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I want to make a fanfiction series of all the missing moments we didn’t get to see in TFP.

But I want to do it in chronological order. To do that I’ll need to make a complete list first. They’ll be as canon as possible. Right now these are the ones I can think of, but please send me an ask with other ones that I might have missed:

1. John waking up in the well. 
2. Sherlock and John immediately after John is pulled out of the well. 
3. Sherlock explaining who Victor Trevor was to John. 
4. Sherlock meeting with Molly to explain the phone call. 
5. Mycroft trapped by himself in the cell in Sherrinford, having to wonder whether Sherlock is dead or alive. 
6. Sherlock explaining to John that the little girl on the plane was Eurus. 
7. Greg “looking after” Mycroft
8. Sherlock and John’s trip home from Musgrave, the Holmes Estate. 
9. Sherlock getting the freaking rest he deserves after this whole mess, but not overlooking the emotional trauma he must have sustained. 
10. Sherlock living in John’s flat until 221B is rebuilt. 
11. Sherlock’s thoughts while going through the rubble of 221B.
12. Sherlock and John’s conversation after they watch the video of Mary.
13. Who Sherlock texted ‘You know where to find me. -SH’ to and what the result was. 

Like I said, tell me what I’m missing or something you’d like to see. I’d like to keep this collection canon-ical, (by canon I mean things that explicitly stated either by show/actors/creators, not subtext) but I might make some stand alone pieces that are more shippy. :) 

Lots of love. <3

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^me about all of your ideas

EDIT: Link to master list is here. 

CUMBERFACT4: “He’s got a stepsister, Tracy Peacock. When they were child, Tracy accidentally leave Benedict outside under the snow and he was about to die. Luckily she remembered about him in time and brought little Benedict, that was perfectly quiet, back in the house.”

Spoilers the lying detective: Molly's the next big clue!

Gosh I think Molly going to play a big role!
Faith was saying “Anyone” and it triggered one of his memories of Molly saying about John and she said “Anyone”
Remember she gave him a letter?!
I think it was the letter from Faith/Euros!!!! The MISS ME letter!!!
I don’t know if she’s part of the plan? Blackmailed? I don’t know cause I’m freaking out!
I mean it was a little bit odd in the scene where they just came out of the ambulance and Sherlock was like “you look stressed..” and she said yah you’re dying etc..
But her face looks like there’s more going on.. There’s something else bothering her and she’s terrified.
And with the trailer scene of her on the phone doesn’t ease my worries!!

BBC Sherlock

If The Final Problem is indeed the series finale (as it feels like), i just want to say thank you. Thank you to Benedict, Martin, Steven and Mark for bringing Sherlock Holmes and John Watson to life. It may have not been perfect but it was an undeniably amazing series that has changed my life. I will always be part of the Sherlock fandom and will continue loving our Baker Street boys. Hopefully this is not the end!


Here me out!! 

There was one thing that was bothering me about TLD, more than anything else! and that was how Euros met Sherlock initially, posed as Faith. No-one saw Faith/Euros in Sherlock’s flat; not Billy or Mrs Hudson and then Mycroft didn’t see anyone with Sherlock when he left his flat (at first I thought that he may have met her earlier than we saw and that Sherlock was just hallucinating it over and over again but then I remember that Mycroft is monitoring Sherlock’s flat and that it was the first Sherlock had left in ‘weeks’. Mycroft also didn’t note anyone new entering/leaving the flat, which is unusual since Mycroft is keeping an eye on what his brother is doing)

So I was left wondering how Sherlock got hold of that piece of paper in the first place, if it wasn’t from anyone who has visited the flat… 

Then I realised that there was one other note/bit of paper that we haven’t seen resolved… and that is “John’s” note from the end of T6T, the one that Molly gave him. This seemed a bit crazy until I remembered the trailer, where it looks like she is being threatened/blackmailed or something over the phone. And remember during TRF, Molly was the one person that Moriarty overlooked… 

I am proposing that Euros intercepted Molly at some point during T6T, and gave her the note to give to Sherlock, under duress. Throw in the mind altering, memory bending drugs that were introduced in the episode… the whole meeting could have been a hallucination! This also ties in with the fact that Sherlock was completely oblivious that it was the same person when he met her as John’s therapist!!

Find Tags below the cut! I apologise in advance for tagging so many people, but am excited to see what people think, I’m not sure if this idea is already out there! If so, let me know!!

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Merry Christmas,
I miss you.

I love Christmas. I do.
I love the lights and the laughing,
giving out presents.
I love how the world disconnects
into families,
separate but somehow all together.
I love the crisp, cold mornings
and the long, slow evenings.

I love Christmas. I do.
But I miss you.
So many people, so much everything.
Almost enough that I can forget
the obvious, gaping hole. Almost.

I love Christmas. I do.
But I’m out in the park, my breath blowing out in front of me
and all I can think about is how much I miss you,
how I wish I could dial your number
and just hear your voice,
tell you about my Christmas
and ask about yours.
But I can’t.
Not anymore.

Merry Christmas,
I miss you.

—  Lauren Alex Hooper, Merry Christmas, I Miss You