miss her as jordan


I’m just gonna place a few prompts here for whoever wants to pick them up

  • Jordan and Lydia cuddling in bed as Jordan tells Lydia little things he loves about her
  • Jordan and Lydia were high school sweethearts until he moved away for college. Now that he’s back in town, he misses and wants her back
  • At the police station, Jordan’s in charge of showing the new guy in town the ropes. But when Lydia drops by to pay Jordan a surprise visit the new deputy flirts with her, making Jordan jealous
  • Jordan realizing Lydia is his one true anchor
  • Jordan and Lydia getting caught in a terrible storm when they sneak away for a date [because nobody knows marrish is a thing] – I always like seeing what you guys do with this one
  • When Lydia gets way too drunk to go home alone, Jordan takes her back to his place and lets her sleep it off in his bed while he takes the couch
  • Jordan bringing Lydia home to meet the family for the first time
  • Lydia spending all her time alone at the lake house and then one night Jordan shows up unannounced
  • When Lydia goes missing Jordan drops everything, even his date, to find her
  • Jordan overhears as Lydia breaks up with her boyfriend
  • Lydia accidentally walks in on Jordan naked [or vice versa]

But like how much time have Lydia and Parrish spent together that we haven’t seen? Do they ever meet up for coffee to do research and end up talking until the shop closes? Does Lydia ever talk to Jordan about Allison and how she misses her? What about Jordan talking to her about how he’s frustrated with work and just ends up venting to her because she really listens? Does this happen? I just really need to know, okay.