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Fine, Great
Modern Baseball
Fine, Great

“I hate worrying about the future
Cause all my current problems are based around the past
And I hate when you call me late at night
Just to check in to make sure I got nothing to be sad about
But it’s alright
And I’m okay
I won’t need your help, anyway
Ah, well
I hate having to think about my future
When all I wanna do is worry about everyone but me”

Modern Baseball asks
  • Tears over Beers: Are you currently in love?
  • @Chl03k: Do you believe in online relationships?
  • See ya, Sucker: Do you have a 'hangout' spot in your town that you frequent?
  • Fine, Great: Are you addicted to social media?
  • Rock Bottom: Describe your perfect day-in
  • Apartment: Where did you meet your former/current partner?
  • Going to Bed Now: Are any of your friends social media/phone addicted?
  • Your Graduation: Do you still think about a certain someone from three years ago?
  • The Thrash Particle: Do you feel like your relationship has to be secretive?
  • Holy Ghost: Have you experienced a death in the family?
  • Mass: Whats the farthest you've been from your home/home state?
  • It's Cold Out Here: Have you ever been rejected?
  • The Waterboy Returns: Have you ever been caught in a downward spiral?
  • Jake Ewald: Do you tend to pick up new habits/talents easily?
  • Brendan Lukens: Who do you think impacts you the most?
  • Sean Huber: Are you in a band?
  • Ian Farmer: What are three things you'd consider 'nerdy' about yourself?

anonymous asked:

What does 'farmer Harry' look like?

Farmer Harry looks like he just walked in a Mumford and Son’s themed fashion show. 

and like he bought all his clothes at the local farm and fleet. 

Farmer Harry looks like he just won “prized cow” and the state fair. 

He’s so fashionable he has young farmer fans that dress just like him.

Farmer Harry looks like snow white just bailed some hay and sheered a sheep. 

Farmer Harry makes plaid look like high fashion. 

and unbuttoned plaid look like sex. 

Farmer harry rides bulls in his spare time and always has time to take pictures with his adoring fans. 

Farmer Harry peacocks with his wide brim hats. 

The bigger the brim, the bigger the hoe. 

Farmer Harry turns up the fashion when he turns up the plaid color. 

Farmer Harry is my beautiful bluegrass son. 

the signs as brooklyn nine-nine quotes
  • ARIES: "I'm Detective Right-All-The-Time, and this is my partner, Detective Terrible-Detective" -Jake
  • TAURUS: "If I had a mic right now, I'd drop it" -Gina
  • GEMINI: "What kind of woman doesn't own an axe?" -Rosa
  • CANCER: "Terry loves yogurt" -Terry
  • LEO: "Doing work and hanging out with dogs. That's my lifestyle" -Amy
  • VIRGO: "Let me tell you something about Tinker Bell. Tinker Bell is a loyal lieutenant and a real thorn in the side of Captain Hook." -Boyle
  • LIBRA: "I work best alone. Except when it comes to sex. Actually, sometimes including sex." -Jake
  • SCORPIO: "I cannot believe that I'm considering a non-violent option." -Rosa
  • SAGITTARIUS: "So much time with your ear to the pavement, it's a pity a truck hasn't run over your head." -Holt
  • CAPRICORN: "If I was a unicorn I'd never be angry" -Boyle
  • AQUARIUS: “Ok. No hard feelings, but I hate you. No joking. Bye.” -Gina
  • PISCES: "This is taking too long! I'm gonna miss the farmers' market!" -Terry
check please characters as brooklyn nine nine quotes
  • bitty: my moomaw always said, "bad news first because the good news is probably a lie." fun fact: she made me cry a lot
  • lardo: i was thinking about how i'd make the perfect american president. based on my skill-set, artistic ability, and bloodlust
  • shitty: fine, i accept my fate. just take a picture of my penis first, for posterity, then do what you must
  • ransom: what's going on? is this a dream? no, i'm not holding a label maker
  • holster: okay, this is everyone i could think of who'd want to mess with my life. the lax bros, teams we've beaten, the guy who lived underneath me in dorms when i was learning the gangnam style dance
  • chowder: so what is this? casual? serious? i need to know how to make fun of you
  • nursey: sexy train is leaving the station. check out this caboose! later sluts
  • dex: nursey, is everything okay? you never text me. look, the last message i got from you was august 3rd, 2015. you wrote, "sup, chowder?" followed by "never mind"
This Day in 1D History - April 22


  • the boys head to Wellington! ((shout out Harry’s pants actually being loose enough for him to fit things in his pockets–what a time, what a world))
  • Liam and Lux have a lil chat in flight (via Lou’s Insta :))
  • ZMTV interview posted 
  • Up All Night Tour concert – Wellington, New Zealand, feat. clothes swap!


  • Liam continues to be the greatest gift


  • Zilo hu-gee interview posted 
  • Farmer Styles contemplates his crops and cheers for his faves at the Sharks/Kings NHL playoff with Jeff in LA :))


  • Liam goes home to Wolverhampton for the Youth Zone groundbreaking ceremony 
  • Louis does some writing with “Neil” (via Louis’ Insta)


  • Niall wishes “the loveliest girl in the world” a happy birthday on Insta
  • Louis & Co. get ready for Coachella 
  • *heart eyes everywhere*