miss fiend

  • Sam Fiend: the other day it was steamcon in bellevue and I was at work and on my lunch break I went to red mango
  • Sam Fiend: and this girl in front of me was in all her steampunk regalia
  • Sam Fiend: and this woman goes "thats quite a jacket youve got there!" and the girl just turns to her and snaps "I SUPPOSE IT IS IN YOUR WORLD OF CONFORMITY"
Feeling Alone Open Rp

Staring out into the ocean Yuna heaved a heavy sigh, she missed home. She missed taking walks in the jungle even if she encountered some fiends and missed all her friends and those she considered family. It was awhile since she wandered off the island, though she traveled to alot of new worlds and met many new people, that feeling of homesick tugged at her more often she felt the need to scream. Playing with her necklace, she just stared off letting her mind try to take her to back to home.

uuuuHHHHH I got taggged in a lot of those recommend blogs thingies so i guess i gotta do it here i go! off the top of my head so super sorry if I missed you ;3;

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