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The reason National Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women Day is so important because many indigenous women (obviously including trans/2spirit) have gone missing & murdered in an alarming rate. Our silent sadness was left without awareness, even our own people didn’t know what a national crisis this was. Too many missing & murdered indigenous women are left out of the inquiry and in discussion. 

I burn sage and sweetgrass for you, Tina Fontaine. For you, Loretta Sanders. For you, Delaine Copenace. For you, Annie Pootoogook. For you, Marilyn Munroe. There are so many names that should not be forgotten. MMIW awareness is important.

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#onlyinamitypark do we completely ignore the fact that the fenton kid said "going ghost". What the heck kid. It's three am why are you yelling about ghosts that's your dads job #isthiskidok #wesisgoingcrazywiththetheorysagain #phantomisDEADwesidontthinkfentoncanbehim #butimeanstrangerthingshavehappenedinamity #stillthough #youcantjustsayyourclassmateisdeadwithoutanyproof #whatiswrongwiththistown

otabek headcanons

-buys whipped cream to just eat it directly out of the can
-no dairy milk, just almond
-makes a mean grilled cheese sandwich
-plays guitar and piano
-from a very musical family, his mother plays cello and piano
-when hes home, he works part time as a skating instructor for kids
-has a very old, ratty teddy bear he refuses to sleep without
-writes romantic love letters
-immaculate handwriting
-model student, except with maths and science
-loves the sea, but rarely gets to visit
-his coffee is 50% cream
-leaves fantastic tips at cafes and restaurants
-when he wears soft jumpers, he looks like everyones ideal man and gets confused when people flirt with him
-cant flirt to save his life
-has a lot of scented candles
-the worlds heaviest sleeper. needs like 6 alarms
-still misses his childhood pet goldfish
-wont hesitate to deck someone who deserves it
-gentle hands
-very frizzy bedhead
-probably stops to pet every cat and dog if he can
-his prize possession is a 500€ set of headphones he got in italy he uses when he DJs
-can fall asleep literally anywhere
-nerdy af
-reads classical lit, really likes old fashioned romantic novels
-generally an old fashioned romantic. his friends call him an old man for it
-likes to be the big spoon
-thick thighs
-fantastic ballroon dancer

Some Random Advice from a College Senior Who is Doing Pretty OK
  • Develop a steady sleep schedule. 
  • Wake up an hour earlier than you necessarily need to. Use this extra time for self care.
  • Eat a hearty breakfast every day, something with fiber, natural sugars, and a lot of protein. My go-to is a bowl of oatmeal topped with sliced banana and a scoop of peanut butter. 
  • Wash your face and brush your teeth twice a day. I don’t care if you missed your alarm and you’re running 20 minutes late; wash your face and brush your teeth. I don’t care how exhausted you are when you trudge home from the library at midnight; wash your face and brush your teeth. Seriously, wash your face and brush your teeth.
  • Make a spot in your schedule for studying as if it were another class. Hold yourself accountable for participating in that study time as you would a class.
  • Going to the library and neatly arranging all your study materials across a desk might make you feel accomplished and motivated, but you do actually have to study once you’re aesthetically fulfilled. 
  • Reaching out to a tutor doesn’t make you look dumb; knowing that you need a tutor but being too proud to get one does make you look dumb.
  • It’s OK to fail a class or two, most people do. I failed a chemistry class last year and it devastated me. But, I kept moving forward and I’m back on track now. Don’t dwell on your failures; analyze them; learn from them; realize that failure is an opportunity for growth.

that’s supposed to make me feel better, i’m a shape?

yeah, and darlin’ you got a great shape

Steal My Weed, get caught on film.

