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I realized today that I haven’t spoken to Blackwall since arriving at Skyhold–50 hours of gameplay ago.

  • “I love all my Inquisition warriors: the Iron Bull, Cassandra Allegra Portia Calogera Filomena Pentaghast, Noodle, and… *looks at smudged writing on hand* … Blockwell.”

therealmissadviser  asked:

Dear Chelsea

Dear Chelsea,
You are an adviser and it breaks me that you are destroying yourself to be better. You don’t have to do that for you are already better. You may not believe me but I bet someone is already aware of it. May your words enlighten the lost poor souls around you for you are the real miss adviser.

Though its kind a bit late, I would like to greet everybody a Happy New Year!

Sa mga bloggers na idol ko

Sa mga bloggers na nakaclose ko at nakakausap ko

Self-Portrait with Angelica and Portrait of Rachel (c.1782-1785). Charles Willson Peale (American, 1741-1827). Oil on canvas. Museum of Fine Arts, Houston.

Offered to Miss Ima Hogg in 1960, this self-portrait of Peale at his easel painting his wife, Rachel, with playful daughter Angelica at his side, was deemed too expensive by Miss Hogg’s advising committee at the MFA, Houston. Miss Hogg turned the painting down but changed her mind after a sleepless night thinking about the self-portrait.

Day 147: A Particular Set of Skills

Spy and Sniper are on their way to a new post. They have company.

Spy rolled his head against the headrest as he looked out of the window. The scenery passed by in a blur of gold as the camper sped past vast fields of wheat on their way further north to their next station at Saw Mill. With a weary sigh, he pulled his cigarettes from his pocket and knocked one free to roll between his fingers.

Why the middle of America had to be so… flat was beyond the Frenchman.

Due to the terrain of the base and the imminent onset of winter, he was not-so-subtly advised by Miss Pauling to forgo transporting his own car. So his beloved Alpine A110 sat hundreds of miles away in storage for however long RED planned on keeping them up north. As such, he was in need of transport, and Sniper happened to be the only one who had room for a spare passenger. Initially he had been wary of spending so much time confined with the Australian. The man did have a tendency to urinate into mason jars. And then throw them. But the cab of the truck had been surprisingly clean and well cared for, despite the amount of use it had obviously seen.

Both men had been quiet since leaving 2Fort. Neither of them were overly talkative to begin with. Sniper was taciturn by nature, and Spy by practice. There had been a little conversation, but for the most part the words exchanged were limited to signalling for breaks and quick map references.

As was his nature, Spy spent most of his time observing. At first it was the scenery, but once he realized that it would not be changing quickly enough to be of any real interest, he turned to observing his companion.

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Maybe I shouldn’t have....

responded to the MFMM Facebook posts that call Phyrne a “slut” - “tramp” - “promiscuous” and at least having moved on “from her Chinese lover” - I suggested that if the show is not their cup of tea they should watch Miss Marple and advised them to stay away from the books. Seriously, seriously? 

When your thesis adviser misses the point of your entire freaking thesis:

1. I explain that neurodiverse patrons might enjoy library materials in “atypical ways” e.g. repetitive opening and closing of books, rapid page turning, or other potentially “disruptive” behaviors.

2. I explain that an appropriate response to a patron complaining that they are being disturbed by this behavior is not necessarily to ask the neurodiverse patron to stop, but to rather relocate the other patron to another area where they might be more comfortable, if necessary.

3. I back these claims up with both training materials and literature on making libraries welcoming to the neurodiverse and more compliant to their comfort.

4. My adviser asks, “It begs the question, ‘What about the comfort of the other patron?’”

I have literally written an entire paper on how the public library is already geared to cater to every sensibility of the neurotypical patron and that they are made to be comforted at every turn, that the only disabilities addressed in most training are mobility based or the visually or hearing impaired. An entire paper. Would you care to read it, sir?

Months of HAPPINESS, 52 weeks of FUN, 365 days of SUCCESS, 8,760 hours of GOOD HEALTH, 525,600 minutes of BLESSINGS and 31,536,000 seconds of JOY…WHEW! Happy New Year!

Malapit na matapos ang 2014
Another year..
Another life..
Thanks sa pagsali this year sa life ko ah at sa mga nakausap ko dito.

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Sana join ka ulit next year!!Happy 2015 New Year!!!!!

Nawa ay ang mga aral at karanasan ng nakaraang taon ay magsilbing tanglaw at gabay sa pagtahak natin ng bagong taon. Isang higit na maunlad, masagana at mapayapang buhay sa patnubay at pagpapala ng Diyos ang sumainyo Manigong Bagong taon!

Ang wish ko lang para sa iyo ay isakay ka ni SAN MIGUEL sa RED HORSE at dalhin ka sa WHITE CASTLE sa BARCELONA para makainuman mo ang EMPERADOR na si ALFONSO, ang MATADOR na si PEDRO DOMECQ at ang bar-kada nilang sina JACK DANIELS, JIM BEAM at JOHNNIE WALKER! Hapi-hapi sa New Year! *Hik*