Things we were into few days ago..

1) Fasting the longest and hottest days of the year which brought another unique challenge of reduced sleep time.

2) Praying a staggering 40 units of Ṣalāh, which increased to nearly 50 in the last ten. That is the total of all the obligatory, highly recommended and night prayers in a day.

3) Consistently reading around 20 pages of Qur’ān or even more a day to finish it within the month.

4) Conscientiously holding back on the impulse to sin and misbehave.

These are just some of the achievements we were making just a few days ago.

We were not given new bodies, new abilities or new lives.

That was us then and our memories of it should act as a mirror showing us what we can be outside of Ramadān.




Shout out to islam21c for the write up.

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