So this happened when I was in college many years ago. We lived in a house with 11 people, mostly athletes. One guy, a wrestler had this annoying spoiled brat sorority girlfriend who we can call Marty. Marty was a stuck up self righteous bitch. She would get drunk and then start fights and eventually make us all listen to loud make up sex. And she smoked our pot. A lot of it. Like she lived there and was paying for it, but I guess she figured since she was giving up the booty to one guy   she got free pot from the house. Not so. I had a room off the main living room where the tv was and my dresser was right by the door. We would load the bong but leave it on the dresser ready to go but out of sight of the main room. My old bong was a graphics with the black plastic ring that went around the mouth piece. The day before our formal we set a trap. I left the bong loaded but wiped a big smear of black ink all around the mouthpiece. You couldn’t see it against the black plastic. We started partying and waited. Sure enough my bong hit is missing and the alarm goes up “who stole my last bong hit??” Right before we were about to leave! Everyone denied taking it including Marty– who had a huge black circle around her mouth. We kept on saying “you wouldn’t lie to us now?”, and “you’re SURE you don’t know anything?” And she kept lying her ass off. Then we lined up for the group picture before the formal. All in tuxes and evening gowns. Everyone smiling and pointing at Marty, who didn’t know until after the picture was taken and we left the house that she had a giant black ring on her face for her senior formal picture. That shot was an EPIC pic from our last year in college.


Once Upon a (Morning) Time with Jennifer Morrison

#UpWiththeSkimm #SkimmLife

Name: @jenmorrisonlive
Job: Actor and director

What time do you get up? Between 4-6am depending on my call time.

How many times do you snooze? Zero.

What are three things you can’t live without in the AM? My coffee, my vinyl, and my notebook.

If you could have magic IRL, you pick? This one is tough. I’ve become conditioned to believe ‘magic comes with a price’

What’s your idea of a fairytale Fri night? A NYC adventure is always a fairytale for me… see a great play, eat a great meal, and then wander enough to sample cocktails in good company.

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve had to do on set? I chased a magical turquoise gym shoe for an entire episode.

Favorite line from theSkimm recently? “Current life status: Holding it together with one bobby pin"

Complete the sentence: Woke up like this: Anxious that I missed my alarm.

how to prepare for school

hi! i’m back with another masterpost. this one will be relevant to more people. i posted a youtube video that has all of these tips, so please check it out! it would mean the world to me if you liked, commented, and/or subscribed. ♥

anyway enough self-promo! welcome to -

there are ten tips! k let’s get started ->

  1. start waking up earlier! set an alarm an hour or two before the time you have to wake up during school. for example, if i have to wake up at 6am during the school year, then in the week before school starts, i’ll make sure to start waking up at 7am or 8am every day! this way you’ll get used to waking up earlier, and when school actually starts, you won’t miss your alarm or be overcome with lassitude.
  2. start to study a bit! this is pretty self-explanatory but it only takes a little bit of studying to remember a lot of what you learned last year. for example, soon i will be downloading duolingo on my phone to study spanish! during the summer i basically forgot nearly everything i learned in spanish i, so i need to relearn that stuff pretty quickly in order to be prepared for spanish ii.
  3. look at your school’s clubs and activities! decide what extracurriculars you want to join this year. for example, i’m planning to join gymnastics, girls’ tennis, green team, and maybe key club, table tennis club, and/or math club (yea i’m interested in everything). this way you won’t go to school on the first day and have no idea what you’re going to be doing lol
  4. pretend to be excited about school! this seems kinda stupid but it actually works. try thinking, “oh, i haven’t seen my friends in so long and i’m so bored and unproductive and lazy during the summer i can’t wait for school to start so i can hang out with my friends every day and be productive and not lazy and i’ll feel so much better during the school year i can’t wait for school to start!!” yea… (and also “i can’t wait to take pretty notes and post pictures of them on my studyblr!!“ bc yes)
  5. read more! it’s fun and gets you prepared for school, because obviously you have to read a lot in school. i’d recommend reading historical books like sarah’s key, between shades of gray, and the book thief. i really liked sarah’s key, loved bsog, and am currently enjoying the book thief immensely!!
  6. plan out a schedule! tbh you probably won’t end up actually following it to the minute, but they’re fun to make (for me at least), gets your mindset ready, and at least you have some foundation to your daily school routine!
  7. organize your life! tidy your desk, room, closet, whatever. it makes you feel good, your house look good, and you start school ready and fresh!
  8. set goals! what grades do you want? how long are you going to study every day to achieve that? etc etc. and they don’t have to be academic—they can be sports as well. maybe you want to get six minutes on the mile. they could also be studyblr/gram related! for example, in my ten goals post, i set a goal to reach 500 followers on my studygram before school starts (september sixth). maybe for the school year i could set a goal to reach 1000 followers before 2018! who knows? set whatever goals you want and make sure you work to achieve that.
  9. eat breakfast! if you already eat breakfast every day during the summer, this doesn’t apply to you, sorry! k so during the summer, i wake up really late (like 12pm late), and it’s really bad. since i wake up so late, i usually skip breakfast and just eat lunch as my first meal. however, during school, you need those fiber and carbs to keep you energized and awake during class, so make sure you start eating breakfast every day a week or two before school starts so that once school does start and you have to eat breakfast you won’t vomit!!! yay
  10. familiarize yourself with your schedule if you receive it early! this ensures that you won’t be a confused wreck on the first day of school:) good luck and best wishes this school year everyone!

