Thirty Years Ago Today...

We’ve never been able to find out if sharing the cover with Jupiter was a compliment, a wisecrack or some in-joke so far in it would take a drilling crew to find the punch-line.

Small print is important. There should have been an apostrophe possessive in “Authors’ Wedding” - “Author’s Wedding” would have meant only one author and there seem to be two, while no apostrophe at all is an oopsie. It’s not the only one.

Who is this Moorwood guy?

He must be my doppelganger or something. Looks just like me, the fortunate fellow. :->

So that’s the first thirty. Hey @dduane, feel like going round the block again?

I love you, hon. More than all the words I’ve ever written can begin to say.

So I’d better get busy writing some more…



It’s Day 300, and Lin still hasn’t won an Oscar. BUT THE OSCARS ARE FAST APPROACHING. And even if he loses to La La Land (AKA White Jazz Angst), his nomination is still something to celebrate!

So I’m giving away some super awesome Hamilton swag! You’ll get a copy of the book, plus one of the infamous hats (which the merch company misprinted, but yours will be special, like the man himself).


1. You gotta be following me.

2. One like AND reblog per person, you will be disqualified for more than one reblog.

3. Entries must be in by 2/25. Winner announced the day of the Oscars (2/26).

4. Shipping in the US will be free. Anything outside the US will depend, but you might have to throw in like 10 bucks.


SpockFact #97

Every crew member gets a name tag attached to their spacesuits during missions into hostile terrains. This is for the purpose of identification in the event of low-visibility or fatalities. Being the chief science officer, Spock very often partakes in such trips, so much so that he has his own helmet on which the label is routinely changed so that it will not wear out with use. In an unfortunate turn of events, a label was once misprinted resulting in Spock being labeled as “Spack.” This began a long sequence of purposefully misspelled nametags such as Spook, Spork, Slick and Shrek. The crew thought it was hilarious. Spock did not.

كن حذراً وأنت تقرأ كتب الصحَّة، فقد تموتُ بخطأ مطبعيّ 

Be careful about reading health books. You may die of a misprint.

Always Proofread

So I work for an international coffee shop chain, and on our menu signs (that get mailed to us) the size of the drink is stated along with calories, price, etc. And because I live in Canada, the signs have the size of the drink in millilitres.
I guess there must have been a misprint on one of the menu signs because it said our large (20 oz) drink said it was 709 fl oz instead of 709 mL, and nobody knew until today when a customer came in and said that another location’s manager told her the other day that if the sign wasn’t fixed, she could literally get a 709 fl oz drink for just over $5 and she demanded that we give her that… It literally works out to 27 large drinks. We gave her our manager’s business card and told her to have a nice day.


Also on sale are these misprints. You get both of these prints for $12. They’re not perfect, I know, but each packet contains a misprint that is slightly more off than the other one.


El Corazón
4 colors,hand pulled,screenprint on Bristol board paper

5 colors, hand pulled, screenprint on Stonehenge paper

By far, the most valuable toys are the ones that were recalled because of a change in production method, error/misprint, or potential to kill your child<. One particular Jawa figure is heralded as the “holy grail” of collectibles because, we shit you not, its cape is made from vinyl instead of cloth. It’s the same with some early models of Luke, Obi-Wan, and Darth Vader, which came packaged with flimsy-looking lightsabers. As a result of complaints, the lightsabers were switched out and the shitty versions became ultra-rare.

They’re the same figures, but produced in different ways. One will make you rich. The other won’t. And there’s no way that you can tell what valuable treasures are going to be recalled until after they’ve been thrown into a furnace, ala Toy Story 3.

If there’s any Force Awakens toy that’ll earn you big bucks, it’ll be this figure of Kylo, which was accidentally packaged into a Captain Phasma box.

If you think that’s a dumb thing to cherish and one day pay fistfuls of galactic credits for, welcome to the exciting and fickle world of collecting Star Wars toys.

Why Modern ‘Collectible’ Toys Are A Total Scam

lil’ misprint give away

Two imperfect screen prints on unbleached cotton, which resembles a natural white. The print is partly blurred, due to my clumsy screen print skills.

This give away is not intended as promotion of my blog, so i am not asking you to reblog. In fact: only likes will count.
I just want it to be in the hands of someone who can take pleasure in things that aren’t perfect. I will also include a misprint of the snail friends patch.

On Thuesday the 17th January 2017 i will pick a winner. 

Lots of love.

E. Carr