miss alyssa


On April 9th, 2009, Alyssa McLemore (21) got a call from her grandmother at 6:30 pm, telling her to come home because her mother was getting worse. Alyssa’s mother was suffering from scleroderma, and she was in a terminal stage. Alyssa assured her she was on her way, but she never arrived to the Kent, Washington, house.

Sadly, Alyssa’s mother died three days later and there still wasn’t any sign of her daughter. She remains missing now, 7 years later. Alyssa also had a three year old child when she disappeared, and she’s been described as a devoted mother who wouldn’t abandon her kid willingly.

There are some clues in this case. The day she was last seen, a witness said she was talking to someone in a 1990′s green pickup truck with possibly Oregon plates. Another witness also reported having seen this truck, and that the man driving it was with Alyssa. This man was described as being in his 50s or 60s and it looked like Alyssa knew him.

The most disturbing clue of all, however, was a 911 call placed from Alyssa’s cell phone at 9:15 pm on April 10th, a day after she went missing. The operator said there was a woman asking for help, but the call got disconnected before she could gather any useful information and the phone couldn’t be tracked. It’s unclear if the caller was Alyssa or someone else, and the phone was disconnected soon after.

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