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“I miss the girl I used to be; like her eyes that spoke of innocence and her mind that was full of wonder.But of all things , I miss her heart the most. The heart that loved ferociously without a hint of fear.A heart that loved so greatly the universe could burst in tears. How pure and unblemished. For she was a girl who has never been hurt. Carrying a heart that was pure love to the fullest sense. How I wish I could love that way again.”

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Hi! 🤗 I wanted to ask how do you write dialogues. Like, the punctuation of the dialogues. I've translated one of my OS (one of the Marauders doing things) into English, and I want to make sure it's as perfect as possible before sending it to any beta to correct it (know any?), and I'm struggling A LOT with the dialogues. In Spanish, is super easy once you know the rules. In English, I'm going crazy because I DON'T UNDERSTAND WHERE OR HOW I'M SUPPOSED TO PUT COMMAS IN BETWEEN DIALOGUES. Help? 🙏

Hi hi hi! I’m so glad you’re asking because to be totally honest, punctuation is an easy litmus test for me; if I have doubts about the quality of the writing, I look to see if the dialogue is formatted correctly. If it isn’t, 9/10 times I’ll stop reading. SO, in conclusion, I’m happy we’re discussing this now!

1. Put a spoken sentence in double quotation marks.

“This is a motherfucking sentence.”

2. Dialogue tags (the she said/he asked/they answered parts) stay outside the quotes and get separated by a comma.

“Dialogue is easy,” Olivie said. “See how there’s a comma right there? Sometimes people use a period, but that’s just not fucking correct.”


Olivie advised, “Be sure to use a comma when separating the dialogue tag from the rest of the sentence, you beautiful fairy princess!”

3. If something happens before or after the dialogue, it gets its own punctuation.

Olivie screamed. “I love polka!” 

is me screaming first, and then saying I love polka; which is different from:

Olivie screamed, “I love polka!”

which is just me screaming about polka.

4. Punctuation goes inside the quotes. If a dialogue ends with an ellipsis (…) or em dash (—), don’t add extra punctuation.

“I guess I’ll just keep talking about—” she trailed off. “What the fuck was I saying?”

5. Dialogue that is quoting someone else goes inside the double quotation marks with a single quotation mark.

“Well, as Sally once said, ‘love is murder,’” Olivie declared; quite unnecessarily, as nobody had asked her to speak.

6. START A NEW PARAGRAPH WHEN THERE IS A NEW SPEAKER. This is so important, please always do this.

“Oh my god,” Sally gasped. “What the fuck?”

“I agree,” Olivie concurred, staring at the mai tai. “There’s not nearly enough small umbrellas in this mai tai.”

7. If something interrupts the dialogue, it’s still part of the same sentence, so it remains in lower case letters.

“You,” Sally began, winking outrageously, “are a bang tidy piece of ass.”

is different from:

“Hush, my gay lover,” Olivie wailed. “Where I come from, you’re DEAD!”

…and that should be enough, but let me know if I’ve missed anything!

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ooooooooooooof course.

Do you suppose Snape ever had his Legilimency passively on students? Because that would probably be an ethical breach. Then again, I don’t see Snape really caring. 

Then again, it would be great with faculty gossip. 

“Ah, Minerva, you would never guess how Mr. Weasley’s sister feels about Mr. Potter. Simpletons.”

“Ah, Filius, advise Miss Chang that she may want consider better men.”

“Albus, Mr. Thomas is clearly dating Miss Weasley to annoy Mr. Finnigan. The faith of his family makes Mr. Finnigan hesitant.”
“Severus, it almost seems like you care.”
“….don’t be ridiculous.” 

s y n d r o m e s - pt.12

Group : BTS

Members : All seven (Park Jimin is main, tho)

Genre : Criminal!BTS, psychology themes, smut, fluff, angst

Words Count : 3,841

Description :  “Lima syndrome is the result of the abductor / kidnapper sympathizing with his hostages”. And Park Jimin had never heard of it before, when he took you as his hostage.

