miss cricket

This is my favorite picture of her. It took forever to get her to look up like that. She’s so gorgeous and wonderful. .2 seconds later, she was chasing a bird.


Crickets - Creeper (audio)

The problem with being the local animal person is as soon as someone wants to get rid of a critter they call you first.

And the bigger problem is when you start thinking about what cages and supplies you have before they even tell you what it is.

Family- An Archie One-Shot

Title: Family
Request: 2, 6 and 31 with Archie, please? I miss my Cricket!  
Pairing: Archie x Reader

“Get away from me!” Y/N yelled as she pushed a man away from her.
She hit him in the arm, spitting on him as well.
The man ran from her, startled by her yelling and violence.
She had been on the streets of Storybrooke for months now, she was poor and had nothing in her possession expect a small bag.
“I have no other choice.” Y/N said to herself, “I have to go to Archie.”
Archie was her brother, they had a falling out a few months before Y/N started to live on the street and hadn’t talked since.
He thought she had left town.
Y/N knew he worked as a therapist, and swallowed all the courage to go and see him after all that time.

When she walked up to his therapy office, she walked inside slowly.
“Hello?” she called.
“Give me one second!” Archie called.
Y/N looked around, noticing that Archie hadn’t changed the way his office looked since their argument.
It made her smile, she felt really happy to be back there again.
Archie walked up to her, surprised, “Y/N?!”
She smiled weakly, “Hey Archie.”
“I thought you had left town! I’m so happy to see you.” Archie smiled.
“I’m sorry we left off the way we did.” Y/N said, “It was a dumb fight.”
“It really was.” Archie said, “So not to be rude but why are you here?”
“I need help.” Y/N confessed, “I’ve been on the streets for months, I haven’t slept in ages. It’s terrible.”
“Want to talk about it?” Archie asked.
Y/N nodded, “I’ve been beaten, robbed, ignored, it hurts so much.”
She started to cry, and Archie hugged her, “Hey, hey, calm down. They can’t hurt you anymore. I’ll protect you.”
“Every day I’m scared. I’m terrified to walk down a road because I think someone’s going to punch me and then take all the stuff I have.” Y/N said.
Archie helped her sit down, and gave her a tissue to wipe the tears off her face.
“I know this is a lot to ask, you know since we haven’t talked in months, but I really need a place to stay. Is there any way I can stay at your place for a while?” Y/N asked.
“Of course you can! You can stay as long as you need.” Archie smiled, “You can even work here at the office and I can pay you a little bit?”
“That would be amazing.” Y/N smiled, “I don’t know how to say thank you, just saying the words isn’t enough.”
“Having you back in my life is enough.” Archie responded, “I’ve missed my little sister a lot.”
“I missed you too, even though that’s hard to say.” Y/N laughed.
“Family is always family, not matter what happens family is always there.” Archie said.

For the next 6 months, Y/N lived with her brother and worked at his office.
She finally got enough money to buy herself a small apartment, and continued to work with Archie.
Their relationship had healed, and so did Y/N’s scars from living on the streets for so long.
Archie was right, family is family and always are there for you.




Congrats to our Annie nominees!

We couldn’t be more excited that so many great artists and shows were recognized. The full list of Nick nominees:

Best Animated Television/Broadcast Production for Children

Best Animated Television/Broadcast Production for Preschool Children

  • PAW Patrol “Pups Save a MerPup”
  • Bubble Guppies “Super Guppies!”
  • Peter Rabbit “The Kitten and Pig Adventure”

Character Design in an Animated Television/Broadcast Production

  • Dave Cooper, Mike Dougherty, Jennifer Wood & Steve Hirt for Pig Goat Banana Cricket “Pig Goat Banana Cricket High Five!”
  • Gordon Hammond, Steve Hirt, Jennifer Wood & Mike Dougherty for Pig Goat Banana Cricket “Miss Cutesy Meow Meows”
  • David Tilton for Harvey Beaks “Night Club Night”
  • Junpei Takayama for Breadwinners “Wrath of the Pizza Lord”

Production Design in an Animated Television/Broadcast Production

  • Dave Cooper, Mike Dougherty & Francis Giglio for Pig Goat Banana Cricket “Happy Chalawunga!”
  • Dave Cooper, Mike Dougherty & Francis Giglio for Pig Goat Banana Cricket “Prank Thy Neighbor”
  • Ernie Gilbert, Kristin Donner, Steve Meyers, Fred Gardner & David Cole for Fresh Beat Band of Spies “Singing Pirate”

Voice Acting in an Animated Television/Broadcast Production

  • Eric Bauza (as Buhdeuce), Breadwinners “Movie Ducks”
  • Matt Jones (as Pig), Pig Goat Banana Cricket “Underpants-Palooza”

Music in an Animated Television/Broadcast Production

  • Nick Bachman, Neil Graf, Matt Mahaffey & Jonathan Hylander for Sanjay and Craig “Street Dogg”

Character Animation in an Animated Television/Broadcast Production

  • Maurizio Parimbelli for Peter Rabbit “The Kitten and Pig Adventure”

im gonna miss your imperfect roads, your smell of burek coming outside the bakery, your neighbour-kids playing outside till late in the night. Your Mothers talking about the newest gossip of the village while they hang out the washing in the garden. Im gonna miss hearing the crickets in the afternoon while we drink çaj and eat sunflower seeds on the balcony together with all the cousins, uncles and aunts. Oh balkan, im gonna miss everything about you, especially your peppers…

I miss summer nights. I miss the sound of crickets when I’m laying in bed. I miss being able to open the windows without shivering from a cold gust of wind. I miss the sun hanging around at 6 o'clock and laughter heard past 8. I miss the fireflies that would mimic the stars by illuminating my backyard. But what I miss the most is the carefree feeling. I miss not having to worry about any deadlines or tests, just having to worry about some sunburn and mosquito bites.

oh summer, I miss you


If you get out, it’s not the end of the world.
“But jeez, you can have some fun, if you put your heart and soul into it.”

Summer Dust (a poem)

Summer Dust

Covered in summer dust
the crickets are trying to
make it through autumn
but the first hard frost
ends all their songs

save for the one lone fellow
who found his way into
the enclosed porch. In this
sunny room perhaps he
believes he’s one of
the lucky few who have
passed into heaven
without having to die

so he sings on all season
even when the snow
begins to fall. And if death
is just a gentle room we
reach alone or with a hand
then why fear it at all
if we awaken in a safe place
where our voices can still
be heard? Still don’t wish

the summers to be any
shorter than they already
are, don’t wish the ending
to come any sooner than it
already does. The days pass
fast enough as it is and imagine
all the cricket would miss
if it gave up the ghost
halfway through June.