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  • Historians: there is very little evidence that Emily Dickinson was bisexual.
  • Emily Dickinson: *spends 40 year relationship sending Susan Gilbert 300+ poems and letters only ever takes her advice on poetry*
  • Emily Dickinson: *tells Susan on two separate occasions that she worships her more than god in new england in the 1860's*
  • Emily Dickinson: " I miss my biggest heart; my own goes wandering round, and calls for Susie —"
  • Emily Dickinson: "Susie, forgive me Darling, for every word I say — my heart is full of you, none other than you is in my thoughts, yet when I seek to say to you something not for the world, words fail me. If you were here — and Oh that you were, my Susie, we need not talk at all, our eyes would whisper for us, and your hand fast in mine, we would not ask for language —"
  • Emily Dickinson: "Her sweet Weight on my Heart a Night
  • Had scarcely deigned to lie—
  • When, stirring, for Belief's delight,
  • My Bride had slipped away—"
  • Emily Dickinson: "I tore open your letter and licked the envelope's seal for any lingering trace of you"
  • - in a letter to Susan
  • Emily Dickinson: “To own a Susan of my own
  • Is itself a bliss-
  • Whatever realm I forfeit lord,
  • Continue me in this!”
  • Emily Dickinson: “Who loves you most?
  • Who loves you best?
  • And thinks of you when others rest?
  • Tis Emily”
  • -also in a letter to Susan
  • Emily Dickinson: "Never mind the letter, Susie; you have so much to do; just write me every week one line, and let it be, "Emily," I love you," and I will be satisfied! Your own Emily"
  • Emily Dickinson: *has to reassure a publisher that when she writes poems about loving women from a first person perspective shes using poetic license to write as a dude*
  • Historians: "There is very little evidence..."

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24 35 literati :)

24. “just because” and 35. “after you” (AO3)

“After you.” Jess holds the door open for Rory as they exit the bookstore after a few hours browsing (and a lot of kissing in the back where no one could see). It’s a little store in Hartford that Jess has been to before, but Rory hasn’t until now. One of many things she loves about Jess is that he finds all these cool places for them to go that she never would’ve otherwise discovered. Plus it’s nice to get out of town and away from the prying eyes of every Stars Hollow resident.

She ducks under his arm and steps out onto the sidewalk. Rory may not need chivalrous acts, but it’s still nice when Jess does little things like that. Especially considering she has two bags of books in hand. She may have gone overboard. Jess actually has self control and only bought three books for himself.

“I got too much stuff,” she complains, not that seriously.

“Well, that’s your fault, isn’t it?”

“Actually, you brought me here, so I’m blaming you.”

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Do you have a rec list of all your fav Mycroft pastiches?

You must be psychic because last night I started typing up a list of the assorted Mycroft-y things I have about the house (because I live an exciting life like that).

So here we go, they’re all decent in their own ways but my faves are starred **:

Novels/short stories

  • **Enter the Lion by Michael P. Hodel & Sean M. Wright
  • The Mycroft Memoranda by Ray Walsh
  • **Against The Brotherhood by Quinn Fawcett
  • **Embassy Row  by Quinn Fawcett
  • **The Flying Scotsman  by Quinn Fawcett
  • **The Scottish Ploy  by Quinn Fawcett
  • Mycroft Holmes and the Adventure of the Silver Birches by David Dickinson
  • Mycroft Holmes and the Adventure of the Naval Engineer by David Dickinson
  • Mycroft Holmes and the Case of the Missing Popes by David Dickinson
  • Mycroft Holmes and the Case of the Banker’s Conclave by David Dickinson
  • Mycroft Holmes and Murder at the Diogenes Club by David Dickinson
  • Mycroft Holmes and the Case of the Romanov Pearls by David Dickinson
  • The Dorking Gap Affair by Glen Petrie
  • The Monstrous Regiment by Glen Petrie
  • The Hampstead Poisonings by Glen Petrie
  • A Taste for Honey by H. F. Heard
  • The Notched Hairpin by H. F. Heard
  • Reply Paid by H. F. Heard
  • **Mycroft Holmes by Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (I’ve starred this one because I like it, but it’s my least favourite of my favourites)

Comics/graphic novels

I’ll write a lil sentence or two about these because I rarely see any ‘Mycroft in comics’ Discourse

  • The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen by Alan Moore & Kevin O'Neill. Features Mycroft as a (minor) character, and the concept of his character in it fascinates me. If you haven’t read it and don’t mind ~spoilers~ you can read about TLOEG Mycroft here.
  • Mycroft Holmes & the Apocalypse Handbook #1-5 (2016/2017) by Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. Meh. I wrote very briefly about my problems with this here. I’ve yet to read all the issues though so I’m reserving full judgement until I do. Either way I love the colouring so I’ll forgive it…
  • **2000 AD #861-867 Cannon Fodder by Mark Millar and Chris Weston A very peculiar take on the character and one I can’t help but love, I made a photoset of it here to give you an idea.
  • Predator: Nemesis by Gordon Rennie and Colin MacNeil (photoset here). Just an angry man smoking a cigar basically. Looks like he could be American. Not convinced by any of it.