A/N : It had been almost two freaking weeks since I last updated Syndromes. I’m so sorry for this long waiting time but I’m really good at procrastinating, you should know. So I hope you like chapter 12; it should end differently actually but then I decided to put the peak in chapter 13 because otherwise it would have become waaaay too long. 

previous : part XI | next : part XIII


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#5: You get caught by a professor. Hermione smut

You were trying to soak up the last bit of sun before the cold weather started. You were sitting on the grass with a couple of your friends when Hermione came marching up to you. She had this cheeky grin on her face. Your friends weren’t the biggest fan of Hermione but they got used to her being around you. They all looked at you and you shrugged in response.      

        “Come with me” Hermione said as she grabbed your wrist and pulled you upward.

You waved to your friends and followed Hermione who was now speed walking towards an empty corridor. Moments later you were pushed into an empty classroom. Hermione’s lips crashed onto yours, taking you by surprise. She wasn’t the one to casually start snogging in a classroom where anyone could walk in. You loved the thrill but Hermione was always worried about getting in trouble, but today there was something different about her. She was distracted in class and now this. It didn’t bother you, in fact you loved this side of her. The risk taker.

While you were lost in thought, you didn’t realize that Hermione managed to unbutton your shirt and hers. Hermione’s kiss was starting to get rougher. She was now standing between your legs and her hands were roaming your body. You quickly pulled out of the kiss and cupped her face with your hands. Your eyes met for a quick second before you started to kiss her neck. As soon as you reached the crook of her neck she let out a soft moan and her hands pushed your head upwards towards hers. She playfully bit your bottom lip as one of her hands made its way towards the hem of your skirt. Her hand felt ice cold against your thigh.

Your hand moved from Hermione’s cheek to the lining of her bra. Your other hand was placed on the small of her back and you pulled her closer towards your body.

Just as you were about to leave kisses on her chest you heard someone clear their throat. Standing in the doorway was Professor Snape. He was staring at the podium with his body facing away from us.

        “Miss (Y/L/N) and Miss Granger, I advise the two of you to quickly get dressed and head straight to your houses!” His monotone voice broke the silence in the room.

You quickly grabbed your bag and threw Hermione your green and silver sweater so she could pull it over herself. As you headed towards the door, you started to button up your shirt. Hermione was trailing quickly behind you.

        “Oh and ten points from Gryffindor, Miss Granger. For your reckless behavior” Snape stated right before you exited the class room.

Once you were out of sight from Snape, Hermione shot you a look. Her face was red but she had the biggest grin on her face.

        “We should do that again” She whispered in your ear. She gave you a peck and then headed towards Gryffindor tower.

I realized today that I haven’t spoken to Blackwall since arriving at Skyhold–50 hours of gameplay ago.

  • “I love all my Inquisition warriors: the Iron Bull, Cassandra Allegra Portia Calogera Filomena Pentaghast, Noodle, and… *looks at smudged writing on hand* … Blockwell.”
The Governess and the Liesmith - Chapter Two

TITLE OF STORY: The Governess and the Liesmith
AUTHOR: freudensteins-monster
GENRE: Fluff, Drama, Angst…
FIC SUMMARY: Sigyn finds herself accepting the position of governess to Prince Loki’s children. She quickly endears herself to them, despite her firm hand, but the closeness and trust she worked so hard for is threatened by the return of the children’s notoriously absent father.
WARNINGS/TRIGGERS/AUTHORS NOTES/FEEDBACK/COMMENTS: Thanks to @sweetsigyn for giving me the prompt, and thanks to my beta @ladyaudiophile for putting up me :P As always, please let me know what you think. xoxox

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Earth Girls Are Easy (Part 4-final) (Loki x reader)

Part 3

The team was only supposed to be gone for two days, but on day four, you had received a message from Natasha that they would be held back for at least two more.  She was worried about you, of course, being in the tower alone with Loki still there, but you did your best to reassure her that you were fine and the god under your watch was well-behaved thus far.  You had spent a great deal of time with him, in fact, listening to him talk about his life when you gave him very few details of your own in return.  When you sounded almost too casual about the team being gone longer, it set off alarms in Natasha’s mind that something wasn’t right.

