Like, I understand the normalisation of fascism arguments and all but Times Person Of The Year isn’t “this person is greatest this year” it’s “this person changed the face of the planet this year” and trump fucking did

Wasn’t bin laden named as such in 2001? Or am I misremembering?

mcu gothic
  • the cast of characters for captain america: civil war takes two straight minutes to list. every day someone new is confirmed. every day you listen for sebastian stan to be listed among them. he was once, you tell your friend. he was once, but maybe you’re just misremembering things
  • kevin feige is giving a press conference. “no,” he says, “black widow won’t get her own standalone film, just like the hulk.” you raise your hand to ask about norton hulk. before you open your mouth every other reporter turns to stare. the birds have stopped chirping. the wind has died. you put your hand down, and things proceed as if nothing had happened. as normal. this the way it is–
  • the midnight premiere of infinity wars part 1 is merely white text on black background–“Y O U ‘ V E   S E E N  T H I S  A L L  B E F O R E”–for two and a half hours. moviegoers leave saying it’s the best marvel movie yet. they recount their favorite scenes to each other, unaware that the movie they’re recalling was released in its entirety, piecemeal, during its promotion. it was so good, though, it was so good, so g
  • marvel studios regains the rights to the fantastic four and pushes black panther and captain marvel back another six months. marvel studios regains the rights to x-men and pushes black panther and captain marvel back another six months. it’s all part of the master plan. movie critics start disappearing from their blogs, from twitter. it’s all part of the master plan. do not question the master plan. 
  • the most recent addition to the marvel cinematic universe cast appears on a late-night talk show. he does not want to be there. he looks tired. but he has to be there, he was told to be there, they’re watching– “i hear you signed a fifteen movie deal,” the host says solemnly. the actor nods, pained. they hold a moment of silence. 

I don’t miss you, but this feeling is hard to explain.

You know when you finish an amazing book that made you feel everything all at once? It’s that specific kind of loss that sits between my ribs.

But however good it was, I don’t want to see it again. Nothing is ever as enthralling the second time round. Rereading just leads to overthinking.

Equally though, I don’t want to pick up anything else just yet. Maybe short poems here and there, but not novels. I’m still piecing together the lessons I learnt from progressing through the chapters.

There will always be new favourite books, though, and paragraphs are written all the time. So while for the moment I am avoiding other new stories, in a couple of weeks I will forget most of the words I read, like when I accidentally jumble up plot lines or misremember quotes in my head.

I’ll let it sit on my shelf though, maybe go back a couple of times in the near future, but only if I need to steal ideas from an old sentence structure.

So no, I do not miss you. But occasionally I wish we were a few chapters longer.

—  AR, Shelved

if light yagami wasn’t a fucking dipshit he would have compiled a list of people to kill and then set literally all of them to die at the same instant at a scheduled time each month

then the people he killed for personal reasons would be far less obvious because they’re dying off-schedule, AND he couldn’t have been pinned by when tv performances were airing

I hate him so much

Lack of sleep contributes to false memories

If coffee improves memory, lack of sleep seems to erode it. UC Irvine researchers showed study participants a series of images depicting a burglary in progress and asked them to remember key details 24 hours later. Participants who’d had a good night’s sleep had better recall of the events, while those who had pulled all-nighters or slept for just a few hours were more likely to misremember and even invent details.

“Sometimes memory distortions are trivial and don’t matter, but there are contexts (e.g., eyewitnesses in court, clinicians making medical decisions) where errors have serious consequences, so we need to be concerned about factors that make memory less reliable, and more vulnerable to distortion,” said lead researcher Steven Frenda, who specializes in human memory at the department of Psychology and Social Behavior at UC Irvine.

The most talked about UC research from 2014 →

I’’ve misremembered what I thought of this the first time round you know –- it'’s not Bromance at all, it'’s notably more (and more subtle and more profound) than that and I think it’’s that quite explicitly from the start. It’’s a relationship based on initial chemistry and infatuation, which generates a mutual need that certainly grows into love and dependency in a very real way. Those things are unquestionably there quite clearly from the start.
—  my media teacher seeing the light with johnlock (he’s also watching @quietlyprim ‘s TJLCE videos) 

remember that one time someone got so flustered about misremembering the spelling of a surname that they constructed an elaborate alternate universe theory in a heartbreaking attempt to be less wrong

Explained: Berenstain/Berenstein meme
  • This meme concerns the issue of whether the book and animated television series about a family of bears living in Bear Country are known as the Berenstain Bears or the Berenstein Bears.
  • This is part of a larger phenomenon known as the Mandela Effect. The Mandela Effect is the idea that when a number of people misremember an event, fact, detail, etc., this is not simply because a lot of people are misremembering something. Rather, it is because there is a parallel universe in which what the people remember is in fact true and that universe’s path as crossed with the current universe’s path.
  • In the context of the book and animated television series, current evidence seems to point to the fact that the correct spelling is with an A. However, many insist remembering that it was spelled with an E in their childhood.
  • Although this became a meme in August 2015, this controversy has appeared on Tumblr before. In October 2014, Tumblr user sixpenceee made a post about it, which subsequently led to buzz on Tumblr concerning the issue (e.g. this post and this post). However, this buzz from October 2014 was not really a meme but rather simply people discussing it.
  • EDIT (18 Aug 2015): To clarify, sixpenceee did not come up with the whole Berenstain/Berenstein idea. We have only stated that a post by that user led to buzz on Tumblr about it. Tumblr user elvenkin-g has notified us that the Berenstain/Berenstein controversy has been on 4chan prior to sixpenceee’s post. We’ve been able to find a blog post from 2012 about it, suggesting the Berenstain/Berenstein parallel universe concept has existed for a while now. However, only recently has it become a meme.
  • In August 2015, discussion about the name of the bear family resurfaced due in part to a post on 10 August 2015 by the A.V. Club about it.
  • This controversy became a meme as people starting making humorous posts about it. Although there is not necessarily a particular format, one of the recurring themes about it is that there is a Berenstain universe and a Berenstein universe and the Berenstein universe is often regarded more favorably.
  • Click here to see examples of the Berenstain/Berenstein meme.
Alternate Handprint Possibilities

Because I’m totally fine with it being true, but revealing such a momentous twist in the preview leaves me suspicious (whoooooo remembers “Old Man McGucket is the Author?”

(Remember kids, context is everything!)

1. The Stan Twins are the types to see if they can get away with the “twin swap” trick, even with one of them having extra fingers - the handprints are a school project hung up as a mark of success - hence why it’s still hanging around the super cool fort of what look like 12 year olds.

2. The twins swapped ink colors when signing their names, meaning that the right name is next to each print instead of above/below it (this becomes their first attempt at secret codes). 

3. This scene is an example of Soos’ fanfic, and the hands are included as an homage to the fan theory. 

4. The confabulation theory is correct, and this is Grunkle Stan “filling in”/misremembering things again (possibly prompting Author!Stan to step in and tell parts of the story himself, hence what look like clips our Stan wouldn’t have been there for). 


5. This is all a long con the Hirschlord set up to get away with straight up revealing a major piece of characterization two weeks before the actual episode airs, assuming everyone would be too gunshy to believe him.


i missed drawing like this so have some sticker designs! now up on my redbubble also theres 20% off if you use the promo code: STOCKINGS

im thinking of doing more of these cause they are super fun. so if you have any suggestions for quotes or wanna see a certain type of person featured shoot me a message 😊 (also the ‘believe in yourself’ is a wtnv quote and the 98% one is a misremembered tumblr post i think)