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Perth Gothic:

  • You loop onto the Narrows. You loop off. You loop onto the Narrows. You loop off. You loop onto the Narrows.
  • The walls of the convention centre crack. The plaster crumbles to reveal a giant, gleaming Richard Court. He has been sleeping. Colin Barnett climbs inside. Richard’s eyes open.
  • You walk along the pipeline to Kalgoorlie, up along the Mundaring Weir. You hear an echo coming towards you. You put your ear against the pipe. “Yes,” you hear. You wrap your arms around the pipeline, and let the water run. CY has missed you. You will not let him be alone.
  • “Our beaches are the best!” you argue. You go to Cottesloe, and your feet sink into the sand. You can only go forward; you can only go west into the sea. Cottesloe has heard you. Cottesloe will not let you go.
  • Students from UWA have pranked the diving lady yet again. You swim out and unclothe her. She wraps her arms around you. You reach for the water, and still. There are two diving ladies.
  • The Polly Pipe opens. You drive into its entrance. You drive and you drive, and you never reach Loftus Street. Its lights close around you.
  • The Swan Bells chime. You climb the stairs to see them up close. You climb the stairs. You climb the stairs.
  • There’s a quokka in your tent. You reach for your camera. The flash goes off. The quokka is there, beside you. At home, the quokka is there, beside you. Right now, the quokka is there, beside you.

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CY: EXO-L hello everyone, I’m EXO’s voice Chanyeol!! But now… is there anyone? No matter what, let’s have an enjoyable time playing together!!

CY: the chat only starts at 11:10 but I came 7mins earlier and now I’m talking to myself

CY: what should I say…?

CY: has everyone eaten this morning? I haven’t ate yet, I’ll eat after the chatting ends

CY: recommend some menus,the world’s most difficult thing to do is ordering, it’s even more difficult than EXO’s dance

CY: only 5 mins have passed, buy it’s like I’ve been talking to myself for 20mins

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CY: so bored

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CY: I’ll send out D.O’s expressions then

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CY: when kyungsoo’s at home he’s like this

External image

CY: This is kyungsoo’s reaction when I’m saying a joke, it’s exactly the same

External image

CY: Kyungsoo’s it’s okay it’s love look, exactly the same

External image

CY: during Kyungsoo’s overdose stage, exactly the same

CY: ah so bored

External image

CY: who is this, Kyungsoo and Suho hyung right….

CY: this is how they look when getting scolded by me

External image

CY: Kai isn’t exactly that cute

External image

CY: this expression’s owner is Lay hyung!!!

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CY: how is this an ‘O’, it’s clearly a triangle

CY: heok

CY: heok

CY: suddenly

CY: ah…

CY: kekekekekekekekeke

CY:kekekekekekekekekeke hello everyone kekekekeke

CY: wow, so awesome

CY: recently, I’ve been listening to Drake’s Hold on, we are going home this song

CY: Hello Subin !

CY: Candy’s really really cute kekekekeke

CY:the light saber video,it’s because when I was using my computer, Suho was beside me so I just took it

CY:Naturally you must watch it all kekkekkeke

CY: Kyungsoo won, although he wins, but occasionally I also would win too

CY: When I’m self-composing, don’t have much thoughts…hahahahha

CY: everything

CY: because of my allergy I can’t stay with (candy) for more than 5 mins, huhu, so Candy’s always in Tao’s room

CY: together with Kyungsoo, he’s (my) acting senior ah

CY: perfume ah~ during winter I use Creed’s Silver Mountain, I’m saying it right right, anyways that’s what it says

CY: Hello China Fans! (x4)

CY: as compared to hanwoo I prefer pork ribs…lamb ribs…

CY: recently didn’t really do it..huhu.. in the song do you want to hear more of my voice in the songs

CY:uhm…One Piece?

CY: when I came, everyone was asleep

CY: hello Su Yeon

CY: recently playing the billiards game

CY: I love you too!!!!!

CY: Candy loves to follow D.O

CY: Happy Birthday!!

CY: Yes!! If it’s myself, even more relaxing hahahaha

CY: hello Hee-Eun!

CY: I love you too!!!

CY: D.O the most, uhm, that’s right hahaha

CY: hello!

CY: Candy’s poop, Tao will clear it, but when Tao isn’t around, I will also clear it, I’ve approximately cleared it 4 times

CY:My mom previously was also a nurse, wanting to become an outstanding nurse!!

CY: Bang Bang Fried Chicken..? it’s my first time hearing it, It’s that I like the Honey Set Meal

CY: I love you too!!

CY: Kyung-sook noona, hello!

CY: get to know chanyeol even better!!

CY: Fighting! I love you too!!

CY: currently my roommates are Kai & D.O

CY: called him”hyung’!!

CY: really really blessed

CY: really happy to meet you all!!

CY: quite okay, really fast!!

CY: ah, Chanyeol time!!!

CY: I’ve also learnt Chanyeol’s time!!

CY: Drake- From time!! If you listen to it in the morning, it’s superb!

