miss fowl

Bank Teller: Colonel Lee, of course, come this way! And this is your… son?
Artemis: *pops bubblegum* Unfortunately, dude, yes.
Butler: My son does not communicate well with the rest of the world.

In book 4, Artemis Fowl had to disguise himself as a normal moody gum-chewing teenager who wore hoodies and jeans–not to mention an unkept hair–all for the first time to his horror. He missed his Armani and Zegna suits. But he was dedicated to rob the most secured bank in the world with Butler disguised as his military father. Please protect this boy he doesn’t know how to act like a normal teen! Everyone doesn’t exactly live like an heir to the Fowl Empire.

Fowl Twins Headcannons
  • myles’ eyesight is so bad…like it’s in the -6 or -7 (basically, he’s blind without glasses) and he doesn’t like wearing contacts, so he wears these big, nerdy glasses. 

  • whenever beckett gets nightmares, he takes his teddy bear (yeah he still sleeps with it, so what? myles still sleeps with professor primate) and a blanket and sleeps in myles’ room. beckett also likes to hold myles’ hand whenever he’s scared.

  • beckett hates spiders; its myles who has to kill them.

  • myles is 100% that quiet, nerdy, bookish kid who harbors a secret crush on the lead football/soccer player at their school. beckett thinks its super cliche (because it is lmao) but since he’s on the same soccer team as myles’ crush he takes every opportunity to drag myles along to watch his games (aka watch the super hot and athletic lead soccer player) and to try to get his teammate to notice his hopelessly awkward twin brother.

  • beckett probably has 2 dogs that he loves very much and he loves taking them for walks. he must pet EVERY DOG he sees. no exceptions. beckett is the dog whisperer. 

  • myles is actually quite different from artemis. he’s not as cold or manipulative or ambitious. instead, he’s kind of mellow and calm, he’s a lot more open and laughs easily (probably bc his parents paid more attention to him lol), and he doesn’t really want to do anything with the family business. he’s not a huge fan of art and music like artemis is (myles hates practicing the piano, but he does it for his mom); instead, he’s super into chemistry and physics and math and computers.

  • it’s actually beckett who comes up with all their mischevious pranks and schemes. myles can’t really say no to his brother no matter how stupid the idea is, so he eventually gives in and refines/plans their schemes so everything goes smoothly. the victim of their pranks is usually artemis, poor guy. (actually, artemis can see these pranks coming a mile away but he lets them get away with it because he was never afforded this kind of playfulness when he was their age)

  • myles and beckett are the first fowls to never have a bodyguard. they refuse to take anyone but juliet, 

  • they are always in sync with each other. they can communicate with each other using just their expressions. although they look very different, they often like to complete each other’s sentences or make the same hand gestures at the same time in front of other people to freak them out.

  • although they have very different interests as well (myles is into academics, especially science, and beckett loves sports), their favorite thing to do together is play board games with artemis. 

  • whenever one of them is feeling down, the other twin build a pillow fort and have an Honesty Hour where they word vomit and basically gossip about everything. 

  • they love each other more than they love themselves :)

I miss Artemis Fowl so much, I want to know what he’s up to at this very moment. Did he take over the family company?? Maybe he started his own. He could probably do both at once. Where is everyone else do they still see each other very often or are they the type of friends that don’t interact much anymore but when they do meet up it’s utter chaos??? Does Artemis still pull the occasional crime™ (for old times’ sake or just to prove a point) does he take weekends off the hang out with Myles & Beckett????? @ eoin colfer if you’re gonna write a spin-off/sequel/whatever now is a good time

On International Women's day lets take a moment to appreciate our Artemis Fowl ladies.

Minerva- who shows us we can be a genius and care about appearance.

Angelina- who shows us you can be gentle and keep a criminal mastermind in line.

Vinyaya- who shows us that women can lead even below ground and in a male dominated environment.

Juliet- who shows us just how deadly judging a woman by their appearance can be.

And of course our elfin Captain Holly- who shows us that you can achieve whatever you want as a woman, even if you unfortunately have to fight for it. That you can be fierce yet vulnerable, that you don’t have to be feminine to get far as a woman, and that you don’t need to keep your mouth shut whatever your gender.


Like don’t give me no Les Mis bullshit. That one bitch lived in France his whole life and had a COCKNEY accent? What the fuck? Do americans know the difference between the countries? Do they know what a france is?

Or do they just think everyone in Europe has a brittish accent?

Ok here we go

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the signs as jimmy neutron characters
  • aries: sheen estevez
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