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Hey hon! Good luck on the new blog ♡ Can we get some RFA + chubby!MC?

Thank you ! ;3; I went with headcanons, I hope that’s okay and I added V and Saeran since it’s my first request ~

Yoosung :

  • He loves it so much! He thinks it makes his s/o even cuter, doesn’t matter what’s chubby about them either, it’s more of his precious lovely s/o to hug and cuddle with in his eyes.
  • If they weren’t confident with their body, he’d spend his time complimenting them and he would constantly kiss the places they like the least.
  • I think Yoosung has to have a little bit of chub tbh, I mean he doesn’t exercise + sits all day eating junk so hah; if anything, it makes him more comfortable than his s/o is like him.

Zen :

  • He knows better than anyone that appearances don’t mean anything - he’d never judge someone on their physical appearance, let alone his darling.
  • If his s/o was uncomfortable with their weight, he’d spend his time roaming his hands all over their body and try to convince them to wear clothes they like but are too shy or uneasy to wear in public and just stay at home with him while he tells them how beautiful they are.
  • If they ever wanted to exercise with him, he’d be happy to teach them but more than anything, he’d rather make sure they’re comfortable with who they are and what they look like.
  • His mother used to tell him he was ugly and it really hurt him so he knows how much meaning words can carry and he’ll make sure his s/o is always being told how pretty they are because he’s convinced that the more they hear it, the more they’ll believe it themselves.

Jaehee :

  • I think after opening her coffee shop, Jaehee might gain some weight - nothing extreme - but since she bakes pastries for her business too, she has to taste them before putting them on the menu + now that she’s not a slave secretary anymore, she actually has the time to make her own food and eat three meals a day – which brings us to Jaehee and his s/o baking and eating together a whole tray of cookies on a lazy sunday and it’s great and there’s no reason to feel bad afterwards bc Jaehee’s baking is A++.
  • I don’t think she cares about appearances either, I mean sure, she goes on and on about Zen’s face but when it comes to her s/o, it’s different and she’d just want them to be happy and comfortable with their body bc she’s got more cookies that need to be tested.
  • + she’s a woman, she knows the pressure you can feel by living in a society that focuses so much on appearance (and I think it’s especially harsh in South Korea) so you can bet that she understands her s/o if they don’t feel like they look good enough bc she’s been there at one point of her life.

Jumin :

  • He may be a perfectionist but he also follows his own rules and standards; doesn’t matter if society says you have to be skinny to be pretty - in Jumin’s eyes, his s/o is the most perfect being in the whole world take that elizabeth and if someones talks shit on his s/o, he’ll ruin their life.
  • Does his s/o have trouble finding clothes that fit them well? Not anymore because now they have 5 stylists and fashion designers who’ll make anything they want just for them and it’ll always fit perfectly - regardless of the style of the clothes;
  • But I honestly don’t think he’d even realize his s/o is chubby, he’s a practical man and he focuses on what’s important aka his s/o is beautiful, amazing and perfect and he loves them.
  • So, I think his s/o would have to tell him if they were insecure about their body because it won’t even cross his mind that they could not like themselves.

707 :

  • He eats chips all day + sits in front of his computer; he’s even worse than Yoosung so he’s most definitely chubby but he’s hardly insecure about it and he’ll do everything he can for his s/o to be the same.
  • He’d constantly grab at the chubby parts of their body - is it their cheeks, their stomach, their thighs? doesn’t matter bc he’ll hold and squish and squeeze before rubbing his face on them like a cat - he might even purr if they brush his hair.
  • If they ever wanted to lose weight, he’d actually go on the same diet as them and exercise together. He’d be willing to give up on Honey Buddha chips and if that’s not a proof that he loves them then I don’t know what to tell you + he’d think it’s funnier to do these things together.

V :

  • He’s an artist + a pretty positive person who sees the best in people and he doesn’t care about appearances either - he sees beauty anywhere, in anything and anyone and his s/o is certainly not an exception.
  • Whether he’s blind or not, he’ll think his s/o is goshdang beautiful, he’ll smile like an idiot every time they cuddle and he gets to hold them / lie on top of them and he can trace his fingers on his s/o’s curves.
  • If he’s blind and his s/o was insecure, he’d seriously consider getting surgery for his eyes because his partner wouldn’t believe him when he said they were beautiful bc he couldn’t see them and he’d do anything for their well being and getting their confidence back.
  • Honestly, more chub = more of s/o = more to hug = happy V

Saeran :

  • With the life he’s had, judging other people’s physical appearance has never been anything he even considered doing. Maybe he was actually envious of other people who weren’t as skinny as him because they looked more healthy to him - since he had a weak health and a frail body, he always looked too thin in his opinion.
  • So having a chubby s/o might fascinate him because of the way their body would feel under his hands, how you didn’t see all their ribs protruding from their torso, unlike him. 
  • He might actually prefer a chubby s/o and would be a little sad if they wanted to lose weight because he’d miss their chub but as long as they’re okay with themselves, that’s all that matters - and if they’re not okay with themselves, he’d try to help them and in return, they’d help him accept himself.
Black Betty squad at Disney land

•this all starts the day before which is Chubs pulling an all nighter to make an iterary that was planned out to the second

•On the first ride it flies out of his hands as he’s giving the gang the run down

• He almost cries

• Liam and Zu are basically in heaven like I guarantee you between the two of them they spent $1,000 at one park on just candy

