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Why do you trust me? (percico)

“I really don’t see the point of me being here,” I grumbled to myself as I walked a few paces behind Percy.

“You’re here because you never leave the underworld and when you do all you do is stay in your cabin the whole time. Nico, you need to be more social and outgoing. All the new campers wonder about you,” Percy lectured as he stopped walking and turned to wait for me. I was tempted to stop as well just to show him how much I didn’t want to be here but decided against it.

“You mean all the new campers wonder if I’m really a monster,” I mumbled as I walked past him hoping he would stay behind me but he easily matched my pace and walked beside me.

“Well can you blame them? If I was them, I’d be scared of you too,” he admitted and looked over to the ocean. I glanced at him for a quick moment and sighed.

“Why do you trust me? I mean I could very well grab you right now and shadow travel us to my father,” I finally asked after a moment of silence and shoved my hands into my jacket while looking down at my beat up converse. I felt him sharply turn his head to me and just stare. My hands ball up into fists and my nails dug into my palm as I waited for him to answer.

“Well for one, I know for a fact that I would put up a decent fight. Plus if your dad did hurt me, I’m pretty sure my dad would have his head. Also, I trust you. You helped all of us, especially me when I was stuck in Tartarus. I’m glad and I really hope that I made a good choice when I put my trust into you,” he explained and nervously rubbed his hand on the back of his head while smiling. I looked up at him and felt my heart harden.

“Thanks Percy,” I mumbled and he took a deep breath.

“Plus I kinda have this feeling. It’s just so natural to trust you. I think it might have to do with the fact that I kinda like you, a lot,” he mumbled as I stopped walking and just stared. He swallowed nervously as he stopped walking too and looked down with a blush that is barely noticeable with his tanned skin.

“You…like me?” I whispered and he nodded slightly before looking up to meet my eyes.

“I just, I haven’t felt this way since Annabeth. So I was wondering if you’d, you know, want to maybe go out sometime?” he asked and I blinked slowly.

“You want me, to go on a date, with you?” I asked slowly and he began to rock on his heels lightly.

“Pretty much, but you know if you don’t want to that’s cool too. I’m not forcing you or anything,” he said and I closed my eyes.

“This Thursday, pick me up from my cabin at 6,” I mumbled loud enough for him to hear and opened my eyes to give him a real smile. I stepped into the shadows as I looked at his shocked face.

Now, what to wear?


So I really don’t have an excuse for my lack of Percico writing.


Anyways I was packing for my 4 day school trip while playing music and Bleeding out by Imagine Dragons came on and we all know that Bleeding Out is totally a Percico song so I decided to write something

Enjoy! :)

Sorry for any grammar or spelling mistakes.