miss him like crazy


It was a crazy rushed morning, as they usually were without Harry, he was the always the calm and collected one, without him it was utter chaos. But he was due home later that evening so it was at least bearable today.

Audrey was rushing all over the house after waking up a bit late, it was a late night skipping Harry for longer than usual (neither one wanting to be the first to hang up), she wanted the house to be spotless for his arrival, but right now it was a disaster, toys making cluttering the floor in every room, laundry piling up in the laundry room and hall leading to it, dirty dishes filling the sink, the dishwasher needing to be run, last nights dinner still out on the table, where she had left it, too excited forces call to get any work done. She missed him like crazy and it was hard to be alone at home. He was such a good father always wanting to help with every little thing, his fame made things hard at times but she knew they could get through anything, having already gone through so much.


The morning started off on the wrong foot, with her alarm blaring as it had been for hours although unheard because it had fallen to the ground along with a few of the pillows from the bed, mulling the shrill call. It was already 11 when she got up, that leaves only 7 hours till Harry was due, it doesn’t seem like she had anything to worry about but with two little kids even the smallest of tasks can take hours to complete. Tyler usually woke at eight and she found him pigging out on the couch watching “Cars” for the billionth time,

“Tyler?!, Bud you know the rules” she pulled the Oreo from his tight grip, he wasn’t supposed to watch tv in the mornings, Harry promised to put a lock on the tv before he left but obviously, didn’t get around to it, “Go get changed” he growled at her his face mirroring that of his fathers as heist his jaw and stormed to his room, slamming the door after himself. Shutting off the tv she went into the kitchen grabbing a cup of water knowing Madelyn is sure to wake up soon.
She did, like clockwork her cries filled the air, Audrey set the cup down pushing off the counter to go retrieve the three month old, she caught a glimpse of Tyler pulling on his favorite shirt, one of Harry’s old button ups that she had accidentally put in the washer, he was pissed when it shrunk Tyler had never smiled as big as he did when Harry passed it on to him. She sighed knowing he was going to throw a fit when she told him he couldn’t wear it to pre-school.

Madelyn gurgled happily as Audrey appeared in the doorway, she was a momma’s girl always wanting to be around Audrey, although she loved her father Audrey was her preferred cuddle on most days. Gathering the baby in her arms Audrey changed her diaper and dressed her for the day, she slept in late meaning that her nap would be short and Audrey’s free time to clean would be cut in half. The tv was turned on again Audrey could hear it as Tyler turned the volume as low as he could groaning she set off downstairs.


I hated mornings like this at four years old it was crazy how much he was able to do, he was quite the troublemaker and loved tantrums, “Baby what did I tell you” I shut off the tv turning to give him a pointed look, he glared right back crossing his arms over his tiny chest,

“But Mum!?” I shook my head,

“No bud go change, you are staying at Nana’s tonight you need to be all ready when she gets here we don’t have time for tv this morning” I cleaned the room while talking to him, Madelyn playing with the necklace that Harry gave me our first Christmas, it was my favorite I tried to always be wearing when he was gone, as a part of him. Tyler let out a frustrated groan telling me I was so mean, I let it slide till he tossed one of Harry’s boots still sitting at the end of the couch wear Tyler had put them a few days ago after trying to convince me that they fit so he could wear them to school,at me. It went whizzing past clipping me in the hip,

“TYLER?!” I was furious as he sprinted up the stairs, Maddy cried out startled at my sudden outburst, I massaged my hip, the heel caught me just right, it was going to bruise for sure, cooing at her, “Sorry baby, s’okay, I’m not mad at you”.

Anne was suppose to be here in a few minutes, setting Maddy in her crib for a minute I left her with the bottle I grabbed before going upstairs, I grabbed a few things from the closet to pack for his overnight bag, letting him play for a minute before calling him into the closet, “Hey T come here a minute” he grumbled before coming in,


“Lets try this shirt today yeah?” I held up a superhero tee shirt that matched the red converse he already had on, “Daddy loves this one”

He shook his head “No I already have a shirt on” I caught his wrist before he could sneak away,

“You can’t wear that shirt today bud, it still doesn’t fit”

He frowned arguing, “Yes”

I smirked trying to make him laugh, pulling it off his shoulders si it looked more like a cold shoulder dress “nope”

He wasn’t amused tugging it back up, “Fits”

I was growing annoyed, “No it’s time to take it off, Nana’s almost here” I was already halfway done with the buttons, pulling the other shirt over his curls before he could protest, he yelled at me informing me that I was a meanie again tugging frustratedly at his shirt while I slipped his overnight bag over his shoulders, calling at him as he stormed out of the room slamming the door after himself, “I love you, don’t forget your backpack by the door! Have fun I’ll miss you”

I heard Anne opening the door and telling me she was in a hurry, I sat in the closet for a moment later hanging up the button shirt near the top of the closet, I felt like an awful mother, I should have just let him wear it, so what it didn’t match, so what I was much to big, he loved it, it wasn’t hurting anyone and Harry would just be so proud telling Ty he looked just like his daddy. I had half a heart to just go bring it to his preschool and let him wear it, it took me almost two hours to get him out the door, and he still wasn’t ready. Sighing I got up going to go find my phone which had just begun to ring from our room down the hall.


She didn’t make it that far, trying the handle one more time she stumbled back from the door, the door Tyler had locked in his tantrum before going downstairs to be picked up by his grandma, with hair not combed, teeth not brushed, and breakfast not eaten. Panicking she looked for her phone, remembering that it was in the other room, “Okay, okay, okay, I’m okay” she mumbled to herself pacing the room chewing her lip.

She has hours till Harry is due home and no way of getting a hold of anyone, Maddy is bound to finish her bottle at any moment, meaning she is going to start crying with no momma there to burp out the little bubble she is going to have sitting uncomfortably in her tummy.
I pressed my forehead against the wall, trying to calm the baby though the thick wall, singing softly as tears rolled down my own cheeks hands spread to the drywall between my chest and the wall, I sunk to my knees as her wailing only grew, I was beyond frustrated.

