miss and love these two sfm

The Date

Request by: the-fluffy-dragon

My…back…hurts… So many hours spend on this. But damn I like it! Again, I wanted to try something new, A BACKGROUND!

Fluffy asked for a date between Spy and Scout’s Mom. What is better than a little dinner at the restaurant? So yeah those two lovely babies are having a good time, while Miss Pauling doesn’t… Stfu Scout…OH And Heavy and Medic too! But their fun is different obviously. Now I’m hungry.

I can’t tell how many hours I spend on this… Too much XD

Anyway I hope you will enjoy as much as I do! :D


Day 3 of Love & War: Still no signs of an official Miss Pauling model quite just yet. Will it come out? Time will tell. 

Until then, my backup plan of reskinning and fiddling around with Rebbacus’ old model is bearing some fruit. Here’s two skins I’m probably gonna work with.