thank you so much for reading this! ily

previous masterpost: how to get better grades in online school

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Rfa+v and Saeran reactions to mc breaking her phone or something and she doesn't answer for over a day. Thanks also I really like your blog!

Thank you so much!! 


- At first, when you don’t respond to his ‘Good morning!’ text, he doesn’t try to think much of it. Sometimes you slept in later than him!

- But you ignored his ‘Good afternoon!’ texts…And even sent a call of his to voicemail.

- Panicking, he started messaging Zen a bit.

- Did he forget something? Was he acting really bad? Was he being too clingy??

- After Zen calmed him down just a tad, he told Yoosung that you phone probably died.

- He tries to think that’s the answer, that he didn’t fuck up the only relationship he’s ever been in, but as it gets darker and darker out, with nothing from you, he Panics.

- He’s pacing in his house, trying to get Seven to answer his phone while holding his tears back, when you open the door.

- Before you can even explain your phone’s battery had died, he’s running to you full of apologies and hugging you tight

- When you finally calm him down and finally get through to him he didn’t do anything, he feels embarrassed by how panicked he had gotten, but your sweet kisses help him wash away those feelings


- Jahee probably wouldn’t panic as badly. At least it wouldn’t show.

- She thought you overslept at first, missing any alarms, and that’s why you hadn’t shown for work yet

 - I mean the two of you weren’t living together, so she hadn’t seen you since the cafe closed last night

- She can handle the cafe on her own, with the help of a few employees that were already there, but she is an anxious mess all day. 

- Accidentally bumping into things, nearly dropping cups, almost spilling coffee on herself.

- As the day draws to a close, she’s nearly sweating. She wants to call the police, but she knows Seven would be able to help better.

- She’s just about to hit his contact when she hears her name being called, and when she turns around your arms are instantly around her.

- After explaining you managed to sleep most of the day away, phone dead, her worry turns into small and gentle scolding since it’s apparent you’re overworking yourself.

- She’s so relieved that you’re safe, though you are going to get a small lecture about how to properly take care of yourself.


- He usually has set times to call you through the day. If you don’t answer, you’re quick to shoot him a message when you can to explain why.

- So at first, he doesn’t think much of it. He saw you in bed this morning, and after the rough night the two of you had, you probably were sleeping in a bit.

- But once it hits past noon, and the chef reports that no one answered when he tried to bring food, Jumin is slowly hitting ‘Panic Mode’

- What seals the deal is when he calls Driver Kim to make sure you didn’t go somewhere, and he reports that he’s just driven for Jumin that day

- So after one meeting that was very difficult to focus in, he alerts Jaehee he’s taking a longer break to check up on you

- When he gets to the house and you’re gone, it takes a lot of talking from the RFA members to not call the police.

