog got deleted, over the next few weeks I’ll be reposting most of my old one shots. This one is one of my favorite AUs. Enjoy.


An AU based on the movie The Proposal. Killian is the editor in chief at Morrison & Jones Publishing, and Emma is his assistant.

Word Count: ~14k

Emma Swan smiled as she finished the last sentence of her new manuscript. She couldn’t wait to show it to her boss, Killian Jones, the editor in chief of Morrison & Jones Publishing.

Unfortunately, her boss was something of a tyrant. Emma’s parents told her to quit almost daily. She usually worked fifty or sixty hours a week as the assistant of Killian Jones, but she was convinced that all her hard work and dedication would get her a promotion.

Emma’s thoughts were interrupted when her boss poked his head into her tiny office. “Miss Swan, I’m going to need you to work this weekend.”

Emma looked up from her computer. “But I am going home this weekend for my grandmother’s 90th birthday. I cleared it with you weeks ago.”

“You can celebrate her next birthday. I need you here this weekend. This is your job Miss Swan, and it has to come first,” Killian said.

Emma’s computer pinged, indicating that she had received another email.

“Is that your family?” asked Killian.

“Yes,” said Emma.

“Did they tell you to quit?”

“They tell me every day,” said Emma.

“Well, it’s a good thing you can’t say no to your devilishly handsome boss. I’ll need my coffee in twenty minutes.” Then he left before Emma had a chance to respond.

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How fictional men flirt
  • Luke Cage: Wanna get some coffee?
  • Steve Rogers: *same as Luke because apparently, coffee is the universal term for getting it on*
  • Leo Fitz: *compares sex to a black hole and says that she's more beautiful than a robot*
  • pre-Daredevil Matt Murdock: You're bored, I'm bored, let's go have some irresponsible fun.
  • post-Daredevil Matt Murdock: Let's just stand here in the rain and get you super wet so I can get a look at you. That came out wrong.
  • Mike Wheeler: *super awkward* You wanna go to the Snow Ball with me?
  • Jim Hopper: You were right. You were right all along. *insert what that problem was here*
  • King Ezekiel: *casually shows up at your place with his pet tiger and a pomegranate*
  • Rick Grimes: Here's some breath mints because we ran out of toothpaste.
  • Anakin Skywalker: I hate sand, it gets everywhere.
  • Robb Stark: Girl, I'd break my vows and ruin the war effort for you.
  • Jon Snow: Girl, I'd break my vows and turn away from the Night's Watch for you (jk, crows before hoes)
  • (EDIT!)
  • FN-2187/Finn: *panics* DO YOU HAVE A BOYFRIEND?
  • Kylo Ren: GO ON A DATE WITH ME *smashes furniture*
  • Carl Grimes: Hey girl, wanna read some comics with me?
it’s still tortoisefeets birthday for 45 more minutes in my timezone so y’all can fight me

A little under 1000 words of gen dimension hopper au fiddauthor below the cut, in which the boys deal with the day to day trials of constantly swapping universes. NO BETAS WE DIE LIKE MEN. @tortoisefeet please enjoy this trash

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jehanthepoet  asked:

Hello nerd, could you please expand on what you were saying about there being canon evidence for will being gay???

Thank you so much for this ask, I know I’ve already talked to you about this a million times but believe it or not I have YET MORE to say on this topic so HERE WE GO:

Okay, so the first thing I need to say is that I don’t necessarily think any of this is intentional, or that the writers are actually planning for Will to turn out to be gay, or anything like that. I mean, it’d be super nice if I was wrong and in future seasons it turns out that Will totally is gay and they planned it that way all along, but I really doubt that’s going to be the case. In all likelihood, this entire post is just a collection of coincidences and me reading too deeply into the values dissonance between the early 1980s and the modern day that the show enjoys pointing out. That being said, there are a lot of things within canon that, in my opinion, strongly contribute to the reading of Will Byers as a gay character, even if it’s not intentional on the part of the writers.

