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heavenly words

aliferous: (adj.) having wings

apricity: (n.) the warmth of the sun in the winter

aspectabund: (adj.) letting emotion show easily through the face or eyes

aurora: (n.) dawn

balter: (v.) to dance gracelessly, but with enjoyment

cafune: (n.) the act of running your fingers through the hair of someone you love

catharsis: (n.) release of emotional tension

charmolypi: (n.) a mixed feeling of happiness while being sad

diaphonous: (adj.) light, translucent, and delicate

dulcet: (adj.) sweet

ephemeral: (adj.) fleeting

ethereal: (adj.) extremely delicate and light in a way that seems too perfect for this world

eutony: (n.) the pleasantness of a word’s sound

halcyon: (adj.) a period of time in the past that was idyllically happy and peaceful

illecebrous: (adj.) enticing

irenic: (adj.) promoting peace

kalon: (n.) beauty that is more than skin-deep

kalopsia: (n.) the seeing of things as more beautiful than they actually are

lacuna: (n.) a blank or missing part

lilt: (n.) a pleasant gentle accent

ludic: (adj.) full of fun and high spirits

meraki: (n.) to do something with love or soul

nefelibata: (n.) cloud-walker; one who lives in the clouds of their own imagination

nepenthe: (n.) something that makes one forget their sadness

nubivagant: (adj.) wandering in the clouds

numinous: (adj.) feeling fearful yet awed and inspired

orphic: (adj.) beyond ordinary understanding

pyrrhic: (adj.) won at too great a cost

pulchritudinous: (adj.) breathtaking, heartbreaking beauty

scintilla: (n.) a tiny trace or spark of a feeling

selcouth: (adj.) unfamiliar, strange, yet marvelous

sirimiri: (n.) a light drizzle of rain

susurrus: (n.)  whispering, murmuring, or rustling

sweven: (n.) a dream

temerate: (v.) to break a bond or promise

viridity: (n.) innocence

yonderly: (adj.) absent-minded


Happy birthday Faker!

Though I know he wouldn’t be reading this, I still want to thank him for all the wonderful memories he and SKT have left for me. His plays, his competitive spirit, his strive to stay the best and the unwillingness to give up is what made me a fan. (And of course, his cuteness came after lol)

I know this is cheesy af but I wish good fortune upon him cause seeing him happy makes me happy as well. I’ll be supporting ya in MSI! LETS GO


Day Ten of @snowbaz-feda! Word count: 700

Simon keeps a secret from Penny. Takes place after Watford.  


“I’ve never seen you this obsessed.”

“You’re lying,” I respond to Baz and he laughs. I wish I could laugh, but I’m feeling too panicked to find anything funny right now.

Years ago Penny and I made a promise to never keep secrets from each other. I’ve been true to that promise for a long time—except for the past two months, when I’ve been lying every day.

I only need to keep this secret for another four hours, and right now everything is in the right place. Penny is going to come in, and together we are going to watch a movie on the couch. I made this plan with her two months ago and verified each day this week that she was still available for it.

When I got home today I cleaned the apartment, but when Baz came over he said that it looked spotless. That made me worried, and I didn’t want Penny to get suspicious so I took dirty dishes from the sink and hid them around the apartment. Baz helped me drape my dirty laundry on the couch. He said that the apartment looked great now, and I don’t trust him but I have no other choice because the door is opening. I hate keeping secrets.

“Hello, Simon,” calls Penny with arms full of groceries, “I’m ready for this epic movie night!”

I give her a thumbs up, which she squints at, shrugs, then asks “So, what movie are we watching?”

“Um, I- I don’t know, we can-” Fuck, I forgot to get a movie.

Penny dumps the grocery bags on the table, unleashing a mountain of popcorn and candy. She isn’t looking at me when she asks, “Simon, what’s up with you? Did you drop out of school? Did Baz propose?”

“What! No! Why would you think– he didn’t– not that!”

Baz interrupts me, “No Bunce, our Simon is still, regretfully, a bachelor. Here are our movie options.” He pulls out an assortment of DVDs from his leather backpack. Baz must have known that I’d forget.

I’m not sure what movie we end up watching. It’s something scary that has Penny and Baz shouting at the TV, while I stoically eat a bag of sour patch kids and wait for time to pass. The third movie in the series is playing and they’re debating what type of death I’d receive if I were in a horror film when, finally, the doorbell rings. Penny screams and throws popcorn at the door.

“Who could that be? Penny, you should answer the door,” I tell her, making sure my voice is flat and nonchalant. She sticks out her tongue and throws popcorn at me, but stands up anyway.