CY: Sure!! Let’s go!! Date!!

CY: recently too big.. can’t carry him already (Sehun)

CY: everyone there’s only a minute left

CY: because it’s too relaxing, I still want to do it again

CY: no, cannot…. Don’t fall sick..

CY: mainly using mac, windows

CY: I love you too Singapore fans!

CY: hello hyeon-a!

CY: Cola!!!

CY: Black hair…? Otherwise it’s red hair..? actually it all quites suits me, so I really like it

CY: He-Su must also stay healthy ya!

CY: I like it both, the feeling is different

CY: yesterday at 2? I slept!!

CY: when drinking coffee I will drink Americano, recently drinking coffee makes me not fall asleep, so I don’t really drink it

CY: haven’t went there yet?

CY: I want to experience it again, won’t go! Won’t go!

CY: I won’t introduce to anyone

CY: quite satisfied with everything ears…!

CY: uhm, what to eat, not made

CY: study hard, meeting infront of the television that’s good enough,fighting!

CY: it should be quite nice, really really nice oh~

CY: it seems quite good!! Hehehe

CY: of course you must do it!! Fighting!!

CY: I prefer soybean paste stew

CY: consider bone soup!!

CY: recently what exercise I have been doing…? Breathing exercise…?

CY: I miss it too… huhuhu

CY: it’s kyungsoo ya

CY: I love you too~~~~~~

CY: don’t provoke, must lie it here

CY: I love you

CY: read it!

CY: I’m quite good with the board

CY: hello  Seo-yeon

CY: hello Su-gyeong

CY: to Showtime Season 2 I guess

CY: hello Hyeon-ji

CY: I play pool quite well too

CY: Sol-I noona, I love you

CY: Song-I noona I love you

CY: right now not that satisfied, need to been even more handsome than it’s possible

CY: everyone

CY: it’s the tragic

CY: time for me to leave

CY: why does time pass so fast

CY: today is too relaxing, next time I want to chat again, I love you, I love you all, I LOVE YOU

CY: come, 1



CY: biong~

CY: ❤


credits: ray_0203 // translated by: @xiusday


Summary: Sakura stumbles upon a heart-warming, short academic essay by Sarada.

Dedicated to: little-miss-possessive- thank you Cy-bae for wanting to read my writing ;) and being patient while I’m a lazy bum lol

Inspired by: those writing prompts elementary teachers made us write back in the day. I just thought- what if the academy did this too?! And I guess I was also inspired by what the haters are saying about the SS family photo.

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[Trans] Chanyeol's chat

Date : 2015-08-10

CY :

Can you see ?                                                                                                

You probably can see.                                                                                      

I waited just for today.                                                                                        

Is everyone ready? 

5 minutes is so long…  5 minutes is so long… 

More boring than waiting for a cup ramen to be ready. 

Have you eaten?
I’ll eat after I’m done. 
What should I eat?
Please recommend something for me. 
Thanks for a good recommendation.

I’m bored..What should I do for 2 minutes..

(PCY going crazy sound lmao)

***Note : Not all the questions from fans could be found so only some of them were translated. The answers are all there though.

CY: I ate yeobtteok and had a stomachache for 3 whole days.

CY: Noona babo, dongsaeng babo, hyung babo, I’m just a babo.

CY: I use laundry soap. Just kidding, I use normal soap.

CY: I can only drink one sip of beer><

CY: Still 11 days left…

Fan: Why are you using so many dots?



CY: Always basic things for me!!

CY:I miss you too.

CY: Our big brother Myungsoo hyungnim><

CY: Let’s enjoy it !!!

CY: mmm…Love me right..or promise ?

CY:I’m the heaviest I’ve ever been in my life right now… But it’s a secret.

CY: You are going to sleep n…no..now..?

Fan: What do you do before you sleep?

CY: Close my eyes and breath !?

CY: I want to do it again.

CY: Assassination !! I play Crazy agate (game) but someone used a megaphone to___ the assassin so I couldn’t focus at the beginning. 

CY: I play games once in a while…when I’m really boredㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Fan:I’m a girl and over 170(cm) tall.

CY:I’m over 180(cm). It’s ok because I’m taller.

Fan: Will you have a encore concert?

CY:I don’t know…? If Hyunji wants?

CY: Hyeyoonie is not invisible!!!!!

Fan: Recommend a name for my puppy.

CY: Let’s name it Yeolie.

CY: mmm…not going out…?

CY: So excited!!! Let’s dance!!!!

Fan: What flower do you like?

CY:mmmm….Hyunji flower ?

CY:One nickname is enough, too many nicknames will be too confusing.

CY: hmmm…I think I’ve never experienced something that hardㅋ

CY:I really like “Please take care of my fridge” (show)><

CY:ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ I like basic things the best for everything.

Fan: What are you scared of?

CY:mm… I don’t exactly have one thing…dentist ?

CY: *sings 3 bears song*

CY: I can’t do something like aegyo….