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*My new oc he is open to ask. so everyone welcome him accordingly.-Cazzy

Name: Tonni ((or Domino))

age: unknown

height: 6′2

likes: Sweets, dancing, singing, and new friends.

dislikes: the only think he doesn’t like is people mentioning he doesn’t have arms. 

about: Tonni is a gentle soul shy, and easily spooked. He tends to stay by his self but he actually likes meeting new people. Most are deterred by his lack of arms but in reality he has both arms they just aren’t visible call it ghost hands if you like. He won’t take to kindly to you bringing up the fact his arms are missing so it is advised you don’t.

So anyways I just finished an eight hour study session wherein I read about 110 pages for all my classes tomorrow because i’m a damn procrastinating fool. My advice to you: try to instill a good study habit while you’re young, lil tulips. Don’t wait until you’re a junior in college and overloaded by 200+ pages of dense academic texts (THERE ARE NO MORE PICTURES IN MY TEXTBOOKS, IT’S SERIOUS SHIT) and articles because your tiny lil fragile mind will crumble and you will die


Though its kind a bit late, I would like to greet everybody a Happy New Year!

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Self-Portrait with Angelica and Portrait of Rachel (c.1782-1785). Charles Willson Peale (American, 1741-1827). Oil on canvas. Museum of Fine Arts, Houston.

Offered to Miss Ima Hogg in 1960, this self-portrait of Peale at his easel painting his wife, Rachel, with playful daughter Angelica at his side, was deemed too expensive by Miss Hogg’s advising committee at the MFA, Houston. Miss Hogg turned the painting down but changed her mind after a sleepless night thinking about the self-portrait.

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Prompt: Solas's perspective on what is happening when Haven burns and the Inquisitor is thought to be possibly dead.

Oh man. If only the official Dragon Age Elvish dictionary had a larger vocabulary… I cannot get enough of writing Solas and Levallan speaking to each other in Elvish. Translations are provided after the fic.

Solas’s POV is made of nothing but spoilers.


Haven Falling

The cold bit at his flesh even as the fires raged around him.

She isn’t dead. She can’t be.

He clutched his staff tightly, rushing through the maddening, screaming panic, the bells ringing a deafening chime that rattled his core. His eyes scanned the rush of people, scarcely able to breathe. He had heard the call to take shelter in the Chantry but he had to find her. He had to know she was safe. He pushed past the stream of terrified faces, tried to cut through as they fled in the opposite direction. There were bodies, pieces of bodies, charred flesh and exposed bone. He would spot a corpse with fair hair and his breaths would catch until he could assure himself that the shape was wrong, the skin too pale. She would not have lain in the clusters of dead around the entrances to burning houses. She would not be trying to hide or take shelter. If he knew her at all, she would be wherever the fighting was.

He could hear Cullen shouting over the din, calling for his men to fall back as he neared the front gate. There were Templars clambering over the wall, penetrating their defenses while the innocent ran for cover. He readied his weapon, freezing and blasting, clearing a path, his pursuit never pausing. He was not there to become trapped in combat. If she died, this was all for nothing.

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A/Z fan novel ‘Tulip’ 14

PROGRESS REPORT 04/Slaine Saazbaum Troyard/April 24th

Today, there has been no news about the start of the treatment.

Miss Yuki seems to be holding a grudge against me- to tell the truth, I am worried about her because of that.  Kaizuka Inaho and her had very different personalities- she was gentle, tolerant, emotional and had a very warm embrace. She even wanted me to call her “Yuki-nee”, but when she finished her sentence her expression was showing some regret. I am still very grateful she offered that to me.

It’s probably because she wanted to give me the illusion that we are family.

Looking back at it, I didn’t even feel like this towards Count Saazbaum, despite the events with the princess. I killed Count Saazbaum with my own hands, I have no right to call myself his son. I hope that if there is really such a thing like incarnation, that in his new life he isn’t separated from his beloved, isn’t forced to become a conspirator and has sweet and nice children.