It feels like it takes hours for her to reach the entry way, while I try to discreetly trail behind her. When the door opens and she shrieks Micah, I start to feel the first threads of relief, but the secret isn’t over. I peek at both of them embracing and see Micah pull away from Penny. She’s asking him a million questions, but instead of answering he grabs her hands and drops to his knees. Thank Merlin, I think. 

Micah is holding a ring, and the relief I feel is so great that I start crying. I hear sniffling behind me and turn to see that Baz is crying too, but I don’t think that this secret was burning a hole in him the same way that it was me. When I turn back, Penny and Micah stumble into the apartment together.

“How did you get here?” Penny asks him again.

“Simon helped,” Micah says.

“Simon! You kept this from me!”

“I’m so sorry, but I’m so happy for you, but I’m so sorry” I would keep cycling these phrases if she didn’t barrel into me with a huge hug. Baz piles into the hug soon after (he’s more emotional about this than I predicted) and Micah is close behind him. Everyone’s crying, but I think I’m crying hardest out of all of us. I’m happy for Penny, but I’m happier for myself. I can’t handle keeping a secret like this ever again.


SKT on Produce 101 lol 

LOL i love ogn for this. I would die for a longer version of this but i don’t think it’s likely haha. Omg is this why Wolf seems to be the center of this season’s intro? Btw they actually put up a poll somewhere on a site for people to vote too LOL 

And pray seems to the winning atm? You have to log in to vote so I didn’t. :<

I would vote for Faker if he was on it. Unbiased obviously

A Taste of Home

This beautiful post happened, and I couldn’t resist using it as an AU for my own Ryder, Erin! So I take no credit for the concept, just running with it to drench myself in more gross fluff involving Jaal and Ryder :3c

I’m 100% sure I can’t do more justice to Jaal’s side of the story than the original post did, so this is from Ryder’s side of things.

Spoilers for game ending!

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I still couldn’t understand why I was so hung up upon you when you were clearly with her. Why couldn’t I just accept that she was the one for you, that you loved her, that I didn’t mean anything to you and she meant everything.

Maybe it was because of all the 3 am ‘i miss you’ texts or the drunk blank calls or the way you looked at me in the college hallway or the way you stormed past me every time I was talking to a guy.

—  I wish I wasn’t so much in love with you but that thought hurts more than the heartbreak itself // JustScribbledWords

I just got outta my English class and both the prof and the class really liked my story which is hecka great because people’s stories have been very hit-and-miss. Like point blank “This is a good story” from the prof who’s generally pretty reserved and critical during most workshops. Of course they had suggestions which I’m combing into the story, but mostly tweaks.

It’s also hilarious because I’ve been…holding back? During workshop pieces. Because I’m a lil anxious of going full-scale Angst Queen on people I only know through class. But people have submitted some…interesting things, so I decided “fuck it, horror time”

Prof literally isolated the Horror Scene and said I’ve got a talent for that, and I’m like “That’s because all I do is write terrible things” 

Ahhhh but yeah I’m happy, ‘specially since I had a lot of doubts about the story, and the horror aspect. Like on a scale of 1 to “Tetsuo encountering Mogami’s corpse” it was at least an 8.5. But it worked boy howdy.

Nobody (Part 12)

(this is how I imagined the photos would be tacked on the walls)

Plot:  Reader has been held prisoner by Hydra and is discovered by Nat and Bucky.  Post CA:CW (Bucky’s on the team, no one hates each other) Slight AU

Warnings: Cursing, mentions of torture and gore

Words: 1873 

A/N: Just a note that the story takes place in 2016 because that’s when I first started writing.  Hope you like this part.  Feedback is always welcome!

Reader’s POV

You fell down the rabbit hole.

Information swirled around you in a haze, overwhelming your senses, invading your mind.  Your face was frozen in time in black and white photographs tacked on boards around the room.  Eerily, they seemed to take on a life of their own, as if the photos began to move and change, playing out the captured instances of torture on an endless loop. The memories of these moments resurfaced, filling in the blanks and missing the edges of each scene.  Here was the moment they’d shocked you just before your flesh sizzled and burned like bacon in a frying pan.  There, captured in perfect clarity, was the instant your organs slid off the table and, frozen in mid-air, hurdled to the lab floor.  Black pools of blood peppered the background in the majority of photos, spattering the walls, staining the floors.

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A friend of mine and I were discussing our ADHD last night, and we came to the topic of “blanking”: Those missing pockets of the day when you have absolutely no recollection of what happened.

An excerpt from a blog entry of hers:

“For some reason, ADDer brains tend to “blank out” periodically. There will be a couple of seconds of time that simply aren’t there. ADDers might keep behaving normally during these blanks, but they won’t remember them at all afterwards.

