miss dao

the warden trying to seal off darkspawn: *firmly cements the door shut,buries the entrance,bricks over the mound, places strong magical ward on the bricks to ensure they never break*

the warden: man maybe that’ll hold them back for like 10 years, who knows

the inquisitor trying to seal off darkspawn:

the inquisitor: problem’s solved, guys!

aeducaning  asked:

For the oc meme for surana: all the ones ending in 3!

3. If you could jump back through time to save a loved one’s life, would you? Despite what it might to do the timeline? To everyone else? Do you believe it is their fate to die regardless? 

That’s a difficult question to answer without knowing what would be involved in bringing them back, or really anything about time magic in general. However, if bringing them back could potentially cause harm … I don’t think I could justify doing it. 
13. Could you sacrifice yourself for the good of everyone else? 

That’s what being a grey warden is all about! You know, “in death, sacrifice”. If the time comes where it is absolutely necessary, yes, I would and I will. 

23. Could you ever become your own hero? Is that a role you can fulfill or is it something you look to others for? 

Nooooo! I think it’s so much easier to look to my amazing friends for that. They inspire and motivate me every day. I only hope I can do the same for them! 
33. If you could wipe certain memories from your head, would you? Why would you? What memories?

I think my memories are what make me … me! So without knowing who I would become without them, nope! I’ll just hold on to them.

Thanks for the ask!! :]