1) Nefertari holding out her sekhem-sceptre presenting offerings in front of the God Atum.
2) Nephthys and Isis stand either side of a ram-headed God painted green like Osiris, hieroglyphs write “Osiris rests in Ra” (left) “Ra rests in Osiris”. Beyond the yellow division Nefertari stands looking to the left with her hands held out.

Tomb of Nefertari, Valley of the Queens, QV66, Luxor, Egypt.
Photograph by kairoinfo4u | flickr

Solar System: Things to Know This Week

From images to virtual reality and interactive simulations, NASA offers plenty of ways to explore our solar system – and beyond – in 3-D.

1. Step One: Get the Glasses

Many of the images and interactive features require special glasses with red and blue lenses.

2. Breaking News (Virtual Reality Edition)

Big news from 40 light-years away (235 trillion miles). Our Spitzer Space Telescope revealed the first known system of seven Earth-size planets around a single star. Three of these planets are firmly located in the habitable zone, all of them have the potential for water on their surfaces.

No glasses required.

This image was created by combining two images from STEREO B (Feb. 24, 2008) taken about 12 hours apart, during which the sun’s rotation provides sufficient perspective to create a nice 3-D effect.

3. Free-Range 3-D Exploration

Our Eyes on the Solar System app allows free exploration of Earth, our Solar System and thousands of worlds discovered orbiting distant stars. And, you also can explore it all in 3-D!

Under visual controls just check 3-D, pop on your glasses and explore.

4. Your Star in 3-D

The STEREO (Solar TErrestrial RElations Observatory) mission studied the sun in 3-D with twin satellites.

5. National Parks in 3-D

The Earth-orbiting Terra satellite’s Multiangle Imaging SpectroRadiometer (MISR) instrument provides 3-D views while orbiting Earth, including some great shots of our National Parks.

6. Get in the Pilot’s Seat

Take a look inside the cockpit of our high altitude ER-2 aircraft as it descends for landing at Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii. This month, scientists used used the aircraft to collect data on coral reef health and volcanic emissions and eruptions. Flying at 65,000 feet, above 95 percent of Earth’s atmosphere, the ER-2 has a unique ability to replicate the data a future satellite could collect. Data from this mission will help in developing a planned NASA satellite mission to study natural hazards and ecosystems called Hyperspectral Infrared Imager, or HyspIRI.

7. Moon Views

The Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter creates 3-D images from orbit by taking an image of the moon from one angle on one orbit and a different angle on a separate orbit.

This stereo scene looking back at where Curiosity crossed a dune at “Dingo Gap” combines several exposures taken by the Navigation Camera (Navcam) high on the rover’s mast.

8. Martian 3D

Our Mars fleet of rovers and orbiters captures the Red Planet from all angles - often in 3-D.

9. Saturn in 3-D

The Cassini spacecraft’s mission to Saturn is well-known for its stunning images of the planet and its complex system of rings and moons. Now you can see some of them in 3-D.

10. Want More? Do It Yourself!

Put a new dimension to your vacation photos. Our Mars team created this handy how-to guide to making your own eye-popping 3-D images.

BONUS: Printer-Friendly

Why stop with images? The Ames Research Center hosts a vast collection of 3-D printable models ranging from the moon craters to spacecraft.

Discover more lists of 10 things to know about our solar system HERE.

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🇮🇷Countries in Farsi and Tajik🇹🇯

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کشور  (keshvar) | кишвар (kishvar) =  country
کشورها  (keshvarhâ) | кишварҳо (kishvarho) = countries
جهان (jahân) | ҷаҳон (jahon) = the World
ایران (îrân)Эрон (eron) = Iran
تاجیکستان (tâjîkestân) Тоҷикистон (tojikiston) = Tajikistan

اروپا (orupâ) | Аврупо (avrupo) = Europe
ارمنستان (armanestân) | Арманистон (armaniston) = Armenia
اتریش (otrîsh) | Австрия (avstriya) = Austria
بلژیک (belzhîk) | Белгия (belgiya) = Belgium
فرانسه  (farânse) | Фаронса (faronsa) = France
آلمان (âlmân) | Олмон (olmon) = Germany
یونان (yunân) | Юнон (yunon) = Greece
مجارستان (majârestân) | Маҷористон (majoriston) = Hungary
ایتالیا (îtâliyâ) |  Итолиё (itoliyo) = Italy
هلند (holand) | Нидерланд (niderland) = the Netherlands
لهستان (lehestân) | Лаҳистон (lahiston) = Poland
روسیه (rûsiye) | Русия (rusiya) = Russia
اسپانیا (espâniyâ) | Испониё (isponiyo)  = Spain 
سوئد (su’ed) | Шветсия (shvetsiya) = Sweden
سوئیس (su’îs) | Швейтсария (shveytsariya) = Switzerland
پادشاهی متحد (pâdeshâhî-ye mottahed) | Подшоҳии Муттаҳида (podshohii muttahida)  = UK

