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The Importance of the Last Four Minutes

So I don’t think the Russia / BFI version is real, or fully real, The Final Problem is DEEPLY MISSING SOMETHING. And here’s my argument: The last four minutes of each episode contain the revelation of a major deception, and/or major character development. They also happen to contain information that ties into the overarching plot of the series as a whole. 

We are missing four minutes toward the end of TFP. What happens if you take out the last four minutes of any and all of the other Sherlock episodes?

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The Six Thatchers Gothic

(At @myladylyssa’s request; please don’t hesitate to make your own additions!)

  • The Six Thatchers airs. You fall alseep that night with visions of what the future of the show could bring. The next morning you awake with excitement for the start of TJLC advent. A month remains until The Six Thatchers airs.
  • A new meta shows up on your dash. Later comes, and you see the same meta again, but a single word has changed. There is no way of knowing which word this is. You reblog it again.
  • Amanda Abbington is shot. John laughs. Mycroft laughs. Your therapist laughs. The Pigeon laughs.
  • The clock on your wall strikes 13. Mark Gatiss’s corpse emerges from your fridge with an elephant drawn on his forehead. “Shhh”, he says. You are not making any noise. “Shhh”, the elephant says.
  • BBC posts a new promo pic. Sherlock and John are kissing. Chills boil up from the base of your spine as you type out the words “TJLC IS REAL". They’ve already been married for years. You are four seasons too late.
  • Sue Vertue hands you a slip of paper. You smell it, against your better judgement.
  • You give birth to a baby. It’s a girl. She’s handed to you with glowing blue eyes and three numbers carved into her forehead. What nice bedside service, you think.
  • The same four notes replace every song on the radio. They make you tear up for reasons you can’t understand. Petra screams to drown out the notes.
  • “You were my whole world”, says Mary. Instantly, you are teleported to the Berenstain universe. She means what she says. You shed a tear remembering that Moriarty only exists in the Berenstein universe.
  • Steven Moffat wears a mustache. You like it better this way.
  • A woman approaches you at a bus stop and invites you to sit next to her. she introduces herself as E. You ask what that’s short for. Everyone else at the bus stop shouts a different answer. The woman remains still, staring and smiling blankly.
  • You gaze in the mirror as you get ready for work. You can see a dead body behind you in the reflection. It could be a baby girl, it could be a blonde woman, it could be a tall, dark and handsome man. You step through the mirror to find out.
  • Toby the dog appears to you in a dream. “Kill the skull”, he tells you, in Toby Jones’s voice. You know exactly which skull he means.
  • You are having dinner with Arwel Wyn Jones. A flashing billboard distracts you from the wallpaper you’re eating, but it disappears when you draw your attention to it.  Arwel gazes at you with concern.

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