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I usually just go and hand the ball to a fan, or dap up the fans, but I saw the towel hanging. I had just seen my boy [Edelman] on the couch a couple of nights before, just down and out. So I just figured I’d cheer him up. He [Edelman] loved it. He sent me a couple of emojis. I think I’ll keep those between us. {x}

sports as high school musical songs
  • When a player signs for a new club; The start of something new 
  • When a player leaves a club; gotta go my own way
  • When a team needs extra motivation; Getcha head in the game
  • When your team fucks up and needs to get back on track; Stick to the status quo
  • When your team wins; Fabulous 
  • Hearing the clubs anthem before a game; You are the music in me
  • How many times a week do i miss my team; Everyday
  • Making bids for players; Bet on it
  • When your team wins a game and gets more points; Bop to the top
  • When your team signs a new player and they’re exceptional; What i’ve been looking for 
  • When your team concedes; Work this out 
  • When your team works together to come back from a loss; All for one 
  • When the ref wont blow his whistle to end the damn game; What time is it 
  • When the goalie leaves the net; I’m breaking free
  • When your team has one minute left to win; Now or never 
  • When your team cannot stop scoring; I want it all 
  • When your team scores after just conceding; The boys are back 
  • When your team wins a trophy; We’re all in this together 
  • When your team wins an important game in a big competition; A night to remember 
  • My team are winning; Right here right now
  • Me when my dumbass team ruins my life; Walk away 
  • Me when i crush on the players; I wanna be with you 
  • Players taking penalties; Can i have this dance 
  • When a players misses a pen; I don’t dance 
  • When your team cant get their shit together and concede as many goals as they can, while the defence falls apart and life loses all meaning; SCREAM


anonymous asked:

In the brogane au is Shiro friends with Matt? Does little Keith know little Pidge?

YEA YOU BET THEY DO. okay, here are some super self-indulgent (and long) brogane/childhood friends au headcanons:

  • shiro + matt 
    • their parents are good friends and live quite close to each other, so they were pretty much bffs even before keith or pidge was born
    • probably had a lot of unnecessarily complicated friendship handshakes/fist bumps as kids and still indulges in it every once in a while as adults
    • Embarrassing Older Brother Squad™
      • bc he’s such a good big bro, shiro always attends keith’s little league baseball games. usually matt tags along, and they cheer obnoxiously loud when it’s keith’s turn to bat 
      • (keith always makes a huge fuss afterwards, but he’s also never missed any of shiro’s football matches either)
    • were quite similar in size when they were young, but after they hit their late teens shiro pretty much becomes a tank and matt…does not. matt complains that he looks like shiro’s kid sidekick whenever they stand next to each other
    • every time shiro finds a new person to date, matt is always the first person he introduces them to for the token seal of approval, and vice versa
    • they used to hope that keith and pidge would marry each other one day so they could be in-laws, but immediately drop it once they find out about keith’s crush on lance to tease him about that instead

  • keith + pidge
    • when they were little kids keith initially didn’t like pidge bc she was a girl (ew) and younger than him (double ew). they eventually bond over their bitter personalities, love of really obscure sciences/conspiracy theories, and embarrassing older bros. now they’re almost as inseperable as matt and shiro
    • pidge skipped a couple grades of elementary school bc of how smart she is and occasionally gets picked on for ‘being a nerd’. keith always beats up anyone who tries
      • pidge: who do you think you are, my older brother
      • keith: no, matt can’t fight
      • pidge: tru
    • Demonic Little Sibling Squad™ who plan the most elaborate pranks together to unleash hell on shiro and matt
    • whenever he gets into a fight with shiro or his parents, keith will ‘run away’ to pidge’s house to play video games. he usually comes back before dinner
      • once keith starts crushing on lance, he typically runs to lance’s house instead. after about the fifth time this happens, lance’s parents start packing little treats for keith to bring home to share w/ the rest of the shirogane family 

For the football fandom: Name one (active) player you wish you could bring back to your favorite club 🤔