We cried for hours it felt like, before I pushed myself up and began to try and unscrew the handle or just break it off, not worrying about the noise and I slammed everything I could against the sturdy cast iron handle, crying out in frustration, “Fuck!” I was pulling at my hair, pacing around the room again, before sinking to the ground in the corner feeling completely helpless.

I couldn’t stop crying, trying to remain as quiet as possible Maddy having cried herself to sleep a while ago. I got up after deciding to somehow force out the pins holding the hinges together to free the door that way, I tried everything I could wedging almost every toy T owned under the pin trying to force it out, nothing was working and I had broken off almost every nail on my hands worn them right down to the skin.

Maddy woke up when my phone started ringing again, setting down the toy I was working on I tried talking and gurgling at her through the wall again for a while before beginning to cry again myself when she started to wail again, her sharp cries breaking my heart into a million peices.

The wire hanger I had unwrapped to try was blurring due to the tears clouding my vision, I was putting most of my weight on it trying to push the pid out, it slipped scraping across my arm, leaving a thin cut in its wake, I didn’t feel it as I heard the sound of Harry’s voice calling from the other side of the door.


I called that morning to make sure she would be home when I got there, but she didn’t answer, I figured it was because she had had a late start, I kept her up late last night I was missing her alot, I always missed her but this time I could tell she was having a hard time with how worn out she looked over the skype last night. This was the longest I had ever been away, and I decided to never do it again.

I called her again the second I landed again with no answer which worried me, I went as fast as I could gathering my luggage and telling the driver to step on it. I racked my brain the entire ride home, I knew Ty was staying at my mums tonight and that means Audrey could have gone with them and just forgotten her phone. I saw her car in the driveway when we pulled up, eliminating the possibility she was out with my mother, my heart dropped when I stepped from the car, I could hear Maddy’s pained cries from outside, bursting through the door I threw my bags to the side not saying goodbye to the driver or taking off my coat.

The cries only got louder as I walked in I could hear Audrey’s cries too, pained and frustrated pleading with Maddy to calm down. I took the stairs two at a time, noticing the mess, Audrey always cleaned up when I was coming home from a trip wanting everything perfect. The door to the nursery was wide open, Ty’s door the opposite, realizing my wife was locked in I didn’t hesitate unlocking the door and throwing it open, “Oh, love” she shot from the room, sobbing as she clung to me shaking like a leaf. I walked her to Maddy’s room the poor baby curled in the farthest corner screaming, I wigged an arm free from Audrey’s grip reaching over her to cradle my youngest.


“I’ve got you,” he cooed as he reached over, holding them both close, letting Audrey tug him to the floor to better wrap herself around the two of them.
“What’s happened love?” Harry asked, putting a hand to her forehead and then the side of her jaw, tilting her head up to look at him. She was still crying, she only studied his face hiccuping eventually replacing her cries, a few minutes of rocking them back and forth and whispering calmly to her, rubbing slow circles on her back as she loosened one arm long enough to wipe at her eyes.

There was a small mumble against his shoulder and he shifted so her mouth wasn’t against his coat. “What was that, sweetheart?”

“Ty threw a fit and locked me in” she whimpered and started crying again. The story came flowing out like a river after that on how she had woken up late and the tv and yelling at him, till the shirt and finally how she had been locked in and scraping her arm to get out. Harry ran his hands over her hair as he kept rocking her, leaning to the side to get a look at her arm frowning at the injury, she noticed, ‘Im fine now”.

“I’m here now, s’not going to happen again” He shifted back her around so he could see her face, but she still had an arm around his shoulder, Her face was still wet and red from crying and her eyes were bright, but once he brushed the hair from her cheeks she looked less tortured and more like the young girl he was so deeply in love with. “You know T’s going to get it when he gets home”
She kept her eyes trained on his hand as she rubbed at the cross tattoo, fidgeting a little. Something pricked at Harry’s instinct. He knew his girl, she had no reason to keep fighting, “Love?,” Harry said slowly, wiggling her softly. “Did something else happen?” She shrugged softly but didn’t look up, Harry knew she wasn’t saying something. “Sweetheart, is there something else?”

Very quietly, she muttered, “I’m an awful mother aren’t I?”


Taking a deep breath, she replied, “Maddy could have died.”

Harry was quiet for a few minutes, gathering his thoughts. One of the best lessons he had learned with Audrey was to try to never make things better right away to let her mull over in it for a bit before confronting the problem. “When has she last eaten” he finally asked.

“This morning around noon,” she whispered

Harry sighed inwardly and pressed his lips to her hair. “And you?”

“Last night”

“Let’s go feed my girls huh?” She nodded against his shoulder, but he could tell she was still upset and unsure. Carefully, Harry stood up, taking Audrey by the hand as he carried Madelyn down the stairs and into the kitchen. Once Audrey was settled at the table, he went and started making spaghetti for Audrey as he always did when she was upset, pouring a bottle for the baby in his arms, after filing a pot with water to boil “Will you feel her while I make something for you?” Audrey slowly rose her head from its place on her folded arms, a fresh wave of tears sparking from her cheeks, she took the baby smiling softly at her through the tears, “It’s going to be okay Audrey, Maddy’s going to be just fine” he leaned down crouching at the side of her chair reaching a gentle hand up to wipe away her tears, Audrey nodded at him forcing a smile upon her face, Harry was deeply put off at its appearance, standing he stirpped off his coat, doing the dishes while the pasta boiled.

Her cold fingers were gripped tightly around his arm as he placed the steaming plate in front of her, he could tell she was relaxing, when she released his arm to start tugged the collar of his shirt instead closer pressing her lips to the side of his face, “I missed you”

“I can take her while you eat” he told her as he cleaned off a chair of to sit by her,

She shook her head lightly, setting the now empty bottle on the table, “Just let me hold her a moment longer” He nodded sleepily, feeling his own eyes starting to get heavier, he gave her a good look over, the first since he had gotten home. She was wearing the same outfit as she had been last night, he hair now free from the bun it was in last night looked like she had been tugging at it for hours, which she probably did, the strands knotted and stressed. He had no intention of telling her, but she looked like she hadn’t slept in years.