Speaking of the princess; I think I should talk about Kaizuka Inaho.

Yesterday I fell asleep on the balcony of the Kaizuka’s house, when I woke up light blinded me and Kaizuka was kind enough to cover my ears. He asked me why I was crying. I couldn’t answer so I gave him a question that would be even harder to answer.

After that, to my surprise, Kaizuka and I decided to lead a cold war.

He didn’t talk to be the whole day, but that’s hardly something unusual. I have always felt that Kaizuka Inaho was not exactly like I imagined him. You know, even though he is very rational and objective and sometimes behaves more mature than Miss Yuki, after all this time I spent living with them, I found out that he had a childish side- at least more childish than most people would imagine.

Kaizuka is not a robot, he has people he loves and his own preferences and tastes, for example, instead of strawberry-flavoured ice cream he’d prefer vanilla.

After dinner, I tried to ask him to lend me a book. He just looked at me silently and moved aside so I can access the bookshelf.

He seemed to still be sulking, but for what purpose? When your love towards a person is unrequited even machines will stop running; Kaizuka Inaho’s emotional ups and downs may have not been very dramatic, but he also feels pain. I understood how he felt, but I was unable to help him regarding Asseylum.

Because people should slowly learn to deal with the pain of loss, step by step.

Today Miss Yuki once again advised me that, even though I lost the princess, the war, even my “family” and would soon lose “myself” again, I still had a future and should try writing down some advice to that Slaine. I knew it made her sad to see me depressed and doing nothing every day, so I said how I would like to learn to draw. I want to draw a portrait of her and one of Count Saazbaum.

Miss Yuki looked very happy.

LETTERS 07/Kaizuka Yuki/April 24th

Although I hate to admit it, Slaine Saazbaum is not a bad person.

Ever since dinner yesterday the atmosphere between him and Inaho was bad, Inaho looked bored and unhappy. I have rarely seen Inaho like this, he grew up too quickly and almost suicidaly rushed onto the road of life.

I often treat him like a kid, but I also often forget that he is one. He hasn’t lost the emotional part of his mind, but because of his serious and unchanging expression he’d be often described as a machine.

—Kaizuka Inaho, heartless.

Do people need a heart to feel sad?

When Inaho returned home this time he seemed very tired, I don’t know why he was so under pressure. I shyly asked him how he felt after all this, but he just mumbled something about not being able to install the artificial eye anymore. Inaho didn’t care that much about the eye, if it wasn’t for the treatment plan of Miss Asseylum he wouldn’t have installed it again.

I just gave him a big hug; Inaho was surprised at first, but then he finally relaxed and rested his head on my shoulder. He was my amazing beloved brother, but he was still a little brother who clumsily stood on his feet like a newborn fawn.

I told him he shouldn’t act like a spoiled brat, but he didn’t listen to me and continued to ignore Slaine. Fortunately Slaine didn’t care about that and even smiled at him.

I don’t know if it was just my impression, even though I preferred the child version of Slaine, Slaine Saazbaum demonstrated impressive maturity and tolerance. He was really a mature and calm gentleman. Even though you knew he had fangs and claws, you couldn’t help but let your guard down against him.

For example, these days we mentioned often how Inaho wasn’t here, but every time it made me sad he was one step ahead of me and changed the subject of conversation. He was very calm and often smiled, he liked to read books and almost never made any requests, as if he didn’t want to present the slightest bit of trouble to others. I suddenly understood why Lemrina admired him with such dedication.

I knew Inaho didn’t have much against Slaine Saazbaum, and in a way, I understood this Slaine- he could be beaten, defeated and even killed, but he couldn’t make people hate him forever.

I think I might be falling in love with him?

Just kidding.

But really, if I had to make a comparison, then I think…child Slaine was easy to like, full of love and affection, whereas this Slaine’s smile was coated with despair and darkness.

And just as I’m getting closer to that Slaine, his time is becoming less and less. I can’t help but feel upset and sad because I can’t do anything in this situation.

