Novak will miss next week’s China Open in Beijing due to an elbow injury.

The six-time China Open titlist owns an undefeated 29-0 record at the ATP 500 event.

“I am extremely disappointed not to be able to compete at the China Open this year. I’m still recovering from my elbow injury and have been advised not to play until my condition improves. I will continue with my rehabilitation and hope to be able to return to the ATP Tour as soon as possible,” the 2016 Australian and French Open champion said. “The China Open is one of my favourite tournaments. I have had a lot of success there, winning the title six times. I love competing in front of the passionate Chinese fans and I look forward to coming back to Beijing in the future.”


Top 10 things I miss:

1. Driving. I miss being able to go just about anywhere at basically anytime I want. Rolling the windows down in the summer blasting American music while belting out songs and felling in control of my car and my life.

2. Seafood. Any food you could possibly want you can actually find someplace in Zambia, with the exception of seafood, specifically shellfish. My favorite food is crab legs and I’ve been blessed to be put in a land locked country.

3. Art. Another one of my blessings is being thrown into a country with little art in its culture. Sure there are masks, scarification, and dances in Eastern and Northwest, but I’m thrown in Northern. My Bemba trainer didnt even know what I meant when I asked how to say art in Bemba. I miss wandering around Michaels and Blick surrounded by clay and canvases.

4. Boys. I’m gonna be honest, there’s not too many (straight and single ones) here. American boys at least. I’ve yet to meet a guy here who’s the least bit interested in me. Just being told I’m pretty or having a hand to hold would be nice once in a while.

5. Electronics that aren’t cracked or constantly dying, or have memory full. The struggle is real. Zambia is where electronics come to die.

6. Concerts. Going with a friend or by myself to a band that I love, or even just to hangout and watch a friend of a friend play in a small hole in the wall place in Boston. I miss good, live, American, music.

7. Art museums. I miss aimlessly wandering through halls and galleries in a fog being swept off my feet by an amazing portrait that has the lighting just right.

8. Art people. I didn’t realize how much I use art language until I’m surrounded by people that don’t know what I learned in art school. I miss being surrounded by my people. Although, I admit, I needed to get away for a while for my mental health, I miss it again and was always inspired surrounded by artsy, strange, people that really understood me.

9. Piano. I miss being able to sit in front of my keyboard whenever I’m frustrated and belt out a song as loudly as I could until I disturbed my closest neighbors. It was always my fasted coping strategy.

10. Hot showers. It’s usually a cold shower or a lukewarm bucket bath here followed by walking through a dusty path with women sweeping that leaves you feeling just as dirty as before. I’ll never take a hot shower for granted again.