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i keep seeing people say they’d kill to have *insert fantastic music mashup tumblr audio post here* as their ringtone etc, and i have good news for you friends, xkit does have an extension that lets you download any audio post…

i literally have every audio post ive ever liked on tumblr in my phone/itunes lol

  • you fools: klance vs laith discourse
  • me, an absolute intellectual. the literal embodiment of the last stage of the brain meme: LaKe.

good for the soul 

⚡Follow Spree⚡

Hi guys, Elizabeth here! After a long break from tumblr I’ve been slowly coming back but my dash is super dead maybe even deader than me haha college why and so I am looking for new blogs to follow as the last time I did this, I was able to find some great blogs out there.

Please reblog/like this post if you post any of the following below, and if you can, write in the tags what exactly it is that you post. I’ll be sure to check out everyone’s blog, and I’m looking forward to seeing all of them :^)

  • boku no hero academia
  • ballroom e youkoso
  • kuroko no basuke
  • yuri on ice
  • haikyuu
  • free!
  • shokugeki no souma
  • akatsuki no yona
  • kuroshitsuji
  • katekyo hitman reborn
  • seasonal anime
  • any shoujo (hnr, gsnk, etc.)
  • art/photography/scenery

Bonus if you

  • have a tagging system
  • are multifandom
  • do not repost other people’s work
  • make your own graphics
  • like puns ;)
  • are active and an overall chill and friendly person

Also if I don’t end up following you, it is not your fault! Your blog is amazing regardless of whether I follow you or not. I am rather picky and in general don’t follow a lot of blogs, so don’t worry about it! 

If mutuals could please signal boost this post, it would be greatly appreciated!


cut content - germ’s gramma


I made a mirialan babe, made to always be the second choice. it hurts. he’s a wholesome activist banana. 

(if anyone has any idea what he should be named then hmu, my head is completely dry at this point)


a series of unlikely crossovers:  Klaus gatecrashes a Caroline Forbes soirée

cursed tumblr things that i think about at least once a month: 

- that person who was like ‘does anybody even bother preheating their oven’ 

- the fact that we are all culpable for encouraging the moreos guy 

- coppy 

- the contempt we all had for anybody with autoplay on their blog 

- the complete 180 on john green 

- tag your gore/pomegranates

- tumblr vs missing e

-  when every other post on ur dash was from that Will You Press The Button game 

- omegle hunts 

- yes the ‘’’mishapocalpyse’’’’ was terrible but imo what was worse is the fact that a year later people tried 2 do it again 

- francieum

when u overhear someone talking about kidney function

and they say it’s a right not a privilege

anonymous asked:

how does jack hate himself there isn't anything that suggests it in the book he is proud of everything he does, in fact ralph is the one that's unsure of himself and asks for piggy's help, not to mention ralph always needs other people's approval -as in the hunting scene, whereas jack didn't need approval for his hunting he did it because he was crazed as f, and no he didn't do it to impress ralph that's another hc of the fandom. there isn't such a thing as low self esteem jack in the orig book

are u sure abt that anon… are u RLLY sure bc look here. lookit the scene in which jack first paints his face. (this is halfway thru ch 4 if u wanna read along)

now this line raised some questions for me: did he dislike the paint or did he dislike the face underneath?? jack is canonically ugly, bony, and a ginger (which has been regarded as undesirable since the dawn of time apparently) so it would make sense if he didnt like the way he looked. i made a little note on it and continued, deciding to analyze later.

then.. this passage a few paragraphs down

“an awesome stranger” … jack looks down at his reflection and sees someone different!! wouldnt that be jarring for the typical egomaniac? he’s excited to not look like himself, indicating a previous disdain for his own face.

and if thats not enough for you, please direct your attention to the highlighted line. (ngl its where i started screaming in the annotations) jack has a new face, one which “[liberates him] from shame and self-consciousness.” jack was ashamed of himself. he was self-conscious about himself. he hated himself. and now he has a chance to look like– to be someone new!

the idea of not being himself is so exciting to jack that he actually dances (what a cutie), which he only does in cases of extreme happiness (see: when he finally catches a pig)

furthermore, there are questions that arise when considering jack and piggys relationship: why does jack hate him so much??

the simplest answer is that piggy is an easy target– already an outsider on multiple fronts and an easy scapegoat/punching bag. but bullies do things for a reason. and there are about a million studies that say people hurt other people because theyre hurting.

so yes anon, jack seems proud of all his actions, but just like the paint that jack hides behind, that’s a mask too. theres a difference between ones thoughts and ones actions, and for someone like jack (a liar, manipulator, and all around bad dude) that difference can be incredibly huge

but dont worry anon!! you didnt catch it because you didnt look hard enough. and thats exactly what jack merridew would have wanted.