miss ent

  • interviewer: so how are the 7 members of nct dream doing?
  • sm: what are you talking about
  • interviewer: oh, you know, mark, haechan, jeno, renjun, chenle, jisung, jaemin-
  • sm: what's a jaemin is it a type of bird

Listen, folks, at the end of the day, Michael Burnham just needs a big ol’ hug right now.

By my math, T’Pol should still be alive at around 160 years old. She knows what Michael’s gone through as a Vulcan transplant in Starfleet. She knows what it’s like to make mistakes.

Please let grandma T’Pol find this not-quite-Vulcan baby and give her a big ol’ grandma hug!!!!


ent: this cloud over here looks like a carrot
blitzen: dude there are 0 clouds my guy.. anyways i heard u diddled alex goth in his bathroom
ent: …..w-what… did zorra tell u that?? she wasnt even there how would she know
blitzen: ok well everyone knows about it so dont bother denying it
ent: i– ok… speaking of her, she never did say goodbye to me. did she talk to you before she left?
blitzen: :/ yeah.., im gonna miss her.
ent: yeah me too, but come on, you still got me! ;)
blitzen: yeah true, im glad i have u :)
ent: i think u and me should get out of here soon.., im really tired of all this.. Sand.. its coarse.. and rough… and irritating…
blitzen: uh… what

[BREAKING & CONFIRMED] missA’s Min & G.Soul are DATING!

Good news for JYP stans/shippers!

It has been revealed today that missA’s multi-talented member Min is dating label-mate RnB vocalist G.Soul! The two are both long-time trainees of JYP Entertainment (Min for 8, G.Soul for 15) and are close from their years together in the US JYP office.

Read JYP Entertainment’s official statement below:

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anonymous asked:

What do you recommend is the best thing to do as a first year medical student in terms of studying, extra resources (USMLE Rx, Firecracker, etc), extracurriculars, or research? I know this is a broad question, but maybe there's something you would do looking back that might be helpful. My goal is to match into a strong residency program in EM and I want to make sure I am prepared. Thanks!

During first year, I recommend studying with a copy of First Aid and annotating it during your classes. If I could go back, I’d do a better job of keeping up with @picmonic. Goljan lectures would also be really helpful looking back. I used firecracker off and on. I thought they were helpful for some things, and they’ve probably only gotten better since I was a first year! Just do your. best not to fall behind. 

Research can be hit or miss. ENT basically requires it, but I’m not sure how much it’s emphasized in EM. Email the program director at your school and see if they can steer you toward any projects to jump in on if you want to.

For extracurriculars, it really depends on you. What do you like to do? Do you like volunteering in primary care? Do you want to be an officer for a group? Start at the bottom and work your way up!

  • y'all about aos: *adjusting glasses* so you see this one sentence is technically scientifically inaccurate and therefore ruins the atmosphere of star trek :/
  • tos: abraham lincoln and surak team up for a televised fight to the death controlled by volcano blobs
  • tng: moriarty escapes and is actually a good scientific man who wants to live in peace
  • ds9: rumpelstiltskin is real and he's in my room
  • voy: main characters are turned into lizards and have a lizard baby and aren't in love when they get turned back but miss their lizard baby
  • ent: a cis man gets pregnant and grows wrist nipples
  • y'all: ...
  • y'all: so in aos it's unbelievable that-