I ended up with an entire sheet of misprinted galaxy misdreavus stickers before the expo I’m doing this weekend. If you’d like to help fund my table expenses, you can buy a sticker at a discounted price here. If you can, please spread the word. :>

Differences: the pink bg is lighter and less saturated than I intended. Otherwise the misdreavus itself is quite similar to my intention. These bbys still need a loving home!!


I’ve just released my first small artbook INK over on my Etsy!  There are 36 ink illustrations, all composed of all my 2015 Inktober’s along with a few extras.  

They are 5x5" and there’s a limited amount of 36 copies total; 25 and then 11 discounted defects.  (There’s nothing terribly wrong with the defects, but I couldn’t in good conscience sell them at full price as I received them either a little dirty or with a small misprint issue!  I’m not making white books ever again lol…)

Thank you guys for your constant support!  I couldn’t have done this without all of you.  Hopefully for my first book I did alright! :’)♥

——————————– ✿

Update:  I couldn’t be more happy or grateful to you guys.  I sold out of all of these in a little over a day!  I’m still stunned.  I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for all of your guys support, so thank you thank you thank you♥  I would love to make more copies of this and many other art books in the future!

#9 in the series of ‘Make a design relating to every Vlogbrothers video’. 

January 11th 2007

The overtaking of the Tiny Chickens.

A bit of context! - I’ve started a project where I plan to make a design based on every Vlogbrothers video. I’m not a designer or anything, so they will be very shoddy but hopefully interesting to at least some people (or just fun for me)! 



This Christmas Eve, people all over the world will log on to the official Santa Tracker to follow his progress through U.S. military radar. This all started in 1955, with a misprint in a Colorado Springs newspaper and a call to Col. Harry Shoup’s secret hotline at the Continental Air Defense Command, now known as NORAD.

Shoup’s children, Terri Van Keuren, 65, Rick Shoup, 59, and Pam Farrell, 70, recently visited StoryCorps to talk about how the tradition began.

Terri remembers her dad had two phones on his desk, including a red one. “Only a four-star general at the Pentagon and my dad had the number,” she says.

The red phone rang one day in December 1955, and Shoup answered it, Pam says. “And then there was a small voice that just asked, ‘Is this Santa Claus?’”

His children remember Shoup as straight-laced and disciplined, and he was annoyed and upset by the call and thought it was a joke — but then, Terri says, the little voice started crying.

“And dad realized that it wasn’t a joke,” her sister says. “So he talked to him, ho-ho-ho’d and asked if he had been a good boy and, 'May I talk to your mother?’ And the mother got on and said, 'You haven’t seen the paper yet? There’s a phone number to call Santa. It’s in the Sears ad.’ Dad looked it up, and there it was, his red phone number. And they had children calling one after another, so he put a couple of airmen on the phones to act like Santa Claus.”

NORAD’s Santa Tracker Began With A Typo And A Good Sport

Photo credits: Courtesy of NORAD

Like a hundred sunsets all at once. “A Thousand Years of Life” is my latest series of work that will be on display in my open studio during the Los Angeles Brewery Art Walk - April 25 & 26 from 11am - 6pm.

Come through and check out my studio space. We’ll be slinging fresh prints, old prints, $5 misprints, t-shirts, tarot cards & more! (at The Brewery Artwalk)

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Another lil wonky silk screen from today- gunna include some of these misprints with online orders! Shipping everything out this weekend 🏃

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Seventeen as Types of High School Students (Vocal Unit Ver.)


-Hidden genius

-Like gets perfect scores on pre-tests and is in like all AP classes

-How the fuck do you take AP choir??

-But also like when someone doesn’t get what’s going on he just kind of goes “HOW THE FU C K DO YOU NOT GET THIS YOU F U C K I N G IDIOT”

-One time made the teacher cry bc she did a misprint on the AP anatomy test

-Like damn son chill

-Voluntarily does all the work in a group project

-Gets salty and yells at everybody for not helping

-Also that one kind of mean kid that glares at everybody

-But looks like a little ball of sunshine and rainbows with his squad

-Probably gets into fights like over stupid things

-Ex. 1: Goofy Mingyu waltzes over to grumpy little Woozi, points to Woozi’s highly fashionable overalls and says “WHAT ARE THOOOOOOOSEEEEE?!?!?!?!” and Woozi promptly responds with “WHAT THE F U C K DID YOU JUST SAY TO ME YOU FUCKING TREE BOY?!” Mingyu goes home with bruised shins.


-One kid that’s involved in like e v e r y t h i n g

-Like how can you be student body president, cheer, football, tennis, lacrosse and chess captain?

-The only male on the cheer squad but is the hottest

-Usually seen braiding the cheer girls hair and doing their makeup and shit

-Anyway, is probably like that one really nice person who gave out cookies and ‘vote for Junghan’ pins during the stu. co. campaign

-Smiles at everyone and is honestly the goddess of the school

-Probably won like prom king

-Is somehow friends with everybody

-Is like school and internet famous

- Only time he gets mad is when ‘too-cool-4-skool’ peers don’t show school spirit

-Like one time he organizes a pep-rally and sees like some emo junior just glaring at everyone and not cheering, so he calls him out and says “What’s your name?” and the emo just groans and says “Jeon Wonwoo” and Junghan says “Well JEON WONWOO I WILL HAVE YOU KNOW THAT AT THIS SCHOOL WE DO N O T TOLERATE UNSPIRITED LITTLE PIECES OF SH-” and then the principle takes the microphone before Junghan gets suspended

-Other than that, he’s the angel of the high school


-Founder and leader of bible study club

-Also a member of the anime club

-Probably top of his class

-Does work ahead of time

-Won’t let you copy

-Probably a snitch

-Sometimes spends lunch in library with his small group of friends and reads

-Or has like Yu GI Oh! matches with the other anime club weebs

-On the first day of school, when teachers ask you bullshit questions to get to know you, he answers “What is your favorite book?” with “The Holy Bible”

-Wears sketchers

-Naruto runs to lunch

-Has one of those wheel backpacks

-Is on varsity badminton


-Drama instigator

-”SO I heard that some freshman named like Cham or something caught the schools little angel and the varsity football captain.. TOTALLY DOING IT IN THE BACK OF THE SCHOOL!”

-But in actuality is was Chan who just saw them holding hands or somthin while walking to class

-So obviously a little over dramatic and over the top

-But is also ironically in drama club

-The lead in every single f u c k i n g musical

-Goes all Mariah Carey in choir class


-Actually this fool probably does that in every class

-Okay so example; You have Algebra II together and as you (and everyone else in the damn class) are quietly working on your worksheet on like some bull shit you just hear “N-EE-EEE-OH-OH NOWWW W-AAAHHHHHHHHHHH-TCH MEEEEEEE WHIIIIIIEEEEEEP N-EEE-OHHHHHHH-OWWWWW WAAAAAATCH ME NAEEEEEEEEEE NAEEEEEE” Sung in a very soulful mannar

-But I mean.. Math is hella boring anyway so…


-Like the lead singer in choir

-Basically an angel

-Like not as popular as Junghan angel

-Like the underappreciated angel

-You (And the other few who have had the pleasure of meeting this angel) will drop everything to pr O T ECT THIS SWEET LITTLE SUNFLOWER

-But also quite the goofball

-Cracks subtle jokes in class

-Ex. “Do you think Joshua will fail trig because he’s afraid of sin?”

-Some days he’s more chattier than usual and the teacher has to remind him to be quiet

-But overall just a nice little ball of sunshine with a pretty smile thAT M U S T BE PROTECTED