She ate fast handing Harry the baby for a minute before getting up to wash her plate, Harry noticed the lack of flowers by the sink and vowed to get some first thing in the morning.

“Go take a shower Harry” Audrey’s voice broke him from his thoughts, as she lifted the happily gurgling girl from his lap “then cuddle your girls for a bit”

He still hadn’t been able to kiss his wife. He wasn’t able to make love to her. He wasn’t able to kiss those lips of hers, hold her anything for two months he had missed so much and That drove him mad.

Taking the fastest shower he could manage, he slipped into a pair of boxers and basketball shorts, returning to the bedroom, he shut the door behind him. There, in the king sized bed, was his wife and daughter. The baby clung to her as if she were a koala. Her legs wrapped around her arm as Audrey’s hand sat on her stomach, with a tiny fist wound into Audrey’s hair, his wife having already fallen asleep despite the baby further knotting her hair.

Harry’s heart warmed at the sight of the two of them. These were the two most important girls in his life. After looking them over for a minute, he pulled the other side of the duvet up so he could climb in. Audrey shuffled slightly and opened her eyes a bit, noticing Harry.
Her smile was lazy, but wide. Her free hand grabbing Harry’s cheek, brushing her thumb over the light stubble that hadn’t been shaved. Her leaved into her touch, relishing in the soft touch of her finger tip.

“Hi.” He whispered, cautious of the cooing three month old between them.
She smiled, “I missed you.” Her voice gravelly. Harry could tell she was about to fall asleep again so he leaned over and kissed her pouting lips, taking his time wrapping a hand around her neck and keeping her close.

“I’m so glad to be home.” He sighed. She pecked his lips once more and smiled before Maddy yanked her hair a bit too hard. He unwrapped her tiny fist murmuring a sorry as his wife brushed her hair away from wandering hands, he dramatically gasped a second later as Maddy poked the birds on his chest and leaned down to look at his daughter who was gurgling, adorable giggles falling from her pouty pink lips. He leaned down towards her and tapped the end of her nose she squealed and Harry’s heart warmed, playing with his little girl before she fell asleep him right after.

The Five Times Bucky Picks You

Word Count: 2,084

Warnings: None.

A/N: Something quick I whipped up because my brain is too tired to write any series. Enjoy :D 

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The first time Bucky picks you, you’re sitting at your dining room table, biology book opened as you try to draw a diagram of a plant cell. You have a half-eaten sandwich sitting on your plate beside the book and you take a bit, absently chewing as you frown at your paper. The proportions are all wrong and these are just notes, they shouldn’t be something you worry about, but here you are, erasing the cell wall for the fifth time and trying to be accurate this time around.

Being in honors classes, you’re pressured to do your best and graduate top of your eighth-grade class. Your parents beam with pride when they tell their friends that you’re doing so well in school, and you want to keep them looking that way for as long as you can.

There’s a knock to your door and your mom calls out your name. “Bucky’s here!” she says.

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Dinner Party

Summary: After Bucky returns home from a mission all you want to do is stay in bed (naked) all day with him. But you two have to go to a friend’s birthday to make things fun he proposes a little game.

Paring: Bucky x Reader.

Words: 2575

Warnings:  There is a lot in fuffly in this, but also SMUT and loats of teasing.

This is a one-shot

Thank you to @drinkfantasy, for being my beta you are the best.

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You look at yourself in the mirror, felling happy about your appearance. You are wearing one of your favorites dresses, it is navy blue with a modest cleavage in the front and another masive one in the back.

You look cute for your friend’s birthday, your make up it’s done in a very simple away, just some mascara and lip gloss. You turn around and see Bucky who is lying on your bed almost sleeping. You sit by his side and he hides his face on your lap. You start playing with his hair, making him moan at your gentle actions.

“Are you sure you want to come along? You can stay here and sleep a little. I won’t hold against you if you don’t come with me.” You know that he is tired, Bucky came back home around 4 a.m. from a two weeks mission and he only slept a few hours.

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You think you get over it,” she said,
“And I guess in a sense, you do.. You don’t cry yourself to sleep anymore. You’ve actually began to eat all of your dinner without feeling sick. You’re waking up without his name in your mind, you’re not starting your days off missing him anymore. You get over it, but you never get over him. It’s crazy, how you can miss someone like that, how you can go weeks, even months without thinking of their name - but the littlest thing such as a scent similar to theirs can make you feel like you’re losing them all over again.
—  Excerpt of a book I’ll never write

I know oblivious Harry’s funny but supportive Harry’s so cute like

Oliver: “Oh yeah me and Marcus are dating”
Harry: “That’s cool. Makes sense why you two are so competitive”

Seamus: “Me and Dean are together”
Harry: “You two have always been close. Damn you must’ve missed him like crazy when he was on the run”

Katie: “So Alicia and I are together”
Harry: “That’s great! You do play really well together”

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How do i let him go ?

At first, you don’t.
You’ll hold on to everything that reminds you of him.
You’ll sleep in the shirt he left at your house just to torture yourself even more.
You’ll check his social media 200 times a day just to see if he’s already met someone else.
You’ll suffer. Alot.

And one day, you’ll find yourself sitting infront of your best friend, drinking hot chocolate and it won’t remind you of that one cold winter day when you and him sat on the floor wrapped in blankets.
You won’t be ready to start over with someone else yet, but you’re getting there. You’ll feel it.

You’ll miss him like crazy, but everyday it gets easier to live without him.

So, I think we never really let them go, we just learn how to let go of the heartbreak.
At some point we just find peace. And in that moment it won’t hurt anymore.

