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 WESTEN ZODIAC + KPOP | L I B R A (September 24 - October 23)

The sign of empathy. Artistic, affectionate and refined. A lover of beauty and naturally social, never likes to be alone. Take it upon themselves to stay neutral – a peace keeper. But the scales aren’t always balanced… even the happiest people have their own darkness.

12 of the Best Non-Title Tracks in K-Pop

12 of the Best Non-Title Tracks in K-Pop

Everyone in K-pop knows the top songs or famous hits that tend to dominate the charts. However, beyond all the amazing title tracks and singles released in the K-pop industry, there are still thousands of wonderful songs that are only well-known in each artists’ fandom. Although certain non-title tracks (such as G-Dragon‘s “Who You?” or EXO‘s “Baby, Don’t Cry”) have been lucky enough to become…

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