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ZhouMi talking about Jia & Fei:

He’s (ZhouMi) is so close withmiss A‘s Fei and Jia that they’re practically family. When they get a craving for Chinese food, they’ll go out and eat it or cook it together. When asked who he’d like to sing a duet with, he says he’d love to release an album with Fei and Jia. He jokes that they spend so much time together, whether it’s going shopping, having a meal, or going to the movies, that it’s disrupting their love lives because none of them have time to go on dates.

Super Junior-M's Zhou Mi Talks About His Life, Career, and Friendships in Korea

Super Junior-M’s Zhou Mi Talks About His Life, Career, and Friendships in Korea

Super Junior-M‘s Zhou Mi recently posed for a casual yet stylish photo shoot for BNTNews, as well as sat down for an interview about his life in Korea.

Zhou Mi debuted as a member of Super Junior‘s Chinese sub-unit Super Junior-M in 2008, and the group most recently released their third mini-album “Swing” in 2014. Later that year, he debuted as a solo artist with his own mini-album entitled “Rewi…

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