Stay With Me

Request: Pre apocalypse- you’re pregnant with Negans baby. You just found out about his affair. When you tell him that your pregnant you put the divorce on hold. He proves that he loves you and it was a mistake. And is there for you and the baby. - Anon

Pairings: Negan x Reader (pre-apocalypse)

Warnings: language. angst.

Note: I sort of tweaked this request a tiny bit but it works great I promise.

Two Weeks Ago

You grabbed the laundry basket tightly and held it against you as you made your way to the laundry room in your home. Kicking the door open with your foot, you tossed the basket onto the dryer. You stared to sort through the clothes and toss them into the washer one by one. When the basket was almost empty, the home phone suddenly began to ring, a shrill noise echoing off of the walls.

Dropping what you were doing, you trotted out to the living room. Finding the phone lying on the small side table beside the couch, you picked it up and pressed answer. You didn’t get a chance to say hello or any other greeting since a voice started to speak immediately.

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Imagine these two as Sith buds ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) on an action-packed, intergalactic road trip.  

The whole ‘there can only be one’ master-apprentice thing is on hiatus while they try to figure out exactly who’s the apprentice and who’s the master of this dynamic duo. 

Battered and Bruised: The Final Chapter (Bucky x reader)

Here it is. The last chapter to my first series. Guys, I want to thank you all for being here for this series. It’s been an amazing and emotional ride through this, and I can’t thank you all enough for riding this roller coaster with me. All of you are wonderful and I love you guys so much. Thank you again. xoxo

Chapters 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 


Description:  Bucky sees all the damage he’s physically done to you because of what H.Y.D.R.A. did to his mind.

Warnings: There are none. 

This contains all the fluff that you have been denied for this whole series. 

Bucky’s feet pounded down the stairs as he hurried to his car. He had to get you back. He couldn’t bear the pain anymore. He realized that without you, his life would have no purpose. He finally realized that leaving you was the worst mistake he had ever made in his life. 

When he hit the bottom floor, he took off in a sprint to the parking garage. He got in the car and when he heard the hum of the engine, he sped away, trying to get back to you. He checked his rear view mirror and had to take a double take. Did he really look that bad? The answer to that question, was yes. His eyes were red and puffy, they even had dark purple bags underneath them. To be honest, he looked like a complete mess. His hair was strung out and he tried his best to smooth it out, but it barely made a difference. He honestly didn’t care what he looked like right now. All he cared about was you. That’s all that was on his mind. You. 

The car took him across D.C., and as he rounded a corner, the Avengers Tower finally came into view. His heart ached for you and with every second of him getting closer, he became more hopeful. But, there was still some doubt sitting in the pit of his stomach. What if you wouldn’t take him back? What if you hated him? He honestly didn’t know what he was going to do with himself if that sort of thing happened. Bucky tried to push all those uneasy feelings down as he pulled up in front of the building. He slid out of the driver’s seat and walked briskly through the doors, the wind blowing at his face. 

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Remember during Lee Joon’s VLIVE, he said he loved Ariana Grande’s “Side to Side” music video because of how strong the female backup dancers were. He talked about how most females are told beauty is being small and stress over it too much. He loved seeing the females doing what they do and rocking their bodies.

Love Unintentional (Part 4)

A/M: Here is part 4 for you guys. There probably isn’t going to be too much more soon. I love how much support I have been getting from this story and thank you for liking it and especially telling me how much you’re enjoying it:) Things get a little complicated in this one. But I hope you guys like it. Tell me if you do Xx

Word Count: 3381

Other parts: Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Five , Part Six

–One month later–

You stayed at Harry’s the rest of that day, but you didn’t want to take advantage of his hospitality and had gone home that night

once you had felt a little better.

It was already a month later and your place remained quiet in a lonely kind of way. Your ex was gone for good and it still felt bitter on your tongue.

You missed him like crazy, wanting to pick up the phone to make amends. You’d scroll to his contact and stare at the number and picture, wondering if he was doing the same. Wondering if he truly did miss you as he had said he had every time he’d come back for his things.

But he wasn’t the person you once thought he was and remembering everything he had done always made you sick.

You’d try to go out a little more often, but now with your rising career and an identity of being “Harry’s girlfriend” going out alone, even for groceries was a little bit of a struggle to do with paparazzi that always wanted to ask you things or take your picture.

“How’s Harry?” They’d often ask, and you’d answer them.

“He’s out of town, visiting family.”

“He didn’t take you with him?”  

You shook your head, “Well obviously. I’ve been busy and my family is coming.”

“Oh. So family reunions for the both of you.”

“Exactly” you smiled, “I’m about to celebrate my birthday.”

“Really? Well Happy Birthday.” The paparazzi said.

Taking it half heartedly you replied a thanks and kept walking.

When they saw that there wasn’t a story there they would often leave you alone and move on.

The stunt was proving to work as your fanbase and popularity had grown substantially from Harry’s popularity, and it worked for him as his audience had grown as well. The media had appealed to you both as a couple and based on a few people, you and Harry had appeared to be a great match. But you suddenly began thinking about the whole stunt and PR behind it. Now that it had achieved what was wanted, was there still a necessity for it?

Your family came to celebrate your birthday, and to make sure you were okay after the horrible breakup. They had liked your ex just as much as you had and they too were blindsided by what he had done when you told them what had happened. With their visit you got to see your young niece and nephew again the both of them improving your mood and making the place not feel as lonely as it once felt, aside from when Harry would come over.

Besides Harry being gone for almost two weeks to go back home, you both would visit each other at least twice a week; once at his place and once at your place. It would usually involve some lunch or dinner depending on the time, and a movie, a board game or going out somewhere, even if it was a walk around town. Ever since that night your friendship was closer than ever. He had seen you at your worst and still wanted to see you, and not because he was forced to.

Tonight having come back a few days before, you invited him back over to your place for dinner.

“Let’s do something.” He suggested.

You raised an eyebrow, “What do you mean do something? I’m already cooking, you can help me if you’re bored.”

