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Episode 4x01: "Echoes"
Welcome back to Meta Station, for the first of our weekly Season 4 recaps!

Welcome back to Meta Station, for the first of our weekly Season 4 recaps! We’re crazypants excited about this episode and can’t wait to yell about it with you! And don’t miss the bonus content from this episode; we talked for about 45 minutes about that Kane/Bellamy scene, and also did some giggling about Roan’s dorky crown.

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0:00 – *Octavia Blake voice* WE’RE BACK, BITCHES!
0:03 – The Jasper of It All: Dear Show, Please Don’t Fuck This Up
0:13 – Erin Gets Real About Mental Health
0:29 – Supergenius Raven + Bravenlarke Rising
0:33 – Hot Damn We Have a Lot of Jokes About Extended Warranties for Nuclear Power Plants
0:38 – We Would Like to Place an Order for One Backstory with a Side of Plot Agency for Harper
0:43 – Our Murphamy Hopes Were Dashed, But We’re Psyched About Memori
0:58 – The Polis A-Story: Or, Holy Shit It’s Great to Have the Whole Gang Back Together
1:11 – The Badass Bellarke Leader Squad Is Back on Top Where They Belong
1:25 – Clarke and the Flame: In Which the Show Does Justice to Lexa and the Reality of Grief
1:43 – Clarke & Kabby vs. Octavia & Jasper: Choosing Life vs. Choosing Death
1:49 – The Bellarke/Kabby Power Squad
1:56 – R.I.P. the Azgeda Guards Too Dumb to Spot the Ol’ Live-Person-in-a-Body-Bag Trick
1:59 – HOT TAKE: Roan Is the Lincoln of Azgeda
2:11 – Claire Hates Saying “Heavy Lies the Crown” Because Misquoting Shakespeare Makes Her Stabby; Also, See You Next Week With A SPECIAL GUEST????


[] Maria Hill misquotes: Don’t start none; won’t be none.

MCU Ladies Week - Day 3: Favourite scene?

Favourite scene is kind of a tough one.

However, I think the winner would have to be Maria Hill’s L'Oreal headtoss of “I am definitely worth it” from Captain America 2 because she’s just saved Cap from Hydra, and she looks goddamn amazing while doing it.

Also: because I wasn’t expecting Maria to have such a pivotal role in Captain America 2, so this was a delightful and very much needed scene which I remember with great fondness…