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so I was catching up on FrankJavCee’s past few videos since I hadn’t watched one in a couple months, when suddenly a shittily-photoshopped Hillary Clinton Blank Banshee meme I made for my old defunct tumblr blog (rest in peace Make America Aesthetic Again </3) appeared in the background of his Blank Banshee review. I’m honestly just so honored & like… this is my legacy.

life has been really quite awful all around lately but this genuinely made my morning & probably my whole month, thank u Frank.

Du bist in ihn verliebt..  Wenn du ihn vermisst, auch wenn er nur 1 meter von dir entfernt ist. Wenn du dir wünschst das er das erste ist, was du siehst, wenn du morgens aufwachst. Wenn du dir wünschst das eure Kinder  später seine Augen haben sollen. Wenn er der Mann deiner Kinder werden soll. Wenn du seine Augenfarbe mit Dingen aus deiner Umgebung vergleichst. Wenn sein lächeln das einzigste ist, was dich in Zeiten der Trauer aufmuntert. Wenn du um 3 Uhr nachts aufwachst um ihn anzurufen. Wenn du 24 stunden am tag nur an ihn denkst. Wenn es Songs gibst, die du mit ihm verbindest, und du plötzlich weinst wenn du einer dieser Songs hörst. Wenn du in einer Menschenmenge bist, er das  erste ist was du siehst. Wenn du alles für ihn aufgeben würdest. Wenn du ihn ansiehst und merkst, nur mit ihn möchte ich alt werden.

Your server player’s confusion is only in part due to learning the ropes of a new game. There is a more significant reason for her befuddlement. 

And though she would ask why, and you would always delay the answer, the fact remained. 

She couldn’t see you.

Hmm, now there’s a mystery. The first thought that pops into my head is that Aradia’s a ghost. That would be a simple explanation for why she can hear the voices of the dead. She is one of them. We haven’t gotten any details about what happened to her in that “accident,” so maybe she just straight up died.

The second possibility, which now that I think about it is not mutually exclusive with the ghost thing, is that she’s missing her soul. The blank white eyes and her emotionless way of speaking are both typical characteristics for soulless people. Being invisible to cameras is another semi-common trope. She’s not visible because she’s not really there. But then again, that same logic would apply if she were just dead.

Dear my never,

You’ll stay in my mind, in my every memory. You’ll seep into my skin and hide in my palms. You’ll mix with my blood and flow through my veins. You’ll be the stars in my hair that will never untangle. You’ll be the raindrops on my eyelashes, the ground beneath my feet. In every step I take and every wish I make. You’ll be the pink in my lips and the red on my nose. You’ll be the madness in my eyes and the bliss in my sleep. The wind in my face, the sun on my cheeks and the moonlight curling up with me. You’ll meet me in the middle of the city, in every stranger’s face. You’ll stay in my house, looking over my shoulder. You’ll kiss my forehead and intertwine our fingers: only in my dreams.
You can stay in every little part of me baby,

just not in my life.

Yours truly.

—  But you’ll always have that piece of my soul I gave to you.

A friend of mine and I were discussing our ADHD last night, and we came to the topic of “blanking”: Those missing pockets of the day when you have absolutely no recollection of what happened.

An excerpt from a blog entry of hers:

“For some reason, ADDer brains tend to “blank out” periodically. There will be a couple of seconds of time that simply aren’t there. ADDers might keep behaving normally during these blanks, but they won’t remember them at all afterwards.

Now the brain, being very good at compensating, does its best to fill in the gaps. So, for example, it looks at the pre-blank period, and notices me holding an open schoolbag in one hand, and a text book from my locker in the other. And, post-blank, my schoolbag is closed, my locker is closed, and my text book isn’t anywhere in sight. So, it reasons that I obviously

a) put my text book in my schoolbag

b) closed my schoolbag

c) closed my locker

And it reconstructs an image of this happening, and inserts it into my memory. Unfortunately, what actually happened is that I put my text book down for a couple of seconds, and closed my locker without thinking. Result? My text book is in my locker, but I will swear blind that I put it in my schoolbag, because I have a clear memory of doing so…”

Derek sat on the step of his front porch, staring at really nothing, as he curled in on himself a little bit more. His body was still recovering, his mind even more so… How long was he even there? He looked at the date this morning but he didn’t really remember. Halloween? That might be it. Everything felt stiff and off still. 

Hearing someone approaching his driveway, Derek stiffened and looked up, almost ready to growl or fight whoever came towards him. It took a few minutes for him to relax, remembering that he wasn’t chained. His face remained impassive as the newcomer made their presence known to him. “Who’s there?” He snapped, his eyes narrowing.

the bad thing is like i’m used to knowing what i’m afraid of i’m used to having a source i’m used to having memories fly by at the speed of light but i just saw something csa related and i really wanna die but i have nothing connected to it no memories no direction to focus it no person to blame i just feel dirty

things I want, and more importantly need

  • A full run episode of the night Ali went missing. Who did what, who was where, where everyone was in the missing blanks.
  • Ezra’s book as an actual physical copy (written by the writers as Ezra) or Sara Shepard?
  • Another book with clue and hint explanations, each and every one, as many as they can explain (even theories, like why they used so many mirrors for Aria, the split personality, I mean if that answer doesn’t come to light by the end) + which “A”/A team member” did what jobs throughout the seasons.
  • Somehow, someway, re-shoot all the A ending scenes, but with A’s face/s. I want to know which A did what, and when, also why
  • Ali flashbacks from when she was on the run

anonymous asked:

I already said something but I thought of a second thing so… Watch Class! Because I'd love to watch Class with another super fan.

as someone who HAS watched Class with me, @poorlilgayremus can attest that the experience mostly consists of my heavy breathing and absurd grinning whenever Quill is on screen. it’s actually pathetic. 

but yes, that sounds really fun! I love my kiddos and my wife so much and every damn time Quill freezes with her leg over the car bonnet I lose my shit, it’s so funny