“Yeah, okay.” He agreed coming over to help, “That’s not exactly what I meant though. I think we should do something. Besides eat and watch a movie or whatever’s on TV.”

You gave him a look, “I’m not really in the mood to go out tonight Harry.”

“We don’t have to.” And he left the kitchen looking around your place.

Things had obviously been missing since they had belonged to your ex, but you made due. The real important things were yours to begin with anyway.

Harry bent down and picked up one of the toys you had bought for your niece and nephew. A giant and brightly coloured plastic microphone. “What’s this?”

“A microphone? Please Harry, with your experience I’d figured you’d know that pretty easy.” You teased.

He chuckled, leaning over the breakfast counter in front of you with the item still in hand, “Not exactly what I meant, though I would love to have this design when I perform.”

You finished putting on the last touches to the food before it was ready to go into the oven as he continued to speak, “I was wondering why you had it.”

You smiled, “It was for my niece and nephew. Surprise surprise they like to perform too.”

“Hm. I think I know where they get the talent from.” You heard him say, which caused you to blush.

You picked up the tray and turned to go put it in the oven behind you, “Speaking of family, how was going back home?” You asked.

“Great. They always like to see me back. The whole town does.”

You giggled, “I thought you went back to be with family.”

He laughed, “I did. But the whole town loves seeing me back. To them I’m family.”

You both just laughed, “Must be nice to be so loved.” You said as you closed the door to the oven.

When you looked up you found him with the TV remote in hand.

He had become quite comfortable with you as he already knew how things worked at your place.  

“What are you putting on?”

He just smirked as he continued doing what he was doing without saying another word as he then took out his phone.

You walked over and by the time you had, his search was on the TV screen and showed he was on youtube looking at different videos that had karaoke versions of songs.

You started laughing, “Harry-” But before you could say anything else The Spice Girls’ “Wannabe” was already starting and he started singing along with just as much passion as he had the night you had first met.

You couldn’t stop laughing at his over exaggerated dancing, but like you had once shared publicly, his singing of course was pitch perfect… when he wanted it to be anyway.

When he finished he smiled at your little applause, and he took a bow, “Thank you, thank you”

“You’re a dork.” You laughed and he began to smile.

“Thank you, I take your laughter and comment as a compliment.” He said which caused you to blush, “I haven’t heard you laugh in the last couple weeks. It’s lovely.”

You giggled softly, “Thanks Harry.”

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Highlights- Beau Bennett

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Ok I kinda bash the Devils a little here but I LOVE THEM OK? So no slight intended it’s just… no one seems to like the Devils. Enjoy!

Warning: None

Anon Request: An imagine with beau Bennett where you see each other again after 10 years. thank youuuu; and for the beau bennet imagine: like you dated in highschool and then you see eachother again and hit it off


              The New Jersey Devils. Ugh.

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How about a Riverdale one-shot with established Betty/Jughead? Betty got over Archie before summer and started dating Jughead during the summer, and they're still a couple when the show stars. You may have to change the episodes a bit. I hope that's okay with you.

Here you go!!! I only did the first episode because it turned out to be a lot longer than I thought it would be. But I hope you like it!!!

“Juggie!” Betty couldn’t help but yell as soon as she entered Pop’s and spotted her beanie wearing boyfriend. She had loved her internship, but she had missed him like crazy. Jughead’s face lit up when he saw her. He stood up and gave her a huge hug and a quick soft kiss. Betty knew that he wasn’t crazy about PDA. She would make sure that they found some alone time soon to really show each other how much they were missed.

“Betts, aren’t you a sight for sore eyes.” Jughead said once they sat back down. “How was the internship?”

“It was amazing Juggie.” Betty clapped her hands in front of her in excitement. She had called him almost every night, so Jughead knew pretty much all of her stories, but she couldn’t help but gush some more about how incredible her time had been.

“I’m so happy for you.” Jughead said after she had finished talking. He reached across the table and took her hand, lacing their fingers together.

“What about you? How’s your great American novel coming along?” Betty asked, not failing to notice the happy smile that crossed Jughead’s face as he began to talk about his writing.

“It’s going well, although I’m pretty sure most of the town will be displeased at the way they are portrayed.” Jughead said with a small chuckle.

“And how am I portrayed?” Betty asked

“You’re just going to have to wait and find out.”

“Come on Juggie, please?” Betty begged

“Nope, no one can read this until it’s finished, no exceptions. Even for my beautiful girlfriend. But I will say that you are probably the person I had the most difficulty remaining objective about.”

“Aw” Betty smiled. Jughead prided himself in his ability to remain separate and objective about the town while writing. So the fact that he was admitting that it was hard to remain objective about her was one of the sweetest things that he could say.

“Hello” the two looked up as a girl approached them.

“Hi” Betty glanced in shock at the beautiful, dark-haired girl. She glanced at Jughead, unable to keep her insecurities from rearing their ugly head. Jughead was looking at the girl with slight curiosity, but nothing more. Betty mentally kicked herself for doubting him.

“I’m Veronica Lodge, I just moved here.” Veronica offered her hand to shake. Betty let go of Jughead’s hand and took the new girl’s.

“I’m Betty Cooper,” Betty replied, glancing over at Jughead who had started typing furiously. “And this is Jughead.”

“Jughead?” Veronica asked with a laugh

“Jughead Jones, the third.” Jughead added, giving Veronica a small smile before returning to his writing. Betty saw Veronica mouth his name and sent her a knowing look.

“What are you writing Jughead Jones the third?” Veronica asked

“I’m writing about you” Was Jughead’s simple reply

“Uh, he’s writing a novel about this town and some drama that happened over the summer.” Betty hurried to add, realizing how odd it sounded.

“Oh” Veronica looked like she was going to say more, but Pop came out at that moment with her order.

“Do you want to join us?” Betty asked

“Oh no, I should get this food back to my mom. But I’ll see you tomorrow in school right? It’ll be good to have some familiar faces.”

“Absolutely, I’m the one giving you your tour tomorrow.” Betty responded with a laugh.

