miss fisher's murder mysteries confessions

I love that this show has such shining and diverse examples of strong women as regulars. It means so much that they’re all so different, even of different generations. I wish we had more TV shows in which all women are held in esteem.

Jack Robinson being set up as the romantic interest for Phryne came as a complete surprise to me. I had totally accepted his character as the grumpy-but-likeable policeman character and didn’t realize his growing interest in Phryne as a woman until Ruddy Gore. The kiss in Murder in Montparnasse was my “Oh. Riiiiight…” moment.

I don’t think my true confession is any secret.

I love that Phryne is her own animal, I love her boldness combined with an alluring femininity. I love that Jack is the perfect hero - I find damaged guys, charming rogues, classically handsome blokes et al boring compared to the thoroughly decent but wry and sardonic sort like Jack. But.

3 Series down and a romance plot line set up from the very beginning. So many impassioned fans of the romance. So much smart and informed discussion on Phryne and Jack. And yet I just cannot get on to that train. AT ALL. Though I might humour the thought once in awhile and might even enjoy all the posts on it and might enjoy the pretty, fundamentally it never rings true to me. It’s marriage of Phryne’s independence and a passionate relationship always seems uncomfortable and illogical and I find myself a bit distant from it. How I wish the relationship had been shown as intense but platonic.

On the other hand I might ship Jack and Concetta. That kiss did more for me in its left fieldness, its tenderness and passion than the running into each other’s arms and the rushed goodbye of Phryne and Jack in Episode 8 (though I might have got a wee bit fixated on Jack’s line delivery and expressions at times). And I rue all the missed opportunities to ship Phryne with a host of good looking men which had so much potential to be thoroughly saucy fun.

The ship has well and truly sailed though and I am not terribly invested in the dramas and conflicts that follow - potential rivals, potential baby, break ups, make ups, push and pull,  etc. But I can live with it because its an important part of the show but not all of it.

I am not into fanfic so I think I am just going to make up my own detective story that will satisfy me!