آسیا (âsiyâ) | Осиё (osiyo) = Asia
افغانستان (afghânestân)Афғонистон (afghoniston) = Afghanistan
آذربایجان (âzarbâyjân) | Озарбойҷон (ozarboyjon) = Azerbaijan
چین (chîn) | Чин (chin) = China
هند (hend) | Ҳиндустон (hinduston) = India
عراق (‘erâq) | Ироқ  (iroq) = Iraq
ژاپن (zhâpon) | Жопун (zhopun) = Japan
قزاقستان (qazâqstân) | Қазоқистон (qazoqiston) = Kazakhstan
قرقیزستان (qerqîzestân)Қирғизистон (qirghizston) = Kyrgyzstan
مغولستان (mogholestân)Муғулистон (mughuliston) = Mongolia
پاکستان (pâkestân) | Покистон (pokiston) = Pakistan
سنگاپور (sangâpûr) | Сингапур (singapur) = Singapore
کرهٔ جنوبی (kore-ye janûbî) | Кореяи Ҷанубӣ (Koreyai Janubî) = South Korea
سوریه (sûriye) | Сурия (suriya) = Syria
ترکیه (torkiye) | Туркия (turkiya) = Turkey
ترکمنستان (torkamanestân)Туркманистон (turkamaniston) = Turkmenistan
ازبکستان (ozbakeston)Ӯзбекистон (özbekiston) = Uzbekistan

اقیانوسیه (oqyânûsiye) | Уқёнусия (uqkyonusiya) = Oceania
استرالیا (ostorâliyâ) | Австралия (avstraliya) = Australia
زلاند نو (zelând-e nou) | = Зеландияи Нав (zelandiyai nav) = New Zealand

آفریقا (âfrîqâ) | Африқо (afriqo) = Africa
مصر (mesr) | Миср (misr) = Egypt
اتیوپی (etyûpî) | Эфиопия (efiopiya) = Ethiopia
غنا (ghanâ) | Гана (gana) = Ghana
مراکش (marâkesh) | Марокаш (marokash) = Morocco
نیجریه  (nîjeriye) | Ниҷерия (nijeriya) = Nigeria
آفریقای جنوبی (âfrîqâ-ye janûbî)Африқои Ҷанубӣ (afriqoi janubî) = RSA

آمریکای شمالی (âmrîkâ-ye shomâlî) | Амрикои Шимолӣ (amrikoi shimolî) = North America
کانادا (kânâdâ) | Канада (kanada) = Canada
مکزیک (mekzîk) | Мексика (meksika) = Mexico
 ایالات متحدۀ آمریکا (eyâlât-e mottahede-ye âmrîkâ) | Иёлоти Муттаҳидаи Амрико (iyoloti muttahidai amriko) = USA

آمریکای جنوبی (âmrîkâ-ye janûbî) | Амрикои Ҷанубӣ  (amrikoi janubî) = South America
آرژانتین (ârzhântîn) | Аргентина (argentina) = Argentina
برزیل (berezîl) | Бразилия (braziliya) = Brazil
شیلی (shîlî) | Чили (chili) = Chile
کلمبیا (kolombiyâ) | Колумбия (kolumbiya) = Colombia

Before The King [Part 7 / ?]

Dedicated To: @mangosoldier for her birthday <3

Post Civil War Series

[ Read Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Part Four | Part Five | Part Six ]

Pairing: T’Challa x Ex-Avenger!Reader

Characters [in order of appearance]: Reader, Bucky Barnes, Steve Rogers, T’Challa, Okoye (Comic Character), Dr. Misreli (OC), Sam Wilson, and Wanda Maximoff.

Warnings: Civil War Spoilers, Explicit Language, Confronting PTSD, Mentions of Violence, Mild Sexual Reference, Intense Themes, and ANGST.