“Perfect” Veronica gave them both a bright smile and then headed out of the door.

“Archie, that’s amazing” Betty said when Archie played them his song.

“Yeah, I thought we’d have to pretend to like it, but it was actually really good.” Kevin added in the way that only he could

“That was you?” Veronica asked as she joined them. Betty had introduced her to Kevin and Archie in the hall during the tour. She hadn’t missed the way that Veronica and Archie had looked at each other.

“Yes” Archie responded, blushing slightly

“Well, color me impressed.” Veronica said before turning to Betty. “So, where is that brooding boyfriend of yours?”

“Um…” Betty hesitated, sending a look at Archie who refused to meet her eyes. She still didn’t know exactly what had happened, but she did know that things were incredibly tense between Jughead and Archie at the moment. “He’s probably off writing somewhere” Betty answered vaguely, knowing that Veronica wasn’t fooled for a second.

“Uh huh…”

“Alright…well I have to go talk to Ms. Grundy about music classes.” Archie said and quickly picked up his things and bolted.

“What was that about?” Veronica asked when he was out of earshot

“Jughead and Archie are best friends, they have been for years. But over the summer they were supposed to go on a roadtrip, but Archie cancelled and didn’t give Jughead a reason…and then he apparently avoided Juggie for the rest of the summer. I was away at and internship so I’m still trying to figure out what happened.” Betty said with an unhappy sigh

“We’ll figure it out Betty” Kevin assured her. Betty gave him a small smile just as Jughead slid onto the bench next to her.

“Hi” he gave her a small peck on the cheek and then helped himself to half of her sandwich.

“I didn’t know all of that” Jughead stopped walking. Betty stopped beside him and looked at him curiously.

“All of what Juggie?”

“That you tried out for cheerleading and that Cheryl called you fat.” Jughead could barely contain his anger.

“It wasn’t really a big deal” Betty looked at her feet.

“Yes it is,” Jughead cupped her face in his hands. Betty looked up and met his eyes. Jughead felt a sudden want to punch Cheryl in the face for putting that sad look in Betty’s eyes. “Betty Cooper, you are a knockout, and anyone who doesn’t see that is an absolute moron.” Jughead said firmly, relaxing when she laughed.

“Thanks Juggie”

“Unfortunately, this means that I am going to have to break up with you”


“Yeah, I have a very delicate reputation to protect and if I am known to be dating a cheerleading, it will until my who mysterious aura.” Jughead stepped back, keeping a straight face.

“Juggie!” Betty yelled with a laugh and snatched his hands before he could take another step.

“I’m serious Betty, this is the end of us.”

“I can’t stand you” Betty laughed again, but tugged his hands so they were standing close together once again. Jughead wrapped his arms around her and joined in her laughter.

“No you don’t.” He said and planted a kiss on her lips.

“So Archie doesn’t have a girl or anything does he?”

“Nope” Betty said as she and Veronica walked along the track in their new cheerleading uniforms

“I’m thinking of asking him to the dance.”
“Oh Ronnie, you should. That would be perfect.” Betty gushed. She caught sight of their redheaded friend and nudged Veronica.

“Hey Archie!” Veronica shouted and Archie jogged over to them.

“Hey you two, nice outfits.”
“Thanks Archiekins. Will you go to the dance with me?”

“Uhh…I don’t know Ronnie, I’m not really in the headspace for a dance.” Archie looked to Betty for help, but she simply gave him a smile and a shrug. She hadn’t know Veronica for long, but she did know there was no arguing with her.

“Come on, you won’t let the new girl go unescorted will you?” Veronica pushed

“Of course not.” Archie said with a sigh.

“Perfect. You and Jughead can pick Betty and I up at my place.”
“Oh…” Archie hesitated

“Veronica I’m not going with Jughead” Betty hurried to say.

“What? Why not?”

“Um, dances aren’t really his thing. I was just going to go with Kevin.”

“Okay, well in that case I’ll be there” Archie said and jogged away. Betty glared over her shoulder at him, annoyed that he didn’t seem willing to try to mend things with Jughead.

“No, this is not happening.” Veronica said

“What isn’t?”

“This…all of this drama. I swore it all off when I left New York City. We are going to get Archie and Jughead talking and then we are going to get Jughead to come to the dance with you.”

“Veronica that’s not necessary.”

“Oh but Betty dear it is, I just want to have a group of friends without all of the in fighting that there was in my previous groups.”

“Okay, I’m all for mending things between Arch and Juggie, but I’m really okay with Jughead not going to the dance. I like him just the way he is, and he’s not really the dance type guy.”

“Well, we’ll focus on Archie and Jughead for now…” Veronica said pulling Betty along

And that was how, later that night, Archie and Jughead ended up locked inside of Betty’s room. Veronica and Betty shut the door, telling them to deal with their issues and then headed downstairs for a cup of tea.

“Do you think this will work?” Betty asked with a grimace as she heard the boys begin to shout. She hated to see the two of them fight. Both of them meant so much to her and they had all been friends for so long.

“Kevin said that they were best friends right?”

“Yeah, since I can remember”

“Then they’ll figure it out.”

“How are you so sure?” Betty said, gesturing upstairs where the yelling continued.

“Because best friends fight, but if they’ve been friends for that long than they are obviously close and one silly fight isn’t going to undo years of friendship.”

“I wish I knew what it was all about” Betty said

“When they are ready, they’ll tell you.” Veronica said “So, while they are distracted, how about we plot our next scheme”

“Veronica if you are talking about getting Jughead to the dance-”

“Yes that is exactly what I’m talking about” Veronica interrupted her. “If you can look me in the eye and tell me that you don’t want to go to the dance with Jughead then i will back down.”

“I…” Betty tried, but she couldn’t honestly tell Veronica that.

“That’s what I thought. And have you told Jughead how you feel?”

“No, I don’t want him to feel like I’m pressuring him into anything.”