Now the brain, being very good at compensating, does its best to fill in the gaps. So, for example, it looks at the pre-blank period, and notices me holding an open schoolbag in one hand, and a text book from my locker in the other. And, post-blank, my schoolbag is closed, my locker is closed, and my text book isn’t anywhere in sight. So, it reasons that I obviously

a) put my text book in my schoolbag

b) closed my schoolbag

c) closed my locker

And it reconstructs an image of this happening, and inserts it into my memory. Unfortunately, what actually happened is that I put my text book down for a couple of seconds, and closed my locker without thinking. Result? My text book is in my locker, but I will swear blind that I put it in my schoolbag, because I have a clear memory of doing so…”

so I was catching up on FrankJavCee’s past few videos since I hadn’t watched one in a couple months, when suddenly a shittily-photoshopped Hillary Clinton Blank Banshee meme I made for my old defunct tumblr blog (rest in peace Make America Aesthetic Again </3) appeared in the background of his Blank Banshee review. I’m honestly just so honored & like… this is my legacy.

life has been really quite awful all around lately but this genuinely made my morning & probably my whole month, thank u Frank.

it’s rough when you’re legit really excited for all your threads and can’t wait to see where they go and you sometimes get like ‘wow, can’t wait for it to develop to this point!’ and yet you just can’t seem to summon the will to write more than a little bit. hi, me @ me, it’s never gonna get to that exciting point if u never write it

Harlots Ep 4 Spoilers

alright I’m still trying to process this episode and am going to watch again and surely find more things to examine and analyze but here’s what I’ve got atm. feel free to reblog and discuss with me @customerservicebotdolores @gulbaharsultan and anyone else who’d like to!