- Because, lets face it, if he wanted to, he would have the whole area looking for you in seconds.

- So he waits a bit, setting a time for himself to give in and call, while Seven is checking any CCTVs of the place

- But all of that gets interrupted when you come through the doors, a shy smile on your face

- Guess who managed to forget her phone at home when an old friend wanted to hang out?

- Jumin frowns for a bit, but he can’t stay upset or even become close to mad- He just hugs you tight and asks if you can try to remember to bring it with you next time, or at least get Driver Kim to take you somewhere.


- It takes him a while to notice, due to how busy he always is at work. 

- On breaks he’s always sending you a message, full of hearts and possibly a selfie or two

- And you send the same texts back to him, and he’s set for the day!

- But when it hits his last break and there’s still no answer from you, and everyone reports that you haven’t been on the chatroom all day, he Panics.

- He tells his director he has an emergency, and that he has to leave asap

- Thankfully, they were close to being done, so the director let him go without any fuss

- As soon as he’s out, he hightails it to your place, running a few stoplights on his motorcycle.

- Once there, and once he remembers where the spare is, he busts in and calls your name

- No answer and he panics even more, until he sees you sleeping in the bedroom, a basket of used tissues near you

- Oh… He forgot that you mentioned you felt sick yesterday.

- When you sleepily wake up, he calms down and explains why he’s there, and after you weakly laugh, starts shedding his jacket.

- If you’re sick, then you definately need some loving care, right?


- It would be hard for him to panic about the situation.

- When you leave in the morning to run a few errands, he doesn’t think much of it, just assumes you’ll be back later.

- But through the day you’re not even responding to his texts! Not even the funny ones with the best memes.

- Or even his very worried ones

- Once it gets pretty late in the day, he’s looking at CCTVS all over the place trying to locate where you could be

- He’s not really hacking much anymore, but he still has some people after him occasionally.

- He’s so caught up looking for you, that he doesn’t even notice when you eventually come in. You even said hello and he responded!

- Quietly you flick his head, and that pulls him out of it pretty quickly. At first he asks why you hit him, and then remembering you were gone all day, he practically nearly breaks your back with how strong his hug is.

- Eventually you explain you accidentally left your phone home, and that’s why you weren’t responding to his jokes.

- He fusses about losing his touch since he couldn’t locate you on the CCTV, and when you glance you just laugh

- He was looking for yesterday’s date, and that’s when he realized that it was monday, not sunday. 

- You weren’t going to let him live that one down.


- At first when you don’t answer, he just shrugs it off. Sometimes he didn’t have a chance to respond to your texts, it was normal.

- But usually you…did..Around lunchtime. You always asked if he had ate. And if not, then you would suggest going to eat together

- And today he was really hoping to do that…

- But he let it slide, trying not to be too clingy. 

- Then again, he couldn’t let it last all day. When your phone sent him straight to voicemail, he panicked. 

- He checked the CCTV and found out you hadn’t even left the house yet, so he was quick to ‘borrow’ his brother’s car and drive out there himself.

- He spent a bit outside of your door, trying to make sure this was an ‘okay’ thing to do, but eventually he let himself in

-… Only to find you asleep on the couch, phone dead, and a game controller in your hands

- He scoffed a bit, noticing a new game case on the coffee table, and it wasn’t hard to figure out you had another ‘all nighter’ with a game.

- Though, since it was pretty late in the afternoon, he woke you up, lightly scolding you and telling you to get up so the two of you could eat.


- He would try his best to be patient about the whole situation

- He noticed this morning you were gone out of the house, but your phone was left under the pillow

- He needed to be trusting, to not worry. He had this happen several times before you, he could learn to deal with it again

- But he was so anxious the whole day.