Slaine has been very bored recently, I don’t play chess and he wasn’t in the mood for chat, so I suggested him to write to himself in the future- even though no matter what he wrote, it would never reach his hands again.

I actually felt bad for lying to him, but Slaine Saazbaum just smiled and shook his head, he didn’t call me out on my lie. Rather than that, he smiled lightly and told me that if it was possible he would like to learn to draw.

He said he wanted to draw me a portrait.

I was surprised, but then he said jokingly, I’d also draw Inaho (well, his actual words were “your brother”) a portrait and then deliberately made a sulking expression. I couldn’t help but burst into laughter and pat his head.

Slaine gently allowed me this nonsense.

So in my heart, I silently told him I was sorry.

PROGRESS REPORT 05/Slaine Saazbaum Troyard/April 25th

Again, no news about the treatment schedule.

I have to wonder if there is some sort of conflict among the higher-ups, this isn’t a good sign. I’m a bit worried about Her Royal Highness, although this is not something I should worry about.

Recent news reports said that the UFE have made a breakthrough in Aldnoah research and it makes me feel uneasy.

Miss Yuki bought me a set of art supplies the other day, paint brushes from regular ones to calligraphic, it had almost everything. I was very surprised and asked her how she got them, but she just winked to me and teasingly told me that they made her salary vanish at the speed of light. I had to thank her, but she said that it was ok, after all I was going to paint a portrait of her.

She was much friendlier than I expected, so I couldn’t help but tell her that she should keep a small distance from me, just like her brother.

Miss Yuki said that he didn’t distance himself from me. I didn’t quite understand what she meant, so she told me with a smile, “Inaho hasn’t been making any more trouble for you, right?”

Why was expressing emotions so complicated on Earth?

I still didn’t really understand what she meant, so I thanked her again. She just sighed like I was giving her a headache and told me she’d help me look for books about painting.

Today Kaizuka Inaho went to the hospital in the afternoon and didn’t come back until the evening, he seems to have eased up a bit. Around eight or nine, he brought Miss Yuki and I each a glass of juice, and then he poured himself a cup of tea. He took out the chessboard and asked me if I wanted to play.

Miss Yuki went to watch TV and left me alone with him, the two of us were sitting at an empty table. Without a word, Kaizuka started laying down the pieces. He wasn’t focused because his artificial eye was removed, his defeat couldn’t be avoided.

Kaizuka arranged the pieces again; I didn’t really see what his intentions were. He touched the Queen with his finger and asked me, “Do you still love her?”

I silently moved my pawns and said, “Yes, just like you do.”

It’s possible that tomorrow I’ll be taken away and my memories of that hopeless love will be destroyed, but what about you?

Kaizuka Inaho won the second round.

Then he lift his view from the board and looked me in the eyes. “You don’t understand”, he sighed.

It’s true, I really didn’t understand- because my love was selfish, absolute, without hope. That relationship was at its peak when we just met and already then its chances were killed, I already knew all that.

Each sunrise and sunset I was glad that I was still in this world, because the dead cannot feel sorrow. Kaizuka saw through my despicable conflict, he crossed his arms and sighed.

I don’t know what he was thinking about, maybe he wanted to tell me that me being alive wasn’t such a bad thing after all?

We had two more games of chess, a win and a loss, he told me I lost in the end, I just looked at him silently. After that Miss Yuki told us we should go to sleep, we told each other good night.

Ah, really terrible, as if I was already sure I’d meet them again tomorrow.

Really, I remained greedy until the very end.


Why not just give him a glass eye instead of the analytical engine? I am starting to doubt your plans, Asseylum.

But well, the real answer is that when the story started the anime wasn’t over and the author thought Inaho wouldn’t ever remove his eye.

The Deal

Oh my Gold I adopted a fic. What have I done!!?!

So, a bit more than year ago, @endangeredslug started a fic in which Mr. Gold is a ruthless business man who stole Moe’s business. I adopted this fic, which she said is much more my MO than hers (she said that even back then when I reblogged the first part, thirsty for more). Oh god, I’m so excited for this thing… I WROTE SOME RUMBELLE FIC, GUYS! Also, you have no idea how grateful I am that Sluggy gave me this thing. Because I love it.