  • Charlotte feels like nothing in the world she cares about or desires is secure, and in spite of the particular sphere of authority her position gives her, it doesn’t allow her to influence the outcome of anything she truly cares about above all else - namely, her sister’s safety and her relationship with Daniel. her family and her tentative relationship with Daniel matter more to her than material wealth and comfort, but she cannot effectively safeguard either, and in trying to, she endangers all of them and her social and economic security on top of that. I think this is what leads to that frustrated and self-destructive encounter upon her return to Sir Howard’s townhouse at the end of the episode. Haxby tells her she cannot command him, but there is one thing she can do, as she demonstrated earlier when she tried to help Lucy work through her difficulties servicing clients - she can make a man who she accused of lacking the organ to respond to a woman of doing just that, and that’s exactly what happens. who knows what the fallout from that will be? she slept with the help and should sir howard, who already showed himself to be borderline physically abusive this episode, find out…the consequences couldn’t be anything but dire. (I always thought there was a weird tension between Charlotte and Haxby actually - the way he had to follow her around and see how she might end up had she not made her way into Sir Howard’s household with Mary as an example was something I thought might melt his ill will a bit and she’s undeniably charming and beautiful and willful so I thought he’d end up with a weird crush on her and maybe keep her secrets from Sir Howard…but instead we got angry sex which I was not expecting)
  • there’s an interesting parallel in this episode between Margaret’s relationship with Lucy and Lydia’s relationship with Charles. both mother-child relationships are warped in some ways bc these are women who brought their children into the trade with them out of necessity, but they’re fundamentally different in so many ways. Margaret knows Lucy is having trouble pleasing her clients and instead of haranguing her about it, she keeps encouraging her and checking up on her to see if she’s ok - Lucy hasn’t told her or anyone else about what Repton did to her yet but it’s easy to see that her mother would certainly be receptive to her struggles if she did. Lucy, however, becomes freshly determined to ignore her trauma when she overhears Will and Margaret discussing their finances - something that Margaret keeps from Lucy who she still thinks of as a child - which she is. Margaret sold Lucy’s virginity and threw up after she did it - no matter how much she rationalizes doing so to herself, the softer part of her has compunctions about doing so. Unlike Charlotte (12) and Margaret (10), Lucy entered the trade when she was technically “of age” (as she sings hauntingly at the end of the episode, “a virgin of 15″) but there is no doubt that her mother knows she is still a child. It’s a moral quandary she is hyperaware of. Then there is the relationship between Charles and Lydia. Charles has been pampered and hemmed in by his mother to the point that he knows little of life beyond the brothel and prior to his feelings for Emily, has thought nothing of it and didn’t question his mother’s authority. Unlike Margaret’s sensitive concern for Lucy’s apparent difficulties (even though she’s not explicitly aware of her trauma, she senses something is wrong), Lydia’s affection for him disappears in this episode the minute he does anything remotely independent and contrary to her liking, or fails her in any way - and she outright tells him she wishes she had kept a girl instead of him and that he was “unfit for purpose,” implying she’s had other children (meanwhile, Margaret has kept all of hers and wishes for boys instead bc the daughters of prostitutes and bawds almost always end up in the trade themselves out of necessity bc they’re not seen as respectable…but that doesn’t seem like it would bother Quigley, although she still has pangs of conscience about procuring virgin young women for “the Beast” as Cunliffe notes this episode). He trembles when he defies her and flinches when she shuts the door as she leaves after he defies Mr. Osborne. Charles, meanwhile, is trying to be his own man for the first time in his life in order to protect Emily how he can, and for the first time has become aware of how his mother treats him “like a boy” - his lack of self-awareness prior to his attempt to protect Emily from Mr. Osborne is painfully apparent in his gift of sweets to her, as if that would actually make things better. We will see how he may be able to help her in future and if he can understand her need to flee.
  • Speaking of Emily, once again the show does not force us to witness a man physically abusing a woman. Instead we see how Marie-Louise cares for her in the aftermath, and we see how Emily deals with her trauma. This show always focuses on the only narratively-relevant part of abuse - how the character subjected to it deals with it. Marie-Louise has similarly suffered, and she is also given a voice. I’m glad she escaped Quigley’s, and I hope Emily will soon follow! 
  • Harriet sees how these other women support themselves as best they can through sex work - financially, Kitty specifically is able to support her daughter, and moreover, Harriet seems to decide that she wants to empower herself through it - she is accused by Lennox’s white son of having always been a whore, but as she puts it, at least now she is paid for it. I just hope Repton remains entertained by her domination of him and that his fetishization of her will protect her from his dark side that no one but Lucy seems to be aware of. 
  • Amelia and Violet become closer and share a sweet kiss this episode and it becomes clear that Amelia’s morals are very different from her mother’s - far more open-minded and compassionate to the point that she doesn’t think it’s right for her to judge Violet being a thief in order to support herself. How will she handle the kiss she shared with Violet? And what of the complication between her mother and Lydia - the fact that she knows Florence (Amelia’s mother) was once a prostitute herself? We see some tenderness between Florence and Amelia this episode as well - how she kisses Amelia’s hand before she begins one of her fiery sermons outside of the Wells brothel. That was just after the opening shot, which opens on the contrast between Florence’s predominately black gown and her daughter’s predominately white one - a reflection of the moral system she prescribes to? 
  • We got to see a bit more of Prince, the molly boy who spies for Lydia, this episode as well - he made an excellent faux curate! He’s so clever; I hope we get to see more of him. 
  • Lord Fallon is apparently one of the men for whom Cunliffe has been procuring virgins…which makes me very worried for Lucy.
  • This show’s soundtrack is incredible - I hope they release it and all the excellent credits songs ASAP!
  • THERE WERE SO MANY GOOD NORTHWELLS MOMENTS THIS EPISODE KEEP EM COMING also AW little Jacob wore a little red suit for the party he is the most adorable
  • the transformation of the Wells brothel into the underworld with Margaret and Will as King and Queen added 10 years to my lifespan - way to own your notoriety and supposed moral depravity and turn it into your strength! the dark, libertine aesthetic of the masquerade and all its revels was inspired and allowed people like Amelia the liberty of anonymity to explore passions they normally wouldn’t.
  • I wonder if Lady Caroline is actually barren, or if it’s actually Sir Howard shooting blanks?
  • “Miss Pettifer” - another one of the Quigley girls - seems to have fallen into the trade via running off with a “rake” according to Emily. Presumably he ruined her and deserted her which is why she works for Quigley now but still “pretends” to be a lady. Everyone has a backstory on this show and I love it - every one of these women is deserving of a narrative

Your server player’s confusion is only in part due to learning the ropes of a new game. There is a more significant reason for her befuddlement. 

And though she would ask why, and you would always delay the answer, the fact remained. 

She couldn’t see you.

Hmm, now there’s a mystery. The first thought that pops into my head is that Aradia’s a ghost. That would be a simple explanation for why she can hear the voices of the dead. She is one of them. We haven’t gotten any details about what happened to her in that “accident,” so maybe she just straight up died.

The second possibility, which now that I think about it is not mutually exclusive with the ghost thing, is that she’s missing her soul. The blank white eyes and her emotionless way of speaking are both typical characteristics for soulless people. Being invisible to cameras is another semi-common trope. She’s not visible because she’s not really there. But then again, that same logic would apply if she were just dead.