- He wanted to send you sweet messages, to ask you how you were doing, if you were having fun

- But your phone at home meant it would be pointless

- But…He could leave sweet messages anyway, right? That wouldn’t be too bad. 

- So every time he worried, every time he noticed how late it was getting, that’s what he did. It didn’t wash away his anxiety completely, but it did help.

-Late at night, when you finally walked in, realizing you left your phone at his place instead of his, you were greeted by a tight hug.

- He was so worried about you, even if he wished he could avoid showing it

- But you just apologized and laughed a bit when he seemed a bit embarrassed.

- After a few more hugs and kisses, you left with your phone in tow, not noticing the cute messages until you got home

- It really did made you smile, and you were quick to send a few of your own.

The Calm After the Storm

The lovely @strawberrymilk4 requested: Hello! I’ll like to make a request! So it would be Tom Holland x female reader and they get into a huge argument and the reader leaves and then a few hours pass and Tom gets super worried and texts and call her but she doesn’t answer. And then there’s a storm and she come back like at 3 in the morning all drenched in water and then Tom is freaking out and apologizing and it’s all Fluffy and cute at the end?! Sorry if it’s so specific! But thank you anyways!💗💗”

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Warnings: Some angsty feelings. 

Word Count: 1, 668

Summary: The reader and her long time boyfriend Peter Parker get into a huge fight and stir up quite the storm. (Essentially the request)


A/N: With the permission of the requester, the request has been changed to Peter Parker because unfortunately I only write for characters so thank you for being so understanding 💕

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They say there’s a calm before a storm; a moment of peace before a disturbance.

There has never been anything more false in your literal situation.

It all happened so fast; you don’t know what came over either of you. One second it’s just another day, and the next you two are blowing up on each other.

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SHINee SWC IV - English - Alarm Clock, Excuse Me Miss, One Minute Back

I translated this into English a little bit back…I love watching SHINee & knowing what they are saying ;) They are truly so amazing!!

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Fuck off, I saw your comment on my post you reblogged of a good friend of mine wearing a native headdress. I myself have native american blood, part of my family is Choctaw Native American. I am also Jamaican & Cuban, though I look like I'm just a black female. So I bet if it were me wearing the headdress you would bash me too, thinking I'm mocking a culture when actually it's in my blood. Quite possibly hers too & many others. Shame on you. Culture is meant to be celebrated, not to divide!

Choctaw never wore those type of headdresses btw.
If you want to bring blood into it.

I’m the great grandson of Chief Whippoorwill signatory to treaty 1. Also the great grandson of Carries the Pipe from the former Pembina Chippewa, Basically Northern Plains Anishinabe….Along with several other Chiefs and headmen going back to before the reserve era. I’m also a Status Indian in Canada with ties to the White Earth in MN. 

I’m the nephew of an Aunt and Uncle who were activists since the 1970s in groups like the American Indian Movement. I’ve been carrying on their more peaceful community work since 1998. (long haired me from the old days) 

Super disrespectful to people like me who work to earn their feathers. If I've been working in the community for years and only have one (two technically) What gives you the right to talk down to actual ones who earn theirs?

So to recap.

You just told an actual northern plains native whose culture you’re disrespecting to fuck off.

You just told a native man who lives in an area where native women are going missing at such an alarming rate its brings national headlines to fuck off

You should told a urban native who has to put up with white people disrespecting his culture and mocked him on a monthly basis for his entire childhood/adulthood to fuck off.

So fine, I’ll fuck off. But I’m going to reblog this question every single month for a year (maybe 4 for each direction). If you have a problem just go to a pow wow and find some female Anishinabe pow wow dancers from my area and tell them how bad of a person I am to you. They will probably agree with me because they are the ones who put me up to this because of the threats they received for talking out.

Amnesty International No More Stolen Sisters 

That’s all I’m going to say about this..

My brother has this thing he does. Whenever he swears in front of Mom, she goes “Language!”. He replies “English!”

