miss g. designs


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Photographer: Bella Kotak Photography

Model: Jessica Dru
Headpiece: Miss G Designs (Made with faux coral & shells)
Dress: Creature of Habit
Shell Mantle: Fortunate Nora
Assistants: Vanessa (Creature of Habit) and Pratik (Solstice Retouch)
Skin retouching: Solstice Retouch


It’s time to run away with the circus! :)
Photographer / Body painter: Roustan
You can check out unedited images on his website.
Lion Headdress: Bubbles And Frown Haberdashery Shoppe
Elephant Headdress: Miss G Designs
The lion was modeled by Eric J Black. The elephant was modeled by my dear friend Sylva Hattington.
Body jewelry provided by Wamuhu Waweru.
This shoot came about from craving change in my life. Miss G Designs began back in 2009. It’s crazy to see how my wacky art has evolved over that time. I feel incredibly blessed that I have been able to make my living as an artist. I never knew I had in me until I made the scary move from Colorado to California. I spent the 10 years before that nannying.
Like many artists my career has been feast or famine. I have always worked an insane amount of hours every week. No vacation, sick days or health care benefits. This has begun to wear me down. The niche market of headdress design is very seasonal and makes keeping up with adulating tricky sometimes.
My dear friend Sylva is also a headdress designer. We have shared the highs and lows of working in this industry. She brought up the idea of applying for jobs as headdress makers. At first I thought it seemed like an impossible idea. So much doubt poured through my brain. Now I am thinking why the hell not? It doesn’t hurt to ask!! :)
I have visions of cirque du soleil, opera houses and theater companies dancing in my head!! Not to mention all the other possibilities that haven’t occurred to me. It would be delightful to have a career beyond Etsy sales.
I am reaching out for any advice or recommendations that you want to share. <3
Thank you!!!!!
Miss G