The thing about Will is that, by the very nature of the plot revolving around his disappearance, most of what we learn about him is secondhand, i.e. Will as seen through the eyes of other characters. One fact that comes up frequently–like, really frequently, like, noticeably frequently, like, more often than pretty much anything else about Will besides The Clash and Dungeons & Dragons–is the fact that Will is bullied because other characters perceive him as gay. Now, being perceived as gay obviously does not mean that someone actually is gay, but I find it striking how this repeatedly comes up about Will, the character who we primarily learn about through other people’s views of him, and no one else. (Seriously, the only time orientation (other than heterosexuality) is mentioned outside of comments made about Will is when Steve tells Jonathan, “I always took you for a qu**r, but I guess you’re just a little screwup like your father.”) Whenever the show references the bullying/abuse Will faces, it always involves him being called gay:

  • When Joyce reports him missing, she tells Hopper that Lonnie used to call Will homophobic slurs. Notably, Hopper’s reaction is to ask, “Is he?” and Joyce simply reminds him that Will is missing. This scene happens not even twenty minutes into the first episode–we’re still forming our basic knowledge of Will as a character, and one of the first things we learn about him, before him being “good at hiding”, before his love of drawing or The Clash, before basically anything, is that he’s experienced homophobic treatment at the hands of others. It reminds me a lot of (sorry to bring literally everything I do back to The Raven Cycle, but) the scene in BLLB where Tad makes a gay joke about Adam and Adam doesn’t respond to him–and of course, that scene exists specifically to plant the idea in the audience’s mind, “Hey, maybe Adam’s not straight?” The Stranger Things scene is almost definitely not meant that way, especially since Hopper asks similar questions about other things Joyce says in the scene (e.g. “What’s wrong with his clothes?”), but for me, Hopper’s “Is he?” and Joyce’s ignoring of the question felt like it served a similar function to that TRC scene, drawing attention and adding significance to Will’s sexual orientation.
  • When Troy tells Mike, Lucas, and Dustin that Will’s not missing, he’s dead, he makes a point of working in a jab at Will’s perceived orientation. Now, Troy and James are violently over-the-top bully caricatures and everything they say should be taken with a near-lethal amount of salt, but it strikes me as noticeable that these characters who we see pick on each of the boys for one particular trait (Lucas’ race, Dustin’s cleidocranial dysplasia, Mike’s “frogface”) single Will out as “the gay one”, despite the fact that there is so much other stuff to make fun of Will for. That makes me sound mean–I’m referring to stuff like his clothes, which Joyce says other kids make fun of him for, or his artistic nature (which admittedly could be what they mean by calling him gay, but this scene happens before we even know that Will’s artistically talented), or the fact that the Byers family is clearly not well-regarded by a decent chunk of the town population. They could have picked on Will for any one of these things, but no, Will is “the gay one” for seemingly no reason–which isn’t exactly unrealistic, especially given the time period, but from a writing standpoint it kind of makes me wonder.
  • During the school assembly, Troy makes yet more homophobic comments about Will. The fact that homophobia is yet again the go-to insult about Will is just… so odd to me from a narrative standpoint. Like, there is a lot of emotional weight to this scene–Troy is mocking a seemingly dead child to said child’s best friends, for God’s sake–and the writers chose to, yet again, emphasize Will’s perceived sexuality over literally anything else Troy could insult him for.

To be clear, in-universe, this doesn’t mean anything, because calling someone gay doesn’t mean they’re gay and assuming that everything bullies/abusers say about their victims is true is gross. From a meta standpoint, however, the fact that homophobia is one of the main insults we see used against Will, and only Will, makes me think that the writers may be subtextually associating Will with being gay, though whether or not they’re consciously aware that they’re doing it is up in the air. (Hey, I’m a former Supernatural fan, I don’t trust TV showrunners an inch when it comes to gay subtext.) And again, none of this would be as noticeable if Will was a regular character who was actually onscreen regularly to give us an objective, firsthand view of who he is. But instead, he’s a character who the audience knows mainly through the other characters’ opinions of him, and one opinion the writers repeatedly remind us is shared by multiple characters is that Will “seems gay”.

