miss britta


Can I just throw this out there. This is the last race for Seb with Red Bull but this could be either Britta’s last race with Red Bull or her last race with Seb. I cannot accept this. She’s been with Red Bull since 2005. But her and Seb work so well together and he’d be lost without her! This weekend is going to be hell.

(Photo’s are not all mine. Credit to the photographers.)


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‘I dropped out of high school because I thought, for some reason, it would impress Radiohead. I joined the Peace Corps. I did a little foot modelling. I got tear gassed at a world trade rally. And I guess my deal is, above all else, honesty.’


“The truth is a member of our family is leaving. For a year, maybe more. Psychology has taught me the human mind has a tendency to re-channel separation anxiety in the form of frivolity and giddiness. And I don’t want us to waste our chance to acknowledge how much we’re gonna miss you.”