Okay, this is probably more a @grumplevonstiltskin fic than a dearie, but who cares. I’m reposting the first 2 chapters written by Sluggy here, along with the third chapter, which is the first written by me (all clarities cleared? Good xD)

Summary: A shocking discovery for Belle and an outrageous offer from Gold.

Rating: NC-17/Explicit (probably Mature for now, but… yeah, at some point, the rating will change)

Chapter 1

“Don’t move,” the voice whispered harshly in his ear as the cool, sharp blade of a knife flicked against his throat. Gold stood still, not wanting to risk a slip-up.

He opened his mouth to speak but the knife pressed further into his neck.

“Not one word. Don’t move a hair on that pretty head of yours and you won’t live to regret it.“

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Day 147: A Particular Set of Skills

Spy and Sniper are on their way to a new post. They have company.

Spy rolled his head against the headrest as he looked out of the window. The scenery passed by in a blur of gold as the camper sped past vast fields of wheat on their way further north to their next station at Saw Mill. With a weary sigh, he pulled his cigarettes from his pocket and knocked one free to roll between his fingers.

Why the middle of America had to be so… flat was beyond the Frenchman.

Due to the terrain of the base and the imminent onset of winter, he was not-so-subtly advised by Miss Pauling to forgo transporting his own car. So his beloved Alpine A110 sat hundreds of miles away in storage for however long RED planned on keeping them up north. As such, he was in need of transport, and Sniper happened to be the only one who had room for a spare passenger. Initially he had been wary of spending so much time confined with the Australian. The man did have a tendency to urinate into mason jars. And then throw them. But the cab of the truck had been surprisingly clean and well cared for, despite the amount of use it had obviously seen.

Both men had been quiet since leaving 2Fort. Neither of them were overly talkative to begin with. Sniper was taciturn by nature, and Spy by practice. There had been a little conversation, but for the most part the words exchanged were limited to signalling for breaks and quick map references.

As was his nature, Spy spent most of his time observing. At first it was the scenery, but once he realized that it would not be changing quickly enough to be of any real interest, he turned to observing his companion.

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school, joshua, you’re a trainee and he’s an english teacher, love story

You followed the principal to the teachers’ office, walking past students that were all looking at you with smiles and sometimes whispered a few words on your looks. You stepped in to the room after her, realizing that you were the only girl, excluding the principal, in the room. There 13 men, all of them sitting at their desks, that all got up to greet their boss.

“Hello, I have a trainee with me that is qualified in English. I exchanged a few words with Mr. Hong, you know that she is your trainee now, right?” She looked towards the desk with a plate engraved with the words ‘Hong Joshua’. The teacher looked at her and nodded. “I came here so you could all be welcoming about our dear trainee’s beginning and that she will soon be out on the working, starting her job as an English teacher.”

She looks at you with a warm smile. “Ah, yes! Hello, my name is __________, I’m training to become an English teacher!”

“We prepared a desk for you, right next to Mr. Hong’s. I hope you get the chance to become what you wanted.” She patted your shoulder then left you with the other employees.

They all walked up to you with charming smiles, introducing themselves and explaining how the school works. You wondered how lucky the students were to have such beautiful yet amazing teachers, they were all sweet, you wanted to become a student again. You took your place next to your now teacher, if you can think of Mr. Hong as the person that will teach you the way to becoming a teacher.

“Um, hi, my name is Joshua Hong, you don’t need to call me Mr. Hong.” He explainable in a soft voice that sent shivers down your spine. “So, well, here’s my schedule, we’ll be going to all these classes.”

He handed you a binder that was filled with paper. You flipped through them, slowly reading each students’ face and their information, such as their name, birthday, age. You checked the schedule, realizing how hectic it was. You saw him get up from his seat, without wanting to be unorganized on your first day, you grabbed your bag and took the binder with you, following him to the class.

“If you have any questions, you can ask me.” He said, walking up the stairs.