As for when Will is onscreen, there isn’t much to go on, but I do want to talk about one scene in particular: Jonathan’s flashback to showing Will The Clash. This is only the second insight we get into Lonnie and Will’s relationship, the first one being Joyce’s statement to Hopper, and oh, hey, what does this flashback make a point of showing? That Lonnie doesn’t approve of Will’s interests. That Lonnie thinks Will is weird. That Lonnie tries to force Will to be “normal”. Jonathan even tells Will outright that “you shouldn’t like things just because other people say you’re supposed to, especially not him.” Is this supposed to be a metaphor? Probably not! But goddamn could it work as one, especially given the context that all we knew about Lonnie and Will’s relationship prior to this scene was the homophobic treatment Will endured from him. In other words, the very first things we learn about Lonnie and Will’s relationship are: 1. Lonnie used to call Will qu**r and a f*g, and 2. Lonnie wanted to make Will like the (traditionally masculine) things he thought Will should like, rather than accepting Will’s actual interests. Maybe these aren’t related–maybe the parallels are totally unintentional–but I can’t completely shake the feeling that there’s a connection between the two scenes, especially given their placement before anything else we learn about Lonnie and Will’s relationship.

Now, if you’ll permit me to really hurt my arm with all this reaching I’m doing, here are some more things to consider:

  • “He’s not like… most.” - Joyce, talking to Hopper about Will like 17 minutes into the first episode, shortly before telling him what Lonnie used to call Will.
  • “[Friends] tell each other things. Things parents don’t know.” - Mike, who was definitely not talking about Will’s sexual orientation but come on, tell me you can’t at least a little bit see this hypothetically being relevant to Will’s sexual orientation.

Are these lines actually intended to be allusions to Will being gay? Almost definitely not, no. But the fact that they could be seen that way, paired with the fact that the show prominently features the idea that multiple characters view Will–specifically Will, just Will, Will and no other character in the entire show–as gay makes me think that there is a certain degree of validity in reading Will Byers as a gay character.

To summarize: Is Will Byers gay? Not canonically, no. Are the writers planning to reveal Will to be gay? Probably not, although it would make a lot of sense if they did. Is there in-universe evidence that Will is gay? Maybe, but it’s a hell of a reach at best–he’s just not onscreen enough to draw any firm conclusions. However, from a purely meta standpoint, one focusing not on the in-universe meaning of any characters’ words but on what ideas those words plant in the audience’s minds, does it make sense to interpret Will as gay? Hell yes.

okay plEase tell me someone else wants g/t stranger things

like just

maybe joyce being a borrower in chief’s house, risking infinite dangers to provide for her two sons, and of course hopper doesn’t notice bc like his house his life is a mess. eventually will goes missing and one morning hopper is woken up by a very angry and a very determined joyce who needs his help to find her son

or eleven being a fairy that befriends mike and now mike has to keep this curious fairy with rad psychic powers hidden from his family and a few “bad men”

or eleven using her powers to shrink the demigorgon down and now it lives in a fish tank as the squad’s pet bc like. its 3 inches now its harmless. they feed it leftovers and its happy in its decorated tank bc it doesn’t have to hunt and people aren’t chasing it anymore. pocket demigorgon likes paps and occasionally nibbles on fingers when they’re in reach but for the most part its harmless.

or just. giant!jonathan. hoo boi. i need him to be BIG. i have so many ideas on giant jonathan.
maybe the teens having a party and they drive out to a dangerous part of the woods, and then all of em making dares to each other to go into a blocked off cave. nancy, steve, and barb are the only ones who go in (nancy bc she’s brave, steve to impress nancy, and barb to make sure no one dies or gets pregnant). while they’re in there they wind up finding a massive sized makeshift home, and dotting the walls are all sorts of photos. and one of the trio winds up getting into trouble, and then giant hands swoop into save them, and just giant jonathan being all shy and awkward and he just wants to help and aaaAAAA i need giant jonathan SO badly

if you have any other stranger things g/t thoughts or scenarios feel free to add on bc holy shit i need this in my life


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