There are still quite a few things I need to add to the collection & I have various monographs and other crap but let’s not get into all that, you only wanted the pastiche.

TL;DR: Basically my One Tru Pastiche™ is any of the books by Quinn Fawcett. I love all four of them, they tick all my boxes. I have a tag dedicated to them if you want to know more, but basically they’re Victorian Legwork!Mycroft aka My Love, My Life, My Everything.

Bad. (N.M.)

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

That morning I  made sure I was up early enough to get completely ready. I took a shower and everything. The sad thing is I couldn’t stop thinking about him, I didn’t want to. He was just running through my head. I pulled into the school parking lot on time, buzzing students all around. As I got out I spotted Asia. 

“Hey Katherine!” 

“Hi, I have no idea where to go.”

“Just follow me.”I expected her to follow the rest of the student body but we split off. Walking down a hallway. 

“Where are we going?”

“We don’t like sitting in the gym, so we go to Miss. Dickinson’s classroom. She’s barely ever in there.” 

“Oh. Who is ‘we’?”

“The rest of the group.” everyone looked at the door when we walked in. I sat my things down. In walked Miss. Dickinson. 

“I see your still holding my room in the mornings”

“Yes ma’am,” Liz said,”So Katherine, every Friday we go out. Do you want to come?”

“To where?”

“Well usually we go to the movies or something but tonight we are going to Asia’s house”

“Yea sounds like fun count me in” The bell rang. Since I didn’t get to go to first period yesterday I had to check my schedule . 

1. English-Miss Dickinson 

“What’s your first hour?” Asia asked me.

“This class,” she laughed,” but my locker is the next floor up”

“So is mine i’ll walk with you.”

“I love your style, like you have no idea” I praised her.

“Oh my gosh thank you! Most people think i’m goth but i’m not I just dress as if I work out and exercise but I don’t. Black does that trick.” 

“Mines here.” I pointed. 

“Okay. Oh, your locker is by Nate’s.”


“The locker beside yours is Nate Maloley’s. He’s…”

“I know him.”


“He won’t quite talking to me.”

“Nate is a character. We were really good friends with him, but he kinda went into this rebellious stage that he still hasn’t come out of I guess. Now he’s like the hot bad boy everyone wants, but he still plays good basketball though.”

“Good. So i’m not the only one who thinks he’s a little cute. Wait, he plays basketball?”

“You and I and the rest of the world. He doesn’t play right now ‘cause it’s still football season, but he’s team captain every year.”

“Oh, i’m gonna get going to class. Thank for walking with me.”

“No problem.” she waved at me. I turned the way I came, more students had filed into class, and there he was walking in the door. I was staring but I didn’t care. I was actually interested in him, but I know I shouldn’t be. He smiled and walked towards his desk in the back, I smiled back at him, and then he winked. Obviously I was blushing, I’ve never had attention from guys like him, they were all preppy, I hid my face. 

Half way through class he walked up to the teachers desk and asked her something. He casually sat beside me in a desk and didn’t look at me. 

“Hi.” I said trying to start conversation, smiling.

“Hey lil mama” I melted, I will be honest I loved that, but he didn’t say it the way he usually does. 

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing.” was the last thing he said to me all hour. No wonder the tried to make this class more fun the day he was in the office. The teacher was young, but she had a monotone voice and was boring. I gently kicked his leg, he looked over. I smiled at him, he looked me up and down. I simply winked at him and looked away. As the bell rang we both stayed back but didn’t say anything to each other. People started filing into the room fro next period. I opened the door with him closely behind. There was nobody in the hall, I sped up knowing i’m gonna be late.” 

“Whoa.” he said grabbing my wrist making me collide with his chest and pushed me against the lockers. 

“What?” I said oblivious. 

“You know exactly what.” he leaned near my ear, “Smiling, kicking my leg, winking you’re just dying for my attention.”

“Maybe…” I said only making him more mad. 

“8:00 pm “ he said walking away as the bell rang.