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I would like to thank not only bighit & the city of saitama, but the dboys themselves for blessing me today 🙇💕💘💕💕💘💕💘💕💘💘💕💕💘💕

i’ve been thinking about all the messes i’ve made (2/3)

Yoongi x Female!Reader / Yoongi x You

Prompt: 13. “I hate this. I hate feeling like this. I can’t trust anyone anymore, can I?”

Part 1

Three days passed with total radio silence from you. The boys had respected your wishes for the first twenty-four hours before you were getting spammed over every messaging app with apologies. You put them all on block before eventually just turning your phone off entirely. Having down time with the device would inevitably just lead to you looking at old conversations or pictures, and that wasn’t what you needed right now.

You didn’t hear anything from Yoongi, though, until the end of the third day.

You were just crawling into bed after a nice long bath with some of the LUSH products that Yoongi had gotten you for Valentine’s day a few months ago. It was hard, sitting in your apartment and looking around at all the little ways he had worked his way into your life over the last two years—his belongings and clothes lying around, gifts he’d given you for Chuseok and Christmas and birthdays and anniversaries—the list went on.

You’d turned on your phone to play some relaxing music while you lounged in bed when you heard the unmistakable chirp of your kakao.

My Min <3:

I know you’re probably still mad at me. But the least I can do is give you an explanation. Can we meet?

It seemed silly, but you’d forgotten to block Yoongi because he hadn’t messaged you at all.  You weren’t sure if he would. A part of you was a little scared he’d just ghost out of your life, never to be heard from again. After staring at your phone for a few minutes, you finally responded.

It’s almost midnight.

My Min <3:

I’ll make it fast.

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I was just peacefully watching a Markiplier video and he mentioned wearing his ‘lucky flannel’ and man, you don’t even know how that made me feel. All of the memories from reading suga-of-daegu’s IWTH just came rushing back at me and I nearly burst into tears man. I love that story so much that it’s haunting me like this oh my gawd😢

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Jin / J-hope / Rap Monster / Jimin / V / Jungkook

A/N: i kno i said rap mon but this draft was just calling for me y’know

  • a huge tsundere
  • likes to act like he’s the cool, independent boyfriend who trusts you with his whole being
  • but leaves post-its about how you should take a jacket because it’s a little cold today and reminds you to take your medicine and stuff like that
  • plays basketball with you when he’s not feeling so lifeless
  • and purposely loses just so he could see how happy you look when you shoot the ball and realize you’ve won
  • “yes, y/n, you’re amazing”
  • likes to act like he’s the baddest bitch ruling the joint, much to your embarrassment
  • “yoongi, why are you wearing a leather jacket its 34 degrees outside”
  • “ssHh only geniuses would understand”
  • and when you catch him doing something stupid or making a mistake he’ll always fold his fingers into guns and hold them in front of his chest like
  • “swaeg”
  • is not much for skinship
  • occasionally holds your hands and wraps an arm around your waist or shoulder and that’s about it
  • but his surprise kisses always turn into make out sessions

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OMO Eyes, Nose, Lips (Yoongi)

synopsis: In which Yoongi goes back home during a few days break and catches up with you and your old friends.

genre: you can’t even fluff ¦ sugarcoated chocolate fluff ¦ fluffy fluff ¦ angsty fluff ¦ fluffy angst

length: 2 seconds ¦ not long enough ¦ decent ¦ bible

Attention: If you’re allergic to incorrect use of past tense, read at your own risk.

“Neoui nun ko ip nal manjideon…..son topkkaji da~aAA.”

He sang the last word intentionally out of tune.

“That’s not right, Yoongi-ah!”

What was intended to be a complaint, was quickly drowned out by fits of laughter as you watched Yoongi belt out an overly emotional rendition of Taeyang’s ‘Eyes, Nose, Lips’, complete with closed eyes and exaggerated fist movements, in the middle of the street.

“…apeujiman ijen neol chueogira bureulge~eEeH!”

Not giving up, you chased after him, trying to cover his mouth with your hand. He effortlessly dodged your attacks and continued singing even louder than before.

“Min Yoongi! I’m warm now! Stop it!”

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