Imagine the Avengers swearing on the battlefield in various languages. Steve snaps “Language!” because he can tell swear words by tone. One day, Tony snaps back “Italian!”. It becomes an in-joke.

One day, Steve is in a terrible mood. He missed his alarm, his shower head clogged, and they were out of Captain Crunch. Then there was the battle. It was just a complete mess. The villain taunts Steve but telling his how incompetent his team is.

They eventually bring her in. “What’d you think of her, Steve?” Steve mutters something under his breath that none of them can understand. “Language!” Clint teases. 


Downwards Facing Dog

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Request: Imagine Juice being Jealous of your yoga instructor.

A/N: I know nothing about yoga lmao. To whoever requested this: Im sorry this took me so long x


“And.. Exhale.”
You let out a deep breath, your eyes closed tight and you rolled your shoulders.
You opened your eyes and mimicked the instructors pose as he shifted into a new position.
Yoga didn’t come easily to you but you enjoyed it.
It was calming and it had definitely improved your flexibility which hadn’t brought any complaints from your old man. It was all part of your prepping for the wedding, and for your new life as a wife of SAMCRO, or more importantly Juice Ortiz.
But that didn’t mean you didn’t struggle to haul your ass outta bed every morning and head down to the gym where a class was held.
Only this morning you had slept through your alarms and missed your class.
Thankfully your workplace gave you an hour for your lunch break which happened to fall exactly when another class was held.
Living in Charming had its perks and the warm weather was one of them.
Today was no exception and Louis, your yoga instructor had moved today’s class outdoors.
A dozen yoga mats were laid out in the middle of the park and you each mimicked Louis as he moved through a range of different poses.
You moved into the Lord Of The Dance pose, standing firmly on your left foot. You curled your right leg out behind you and reached with your right arm to grasp your foot while you stretched your left arm out in front of you.
“Keep breathing,” Louis said calmly.
You took a deep breath, letting the fresh air fill your lungs.
Louis turned to look at his class and walked amongst the mats, helping people achieve the position with perfect posture.
“Good form, (Y/N).” He winked as he walked towards your mat.
You smiled but kept your gaze locked ahead.
He placed a hand on the small of your back and gently pushed to extend your stretch.
“Good,” He soothed before moving back to the front of the class.

“Hey isn’t that (Y/N’)s car?”
Juice didn’t bother looking up. “Nah man, she’s at work.”
Tig frowned and glanced between Juice and the car.
“You sure?”
Juice looked up and was about to argue that yes, he was sure, when he saw the car Tig was referring to.
Same make, same model, same colour. Same dent in the back where you had sworn someone else had driven into you, even though you both knew it was a lie and you were horrible at parallel parking.
“What the hell,” Juice muttered and walked further up the street to your car.
He pulled his cell out of his pocket and quickly dialled your number.
The closer he got to the car the clearer he could hear your phone ringing from inside and he kicked his foot against the tyre in fustration.
How many times did he have to tell you that you needed to be contactable, at all times?
He pulled his sunglasses away from his face and stared at the surrounding storefronts, trying to catch a glimpse of you. No matter how much he trusted you he couldn’t help the burning wave of jealousy that washed over him.
“She do yoga?” Tig asked.
Juice nodded and followed his brothers gaze.
Across the road, and in the centre of the park was a group of people stretching out on yoga mats.
Juice spotted you instantly . He had spent enough time staring at your ass in those yoga pants to instantly recognise them.
Especially as you moved  into the  downwards facing dog position.
A sense of relief came over him knowing that you weren’t off in some cheap motel having an affair, not that he had truly thought that, but his insecurities got the better of him sometimes.
The relief was soon revoked when what appeared to be the instructor moved in front of your mat.
Juice and Tig watched as the man with a blonde man bun and loose harem pants stepped behind you. His hands reached for your hips and he pulled you back towards him slightly.
From where the guys were standing, although Juice was sure it would be the same from any angle, this guy was ‘pretty much’ ramming his dick in your ass.
Motherfucker.” Juice seethed and stepped off the pavement and into the road.
He began to storm across the street, with every intent to rip his stupid man bun off his stupid head when he felt Tig pull him back.
In his rage Juice hadn’t noticed Tigs phone ringing and he glared at his brother as Tig shoved his phone back into his pocket.
“We gotta go brother.”
“I don’t need long.” Juice muttered and pulled away. He saw red.
“Now, man.” Tig insisted.
Juice was seething with anger but he knew that Tig loved watching a fight and whatever was stopping it must be important.
With one last look Juice stormed to his bike.