“B, that boy is crazy about you. Anyone can tell that. He only has eyes for you and I have no doubt that he will do anything for you.”

“Exactly, I know if I ask him then he will feel like he has to go. I was sort of hoping that he would ask me on his own. But if he doesn’t want to go, that’s okay with me.” Betty shrugged. She would love to go to a dance with Juggie. To both get dressed up and slow dance together, but she really didn’t mind going with Kevin. She knew exactly who Jughead was, and she didn’t expect him to change.

“Okay Betty” Veronica dropped it with a disapproving look.

“Hey, do you hear that?” Betty asked, noticing that the yelling upstairs had stopped.

“Let’s go see if these idiots have figured it out yet” Veronica linked her arm in Betty’s as they headed up the stairs. They leaned their ears against the door but couldn’t hear anything inside. Betty took out the key and unlocked the door. Jughead and Archie were both lounging on her bed, looking just like they had a hundred times.

“Oh thank god” Betty said, jumping on the bed and hugging both of them. They laughed and hugged her back. “I hated seeing you two fight” Betty said pulling away.

“We did too” Archie admitted

“So you guys have everything figured out?” Veronica asked. Jughead and Archie exchanged a look.

“It’s a start” Jughead said finally.

“Good enough for me” Betty said, wrapping her arms around Jughead and kissing him on the cheek.

“Well this calls for a celebration. How about I go pick up some takeout from Pop’s and we can watch a movie or something?” Veronica offered.

“Oooh food” Jughead nodded appreciatively.

“Good, I’m glad you like the idea, because considering half of the food will be yours, you are coming with me to help me carry it buster.” Veronica said to Jughead

“Oh no, I’ll go with you Veronica” Betty said, standing up in alarm.

“No, it’s okay. I’ll go” Jughead stood up and started walking out the door.

“No really, I’ll go. You two should keep talking.” Betty pleaded. Jughead stopped and looked between Veronica and Betty. But Veronica slipped her arm in Jughead’s and practically dragged him out of the door.

“We’ll be back soon” She threw over her shoulder. Betty gave a sigh and sat back on the bed. She knew exactly why Veronica wanted Jughead to be the one to go with her.

“So why didn’t Betty want me to come with you?” Jughead asked almost immediately after they left the Coopers.

“Wow, you don’t beat around the bush, do you?” Veronica said with a laugh.

“No, so why?”

“Because she is an amazing and incredibly selfless person.” Veronica answered with a sigh.

“What?” Jughead had no idea where this conversation was leading

“Jug, Betty wants to go to the dance with you, but doesn’t want to tell you that because she knows you hate dances and she doesn’t want to force you into anything.”

“What?” Jughead said again, his mind spinning. “But I asked her about and she said she was going with Kevin. She didn’t seem that interested.”

“That was an act for your benefit. She knew that if she said she wanted to go you would’ve felt obligated to take her.”

“I would’ve taken her if I had know, of course I would. But obligated isn’t the right word.” Jughead shook his head. “Making Betty happy makes me happy. I’d do anything for her, plus she puts other people first always, I feel like it’s my job to make sure she gets put first.” Jughead was upset at himself for not noticing that Betty wanted to go to the dance.

“That’s what I thought. It’s why I told you even though she didn’t want me to. Because I could tell that this is how you would feel.” Veronica stopped walking and looked at Jughead.

“Thanks for telling me Veronica” Jughead said softly. “I can’t believe I didn’t figure it out myself.”

“Don’t beat yourself up, Betty’s a good little actress when she wants to be.”

“You have no idea…” Jughead said

“What do you mean?”

“Betty’s been putting on a brave face since she was little, I think it’s almost more of a habit now then a conscious decision.” Jughead thought about all of the times Betty showed up to school with a smile on her face, only to tell them later that something awful was going on at her home.

“Let’s make a pact, Jughead Jones the Third.” Veronica said, looking at him seriously.

“A pact about what?”

“A pact that we will make sure that Betty starts putting herself first and make sure that she shares her feelings instead of burying them inside.”

“Deal” Jughead said, sticking out his hand. Veronica took it and shook it firmly with a nod of her head.

“Good.” They dropped hands continued their way to Pop’s

“You know you are already helping her.” Jughead said after a few moments. “Her mom hates that she is cheerleading, but she is standing her ground, I think partly because of your influence.”

“Good for her” Veronica said with a happy smile.

“Veronica?” Jughead said hesitantly


“How do I ask Betty to the dance?” Jughead felt slightly embarrassed, he had never asked a girl to a dance. He had no idea how to go about doing it and didn’t want to mess it up. Betty was too important.

“Oh have you come to the right place little Jug.” Veronica said with a laugh.

“Betty?” Jughead asked softly later that night. The movie had ended and Veronica and Archie had made their exits. Jughead and Betty had remained cuddled on the couch in comfortable silence for a while after.

“Hmm?” She murmured, sinking further into his arms.

“I always thought that one thing we were really good at was being honest with each other, even when it was hard.” Betty shifted, sitting up so that she could look at him.

“Is this about what Veronica told you?” Betty guessed. Jughead moved so he was also sitting up and looked at her intently.

“Why didn’t you tell me that you wanted to go to the dance?”

“Because I didn’t want to force you into doing something that you didn’t wanted to do.”

But you didn’t even give me a chance Betts” Jughead pointed out

“Because if I told you that I wanted to go then you would feel like you had to take me. So I figured that if you really wanted to go then you would ask me.”

“I tried, but you said you were going with Kevin”
“That was you asking?” Betty asked with a raised eyebrow

“That was me trying to see if you wanted to go…” Jughead leaned forward and took her hands. “Look Betts, I really don’t care what we are doing, as long as we are together.  You telling me that you want to do something is not forcing me into anything. Seeing you smile and making you happy is what gives me happiness. And if my amazing girlfriend wants to go to a dance, then I’m going to take her to that dance.”

“You really want to get dressed up and listen to loud pop music and be surrounded by sweaty teenagers all night long?”