You approved of his words, walking past many male students that couldn’t keep their eyes off you. When  you got to class, gasps and weird expressions showed up on the students’ face. You swallowed your nervousness away, putting up a smile for them.

“Okay class, so today.” He coughed. “Hm, introduce yourself.”

“Hi, my name is __________ and I’m training to become an English teacher. I am sorry if I’m not as skilled as your teacher, but I hope that you will appreciate having me in your class!”

“Can we call you by your real name or do we have to say Mrs. ___?” One of the boys asked.

“She’s not your sister, you have to use the honorifics.” Joshua advised.

“Miss, do you have a boyfriend? Are you in a relationship?” The guy from the back asked.

“Mr. Hong! Are you dating her?!” One of the girls said with a hint of envy in her voice.

The two of you blushed, looking at each other like a secret was spilled but there was no secret. Yes, he is handsome and has a nice voice. He was sweet, calm, an adorable man and he works with kids! You tried to stop yourself from thinking of him as a dad, but it was hard.

Wait, how can I get distracted on my first trainee day?! Pay attention, _______!

After a short discussion about the two of you with the students, you started checking on the homework first. A few glares from there and here, a few sweet smiles from that guy and the other. The lesson then started with correcting the homework, a few things about grammar then a dictation that did just to see how good you were.

From time to time, you would look over the students to see how far they got in their sentences, and maybe just look a little bit at Joshua. You would sometimes catch him looking at you, which made him look away as fast as possible. The class went by pretty well, you collected the test and went back to the office, ready to correct the papers.

“Woah, why are you making her hold so many papers?! Let me help.” The math teacher Junhui proposed as he took your things.

“Are you hitting on her?! She just came today, give her sometime to adjust first!” The teacher that gave dancing lessons, Soonyoung, commented.

“What, no, I’m just helping her get her things to her desk.”

“You never did that to me, though.”  One of them with the plate ‘Lee Seokmin’ answered.

“Oh just let me! Plus Joshua is giving her too much work on her first day!” He laid your things on your table then smiled at you before going to his seat.

“Do you think it’s too much? I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to overwork you-” Joshua started.

You smiled at him. “No, it’s fine. I’m actually excited. I want to start feeling like I’ve worked here since forever.” 

“You’ll start getting tired of the students, I’m telling you. So much whining on the homework. Then they blame us when they fail.” History teacher Seungkwan sighed as he turned on his wheelchair.

“But the girls sure give us a lot of gifts, yet they have many young men in their class.” Deep voice teacher (omg his job isn’t to teach them how to have a deep voice ok idk what he’s teaching) Wonwoo added as he undid the knot of the chocolate box.

“Shouldn’t you share with your best friend?” The tallest man said as he smiled to his co-worker.

You started getting used to the school, the atmosphere, the students, the staff, the halls, everything. You got along with many students, some of them had difficulties in English but it was easy to get their grades up. You always spent your lunch time with the other teachers, sometimes the music teacher Jihoon would hold a little show for you with Vernon, the science teacher and one of the really energetic teachers, Chan. You found out that Joshua had this talent of playing the guitar and tends to play it anywhere. Literally.

Joshua and you started hanging out outside of work. You got along really well, you even spent most of your time at each others house or at a cafe to just chat and do your work.

Joshua: Are you ready yet?! It’s -2 degrees, I’m freezing!!
______: Sorry I just finished brushing my teeth I need to change!!

You hurried into a sweater, a pair of jeans and your socks, then grabbed your coat, bag and hurried to your door. You slipped your boots on, flicked your lights off and exited your apartment, making sure you secured it before running down to the sidewalk, where your trainer was waiting for you.

“When did you wake up?! I’m going to die soon if I don’t warm up soon!” He complained as he sped walk his way to school.

“Ah, Josh, can we go get a coffee first? I didn’t eat my breakfast.” You exclaimed as you smelled the sweet smell of pastries from the shop.

He turned to you, almost slipping on the ice. You let out a laugh as he nodded, blush sticking on his pale skin. You got in to the coffee shop together, ordering your warm beverages and breakfast to go. It didn’t take long to get to your assigned room, leaving your food on your places at the office.