• Liam is kind of afraid of heights, but he always try’s to play it off

• “Zu are you shaking?”
“Um no”
“No your shaking I’ll just stay with you”
“Liam I’m fin–”
“Nope we’re staying”

•you can imagine how the Ferris wheel goes

•btw Vida totally uses Liam and Ruby talking as a distraction to lead the whole group to the swinging carts if the Ferris wheel

•the amount of death threats/cussing that went on in that cart almost got them kicked out

•Vida, Ruby and Cole placed at bet between the three of them to see who would throw up first on a ride, Chubs or Liam

•Vida is going for chubs and Ruby and Cole go for Liam

•They even subtly feed them a bunch of crap so it works in their favor

• Ruby and Cole end up winning, but really they lose because guess who what sitting next/behind Liam??? Yeah they weren’t so happy

• Liam totally faints at one point because of the heat and he acts like a baby they whole time complaining

• Vida to Liam at one point: “Does the little baby need a stroller?? Because I will get you a fucking stroller”

• The amount of times Ruby hardcore rolled her eyes at her boyfriend should have impaired her vision by now

• Zu is the official photographer for Liam and Ruby to get those cute couple pics as they walk around

•those two nerds get those Minnie and Mickey shirts that every couple ever in Disney land has worn

• Everyone expects Zu to get lost but really it’s Liam that gets lost for about an hour

•Inevitably Vida and Cole get put into a holding cell due to a full on fight that they put on while waiting in line

• TEA CUPS!!! Vida and Cole have a competition to see who can spin there’s the fastest

•which ends up almost breaking them of course

•Let me tell you, their squad pics on rides are the best thing you can ever imagine

• One of them includes Liam throwing up and it ends up being their Christmas card for 5 years straight

btw thanks @liamdarlinstewart for giving meh a prompt, I was dying over here so thanksss


Hi everyone! I’m super thankful for the support I’ve been getting so far. To be honest, I didn’t thought anybody would bother with my writings. Haha. So to make things a little easier, here’s a masterlist!


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Bangtan Boys (Yes, all 7 of them)

The List

Sometimes you feel like you have met ‘the one’ in your life; except, time is never in your favour. (fyi, no it’s not some crazy 7 men orgy, sorry. hahaha) (Fluff, Smut, Angst)

Kim NamJoon/ Rap Monster

Princess [1]  [2]

When the controversial royal princess meets her match in the form of Kim Nam Joon.

Kim SeokJin/ Jin

Little Miss Chubs [1]  [2] - Completed!

When two childhood friends, ‘little miss chubs’ and ‘pink princess jin’ meets again as adult where one runs a chicken stall and the other is a successful and popular idol.


What happens when a girl who thinks she’s crazy meets someone crazier, but happier?

Min Yoongi / Suga


When Death pays you a visit as the form of Min Yoongi. (Fluff)

Park Ji Min

Seat 5A

BTS resident cutie pie goes on a solo trip and meets the girl of his dreams on the plane. (Fluff)

Trading with the Devil

Jiminnie had to make a trade with the devil in order to save the girl he loves from self destruction. (Fluff and Angst)

Kim Tae Hyung / V

Obnoxiously loud, but sweet.

Full-time college undergrad, part-time social butterfly meets socially awkward Kim Ha Yun. (Smut and Fluff)


When the dorky student president sees a flower in a girl. (Fluff and Quirks)


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Jung Ilhoon

The Sex God and the Innocent Lamb [1] [2]

When you’re looking for a rebound and it comes in the form of fuckboy Jung Ilhoon; except this may end up as more than just a rebound? (Smut)

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This is random but don't you think that Jimin became less mischievous and shyer this recent year/s? He just laughs in the sidelines unlike before that he's very active. I kinda miss his smug look or do i just miss his baby fats? >_< 💜

jimin still has his smug look have you watched any of his concert performance focus? hehe~ I feel like jimin is still him, even if he’s not “mischievous” to your standards anymore maybe he just doesn’t feel like doing it anymore? People can change, it’s natural. But also I think he’s still himself I honestly don’t see any difference. If anything he’s more comfortable now than before.

These type of asks honestly is really iffy to me because I feel like we define them solely on the 5~10mins we see them in videos. And like expect them to act that way all the time, which they probably don’t. So I hope we treat is as getting to know a glimpse of who they are in that moment and if they’re not like that the next time, then we see another side of them. It’s a way of getting to know them more. It’s not something to be cause for concern I think. They’re humans like us they have different sides of themselves that they can show us. 

But also yes I miss the chub cheeks too ;_;


Diverse YA Lit Meme | [5-6/7] Characters of Color | Vida and Chubs

“Miss Vida,” Liam said, “has anyone ever told you that you are positively the whipped cream on the sundae of life?”
She glared at him. “Anyone ever told you your head is shaped like a pencil?”
“That is physically impossible,” Chubs groused. “He’d be–”
“Actually,” Liam began, “Cole once did try to– What?”
“Oh, I’m sorry,” Chubs said, “apparently the middle of my sentence interrupted the beginning of yours. Do continue.”

The Darkest Minds

im missing the:
- pale chub
- killifish
- napoleonfish
- coelacanth

if i get these ill have caught all the fish i can in july

i need a load more bugs but theyre hard to catch :/ idk how to get rotten food or trash for the fly if i have a beautiful town ordinance