“No, I want to see you in a pretty dress and I want to hold you close as we dance and I want to see the jealous looks of every other guy in the room because they aren’t the ones with you.”

“You really want to go to the dance?” Betty reached up and brushed her hand along his cheek, her eyes filled with hope.

“I really want to go to the dance.” Jughead said, leaning down to kiss her softly. “Betty Cooper, will you go to the dance with me?” He whispered against her lips. He felt her smile and his stomach did a little flip.

“I would love to Juggie.” She said and pressed her lips back against his.

“Jughead relax, you look great” Archie said, grinning at him. Jughead’s hands dropped from where they had been straightening his bowtie.

“I feel ridiculous.” He said, tucking his shirt in for the tenth time.

“Jug, stop.” Archie said and knocked on Veronica’s apartment door.  Veronica swung the door open almost immediately. She was in a dark strapless dress.
“Hey boys”

“Wow…” Archie’s jaw was practically on the ground. “Ronnie you look amazing.”

“Thanks Archiekins, you are looking pretty dapper yourself. You two Jughead.” Veronica said giving him a wink. She stepped aside so that Jughead could look past her and see Betty. Jughead felt his heart skip a beat. She was wearing a gorgeous pink dress and her hair was down instead of up in its usual tight ponytail. Betty came up next to Veronica and looked Jughead up and down.

“God, my girlfriend is beautiful” Jughead said, causing the group to chuckle and Betty to blush. She came up to him and kissed him on the cheek.

“And my boyfriend is handsome.”

“Alright, you guys are making me sick with all of this sweetness. Let’s go” Veronica took Archie’s hand and pulled him away. Jughead laughed and offered Betty his arm. She hooked her in his and they headed off to the dance.

Jughead held Betty close as they swayed to the music. His fingers brushed her side where there was a piece of her dress cut away. His thumb ran along her bare skin. Betty sighed and leaned her head against his chest.

“Thanks for taking me Juggie” She mumbled against him.


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A/N: As told from Sebastian’s point of view. On the way to the airport he finds out that he’s going to be Dad.

What’s wrong?“ Sal asked. His eyes gazing at me as I looked out of the tinted window into the breezy New York night.

I shook my head. “Nothing, I just hate leaving her like this, I know it can’t be easy with me always on the go.”

“She knows what she’s signed up for being with you.”

“Yeah, I know, we’ve had that talk many times.”

“This morning I was happily having breakfast with Crissie and now I’m here with you flying out to Ireland. I know it can be erratic at times.”

I furrowed my brows. “At times? Sal it’s always like this.”

“That’s because your a hot commodity, Sebastian. It’s the nature of the business you know that.”

“How is Cristine? After the old man’s…” I trailed off.

“She’s dealing like most, she doesn’t say it, but I know she misses him like crazy.”

“I’m sorry, Sal. I know this can’t be easy for you either”

He waved it off. “That’s life, we all have to leave at some point.”

We looked at each other and then I returned my gaze to the bridge we were currently crossing. I reached into my bag blindly trying to find my headphones when a shirt of some sort snagged on the cord.

Sal looks over, “what the fuck is that?”

I glanced at him then back at the tiny pink fabric with daddy’s girl embroided on the front with a baby duck. I pulled it out completely and another tiny fabric comes out this one blue with the embroidery of a brown teddy stitched in the front.

We were both silent me more from shock, staring at the shirts resting on my knee.

“Holy fuck, man. Congratulations.” Sal says breaking the silence.

“I can’t go to Ireland.” I managed to say as the adrenaline filled my veins.

I rushed into the bedroom the onesies clutched tightly in my palm.

“Sebastian.” She gasped. “W-what are you doing here? You’re going to miss your flight.”

I ignored her question, holding up the onesies. “I’m going to be a Dad?” She nodded her eyes filling with tears. “Twins, we are having twins?”

“What? Oh my God! No, yes, maybe, I don’t know. It could be a boy or girl.“

I kissed her deeply. “I’m going to be a Dad?”

“Yes, Sebs, yes you are.”

“The cold you had. It really wasn’t a cold?” I asked.

She shook her head. “Morning, afternoon, middle of the night sickness. It hasn’t been fun.”

“For how long?”

“Babe your flight.”

“Dollface, fuck my flight. When did you find out?”

I sensed her hesitation. “I found out a week before I saw you on location.”

I calculated the time in my head. “It’s been over a month. You kept this from me this entire time.”

“Please.“ She begged. "Don’t be upset. I didn’t know how to tell you, I was scared, I still am. I wasn’t sure if this is what you wanted at this stage in your career and I—“

“Stop.” I interrupted. “You weren’t sure if I wanted this?” I placed my palm under her shirt. “This, this is us, we have created something beautiful, how could I not want this?”

She shrugged. “We didn’t plan this. Was this how you imagined it would happen?”

“Doll life isn’t perfect and you’re right this wasn’t planned, but I’ll be damned if my child grows up to thinks he or she was an accident.”

She dashes into the bathroom and I followed after her. I found her head in the bowl retching. I stared at her with both awe and excitement.

She lifts her head and rests it on her arm. “I’m scared.”

I sit on the floor behind her and she rests her head on my shoulder, my palms on her belly. I kissed her hair then whispered in ear. “Don’t be. You are not alone in this and don’t you think for one second that I am putting my career before this family.”

“Sebastian.” She whispered as the tears streamed down her cheeks and hit my arm.

“I love you, Dollface and our baby, babies.”

She laughed.

Jughead x Reader: You Were Mine For The Summer

Warnings: none

*Your POV*

It was July 4th weekend when I first saw him sitting in a booth at Pops. I had come to live with my aunt in Riverdale for the summer and I knew no one. As I walked in through the door, the boy with dark curly hair and a crown on his head looked up at me reluctantly from his computer. I didn’t even know this boy and my palms began to get sweaty at the sight of his appearance. I walked over next to his booth and asked him if I could sit as I explained to him that I was new in town and didn’t have any friends.

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