“Miss _____! I made these strawberry tarts yesterday, just for you!”

“Don’t lie, your mom made them because she wanted to ‘make a sweet snack for my little Jungminnie’s girlfriend!’, your sister told me everything.” The student with the name tag Hoonji.

The boy sent a glare to his friend that started laughing as he got to his seat. You smiled at your student and thanked him as you tried to ignore the comment about you ‘being’ his girlfriend. You bit into it and smiled at the sweet taste as you turned to Joshua.

“Do you want a bite?”

“Can I?” He asked as he got his lips closer to the pastry.

“Oh my god! Are they dating?! Jungmin, your girlfriend is cheating on you!” The students started laughing and gasping at the scene.

“Maybe later.” Joshua grinned with intense blush on his face.

“I heard girls screaming their pain out in the A4 classroom. Apparently the two of you are dating?” The gym teacher Seungcheol asked.

“W-what?! No we’re not! She just wanted to share her food with me and uh, they got it all wrong!” Joshua suddenly shouted.

“Ah yeah, true! Here, taste it.” You hand him the sweet.

“N-no, it’s okay! I’m okay!” He said shyly as he opened his binder.

“Why, aren’t you hungry? Try it, it’s really good!” You felt shy for forcing someone you probably liked with food that you liked. You weren’t the kind to share good food, but for some reason you made an exception for him.

“Can I eat it? I’m so hungry.” Minghao asked as he walked over to you.

“Yeah sur-”

You felt pressure coming from your hands, then the food suddenly had a lighter weight. You eyed Joshua that started chewing on the tart. “Eat your food, I don’t want a starving trainee.”

“Do you want a starving co-worker, then?!” Minghao asked.

“You can have my muffin.” You smiled at him as you handed him the muffin you bought from the shop.

“Are you serious? I didn’t wait thirty minutes for you outside your house then go buy breakfast with you that you won’t even eat after!” Joshua blurted out under his breath a bit too loudly.

“Wait, you waited for her outside her house?! In this kind of weather?! I never saw this side of you, Joshua.” Jeonghan said with a teasing smile.

“There’s something going on, we have to get to the bottom of it.” Vernon added as he looked at the other workers.

You started blushing at their words. You put Joshua in your sight, looking at him write down things quickly as he tried to get away from the boys’ upcoming conversation with the two of you about your relationship. You actually kind of liked him, but refused to admit your feelings. You were leaving soon, to actually get on the working field.

A few parties were thrown with some of your classes. The students gave you cards and flowers, hoping you would get to work at their school. You also had to attend a celebration made from the boys since they wanted to wish you good luck when you’ll finally start working. School ended a few hours ago, they all left home to their wives and children while you were packing your things from your desk with Joshua’s help.

“So… I guess you’re officially leaving us.” He sighed with a pout.

You nodded slowly, unable to accept the fact that you would be leaving them behind. “Do you…. Have any last wishes that I could grant before we part ways?”

You smiled. “Yes! Play a song for me, sing for me.”

He smiled back as he sat down on a sofa, pulling his guitar out from its case. His fingers run through the strings, a soft melody coming out of it. He started strumming then humming before starting to sing. You bobbed your head to the music, enjoying seeing him smile at you as sweet words came out of his mouth.

“I love you.” He sang as his fingers played one last note.

Was that a confession? No, it was probably just the lyrics.

You clapped at his performance, complimenting him on his talent. A few minutes later, you took your boxes and bag out of the room as you walked back to your apartment with him. He followed you up the stairs, waiting for you to unlock the door before he could settle your boxes in your living room.

“Well, I guess this is good bye.”

You nodded. “Yeah… I’m going to miss you.”

“Drop by sometime, okay? And text me whenever you want to.” He said shyly.

“I will, don’t worry.”

He made his way to the door before stopping mid-way to look at you.

“Did you understand the lyrics of the song?” He asked.

“Yeah, why?”

“Do I need to repeat myself?”

You raised an eyebrow. “Repeat what?”

“That I love you.”