Word Count: 4.2k+

A/N: It’s here! I finally pushed myself to do it and the ending may seem a bit rushed, but I was on a strict time-frame, so enjoy! x. T

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Panther Island  |  1 Day Later

 .    .    .

           You climbed out of the cabin of the helicopter after Steve and Bucky, ignoring the roar of the waterfall just outside the hidden aircraft hangar. The water returned to rushing in a thick, misted wall at the far side of the landing pad and you could feel the humidity make your skin clammy as you walked down a short flight of steps and towards the facility within the mountain as the two soldiers remained ahead of you.

           Bucky looked back and smiled, gesturing with his right hand for you to come up to join him and Steve. You lengthened your stride and walked next to him, feeling the brush of his warm skin against your arm. He paused his conversation with Steve and told you, “Don’t need you being alone back there, darlin’.”

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Egyptians & seasonal greetings
  • Happy Birthday: kol sana wento tayebeen
  • Happy Eid: kol sana wento tayebeen
  • Merry Christmas: kol sana wento tayebeen
  • Happy Easter: kol sana wento tayebeen
  • Happy New Year: kol sana wento tayebeen
  • Ramadan: kol sana wento tayebeen
  • Independence/National Day: kol sana wento tayebeen
  • Greeting a friend: kol sana wento tayebeen
  • Passing a stranger in the street: kol sana wento tayebeen
  • Leaving an exam: kol sana wento tayebeen
  • Making a dramatic exit: kol sana wento tayebeen
  • After killing a person: kol sana wento tayebeen

The Eye of Horus is an ancient Egyptian symbol of protection, royal power, and good health. The eye is personified in the goddess Wadjet. It’s similar to the Eye of Ra, which belongs to a different god, but represents many of the same concepts. The name Wadjet is derived from “wadj” = green, hence “the green one”, and was known to the Greeks and Romans as “uraeus” from the Egyptian “iaret” = risen one from the image of a cobra rising up in protection. Wadjet was one of the earliest of Egyptian deities who later became associated with other goddesses such as Bast, Sekhmet, Mut, and Hathor.


Snippet no.2 from the Arslan drama CD. The situation is that Gieve tries to give Arslan lessons as to “how to treat women properly” and overprotective Daryun interrupts their conversation.

Rough translation~.

Daryun: Your Highneeeeeeess!!!

Gieve: What!?

Arslan: Daryun!?

Daryun: Gieve!!!

Gieve: Y-yes?

Daryun: That kind of topic… is too early for His Highness!

Gieve: Huh? Well, when I was the same age as His Highness, I already…

Daryun: It’s too early!!!! That kind of topic… eh, yes, Elam! Yes, you should teach it to Elam!!

Elam: What!?

Daryun: You’re Narsus’ servant, Elam. You need to know a lot of different things in order to be able to follow Narsus’ teachings, am I right!?

Elam: But I-

Daryun: All right, Gieve, you can tell Elam the rest of your story.

Gieve: Okay, I don’t mind either way.

Elam: Wait, but I- I have to watch for fire!

Gieve: It’s okay, Elam-kun. Where should I start telling my story, oh yes, it was when I was traveling in Misr…

Elam: Wait, Lord Daryun, Your Highness Arslan!!?

Daryun: Come over here, Your Highness.

Elam: Hey, you two!!

Gieve: It was my first experience…

Elam: Where are you going!?

Gieve: You know, it was as if a door to a new world opened in front of me…

Elam: It seems like it’s the kind of topic I shouldn’t listen to!!!

Daryun: Here, Your Highness. Please eat.

Arslan: But Daryun, Gieve’s story seems interes-

Daryun: Please eat.

Arslan: Y-yes…

(Just for the record: Elam is younger than Arslan)


Women cry during the funeral for those killed in a Palm Sunday church terrorist attack in Alexandria Egypt, at the Mar Amina church, Monday, April 10, 2017. Egyptian Christians were burying their dead on Monday, a day after Islamic State suicide bombers killed at least 45 people in coordinated attacks targeting Palm Sunday services in two cities. Women wailed as caskets marked with the word “martyr” were brought into the Mar Amina church in the coastal city of Alexandria, the footage broadcast on several Egyptian channels.
(AP Photo/Samer Abdallah)


Lamenting Mourning Women
Tomb (TT55) of Ramose
c. 1411-1375 BCE, Thebes.