Wu Tang was blasting through the speakers while you prepared dinner.
You stirred and simmered and sliced and diced, practically screaming along to the song as you went. Wearing only an oversized shirt and woollen socks you slid around the kitchen in time with the music, making your way from the cupboards to the stove and back to the counter..
You didn’t hear the bike pull up in the driveway but you most definitely heard the door slam as Juice entered the house.
You frowned slightly, knowing he had been having a rough time with club business lately.
You slid across the kitchen tiles to the stereo and turned the volume down before moving into the hallway.
“Hey baby!” You smiled.
Juice ignored you as he kicked his boots off and when he didn’t put them neatly on the shoe rack you knew something must really be wrong.
Juice stormed past you and headed for the bathroom without even a glance in your direction.
The frown on your face grew deeper and you quickly turned the stove off before padding down the hallway after your old man.
The shower was already on full and steam filled the bathroom as Juice undressed.
His kutte was draped over the door which was always left ajar and by the time you reached him he was down to his boxers and socks.
You poked your head through the door and leant against the doorframe.
“What’s wrong Juicy?”
He ignored you as he pulled his socks off and tossed them into the laundry hamper.
Finally he turned to face you and the fire in his eyes shocked you.
“How long?” He sneered.
“What?” You asked, screwing your face up.
He took a step closer. His hands were by his side and you couldn’t help but notice the way he was clenching his fists.
“How long has it been going on, huh? You and this yoga guy?”
You pushed the door open and stood straight.
“Juice what the fuck are you talking about?”
He took another step towards you and you could practically see the smoke coming out of his nose.
“Don’t play dumb with me, (Y/N)!” He yelled. “I saw you!”
“Saw me what, babe? What are you talking about?!”
Juice stormed towards you now and his hands slammed against the wall either side of your head.
“I saw you! In the park! Practically fucking each other in front of the rest of the hippies!”
“Jesus Christ, Juice. Louis? You think I’m fucking Louis?!" 
"Don’t lie to me!” He yelled and stepped back from you.
You shook your head in disbelief, sick of having this same argument over and over.
He stared at you with jealousy burning green in his eyes and you knew what you needed to do. 
You kicked off your socks and pulled your shirt over your head, leaving you only in your panties and bra which you quickly got rid off.
Juice struggled to keep his eyes on your face and when you saw his boxers stretching around his hardness you knew it was working.
You closed the gap between you and ran your hands down his bare chest.
“You are all I want, Juan Carlos.”
You grabbed hold of his left hand and unfolded his clenched fist before pulling his hand between your legs.
“This is all yours.”

You had spent over an hour in the shower. Somehow letting Juice lather your body with soap only led to more steamy shower sex and now that your skin was shrivelled like a prune you were back in the kitchen.
Dinner was well under way when Juice joined you in the kitchen and started getting the plates out.
“I’m glad we cleared that up.”
You rolled your eyes and drained the pasta. “Me too babe.”
“I don’t want you going to yoga anymore.”
“Juice nothing is going on.”
“I said no, (y/n).” Juice said sternly.
“He’s gay!” You yelled and slammed the empty pot into the sink.
“Louis. He’s gay.” You said, calmer now.
“You didn’t think of telling me that earlier?!”
You turned to him and pulled him close before pecking his lips.
“No. I like it when you get jealous.”


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