CY: I heard…Daegu is really h…hot lately…

CY: Me too during Call me baby!!! But it was really hard to manage itㅠㅠthe color faded every day.

CY: shorts when it’s hot and long trousers when it’s coldㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

CY: I like both…since it’s summer I think I like short hair more….it’s too hard.

CY: I will do it for you twice!!!!!

Fan: What is Kyungsoo to you?

CY: Why are you talking about that person in my sacred chat room?

CY: mm…2 years old??

CY: Yes… I can’t read sheet musicㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

CY: For billiards I think I learned 5 minuters per (game)? About the band (video), that was something I wanted to do long ago.

Talking about billiards, I play 9999 times better than Kyungsoo in artistic ball. He will miss aim.

CY: Three hours ago my phone’s screen film, bulletproof film

CY: I do wear short sleeves too but it goes according to my mood…maybe that’s why I wore long sleeves that day.

CY: shh it’s our secret (just the 2 of us).

CY: Nemo?

CY: Ok I will remember you Jiwonie.

CY: Fried kimchi, tuna and veggies together and add cheese; eat it like that. 

CY:EDM section!!!!

CY:Ni hao~~~
CY:My height is 185 cm and when I go to cafes, I drink …Americano?? 

CY: Oh !! Really !!! I also like Park Chanyeol !!! 

CY:Thank you for making the best memories in my 20s. 

CY:I also fell in love after looking at you. 

CY: I play games sometimes…when I’m really bored ㅋㅋ

CY:The first showcase! I can’t forget. Goosebumps all over my body><

CY: Fried tofu sushis… Kids that came with me scolded me because I paid a lot of money to go to a sushi bar only to eat fried tofu sushis…But it’s delicious, what should I doㅠㅠ

CY:I love sushi. I was thinking about eating it today but I ate it the day before yesterday so I’m not going to.

Fan: Do you dream often?

CY: I dream a~~~~~~lot ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

CY:Um… Yoojinie??

CY:What hair color looks nice on me? Silver was good but.. my hair is still ruined.. 

Fan: I will pray that they use the song you compose as your title song!

CY:Amen.. I’ll pray also!!

CY:ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋYou’re the cutest out of everyone here.

Fan: When will you give us your self composed song?

CY: Instead of the songs I compose, be obsessed with me.

Fan: In all seriousness..what is your ideal type?
CY: In all seriousness…Yebinie?

CY:Come to oppa after 4 years.

CY:I can’t do aegyo.

CY: EXO L’s super power is LOVE!!! and the symbol is HEART!!! 

CY: Its harder to find a webtoon that I don’t read .. I was the one who recommended “About Death” to Kyungsoo.

CY: Um about 8 times?

Fan: Is it that hard to say I LOVE YOU to your fans?
CY: Yes!!! It’s hard!!! I’m shy!!! I love you!!!

CY:I don’t really like beer 

CY:Chanyeol likes soft boiled eggs.

CY:Gryffindor !!!!!

Fan: Where do you get your inspiration when you compose?

CY: I get it from you guys.

Fan: Bread( Ppang) that chanyeolie likes most?

CY: Chanyeol oppang

CY: Lately…It’s an old song but I like this song called “Cayman Islands” by Kings of Convenience. It’s good to listen to it during rainy days too.

CY: I will work hard to learn Japanese too.

CY: I only like myself.

CY: Everyone!!! There’s about 10 minutes left
 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋno I have to go eat
(dying voice)
(time goes by) So…fast..   

You still have a lot of things you are curious about so last questions go go.

Your chatting is much faster than time. Now what are you curious about ?

Fan: About meeting Zico in Japan ?

CY: That..we met by accident when I went shopping.. Also we met in another shopping place. Let’s get along!

Fan: Recommend me a piano song.

CY:Try “Maybe” by Yiruma. 

Fan: I work at Nature republic. I will give you a photo fan.

CY: Yes give me 100. 

CY: I like it but can’t do it.

CY: Co..co…colla

CY: ba…ba…ba…basick   (a rapper’s name)

CY : Okay I will go to Osaka  !!!

CY: I miss you too. 

CY: Get jajangmyun and then sweet and sour pork. 

CY: I like 부먹 actually I eat both 부먹 and 찍먹 (부먹: pour the sauce over the meat,   찍먹: dip the meat in sauce) 

CY: ㅋㅋㅋ I will be very thankful!!!! 

CY: Of cource it’s dance. 

Fan: *praises CY’s singing, rapping…etc (minus dancing)* 

CY: dancing too… 

CY: Ma…th… 

Fan: Parfum? 

CY: cologne…which one is a secret!! 

Fan: How many times did you bleach your hair when you had silver hair?

CY: 8 times…? 

CY: Music…? If not….then what…ㅋㅋㅋ

CY:Now everyone, I’m gonna go eat. Everyone, you guys should go eat as well.

Everyone be happy, don’t be sick, see only good things, hear only good things, while believing in each other.

Let’s all be happy.

Bye !!!!! Now after 3 seconds …. one… two… three!!! ….the end !!!!!!

Translated by : Jina


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