whenever i dive into the hereditary witch or traditional witch tag to find new perspectives or ideas so much of it is filled with the usual “ew emoji spells and new age stuff is so fake ugh tumblr witchcraft is so weak and watered down and lacking bc none of these people were born into it, yall are just here for the aesthetic” and i want to fucking scream??? then leave ho, no one’s keeping you or your misplaced superiority here


I tell myself that in order to make my CD last for as long as I possibly can, I’ll listen to three songs per week. It takes a lot of self-control, but it gives me something to look forward to every Monday night. And as for the songs I’ve already heard - I listen to those on the commute to Lincoln Park every day after school.

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Hello! I'm searching for an eruri fanfic I love but misplaced, and I was hoping you (or anyone) could help. It's a canon verse oneshot told from Erwin's PoV about the sacrifices people have to make in relationships—which side of the bed to sleep on, etc. It culminates in Erwin asking Levi not to move things around on his desk because that drives him crazy, and finishes with Levi being considerate towards Erwin and letting him read. Very cute fic. I think it was on tumblr or ao3.

Hmmmm….I don’t think I’ve read that one Anon.  I think I would have remembered the detail about Levi moving things on Erwin’s desk, but it doesn’t ring any bells.  It’s not one of @birbwin‘s early drabbles is it?  There’s a few of those I haven’t read. 

Let’s see if anyone else can help…Paging @world-war-eruri Does this sound remotely familiar?

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do you ever just randomly say "excuse me sir" when some inhumane object starts acting up or falls or is misplaced ?

i just go “what the fuck” and stare at it before sighing like a disappointed mother

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It's crossed my mind that we're gonna get an entire summer of this. :( once she finished filming she'll be in NYC most of the summer leading up to the promo of mother. And what better way to promote a movie other than shove a fake relationship down everyone's throat? We'll have sets of misplaced dates and PR walks. I can't...

Well, if you look at the comments on these articles….then it’s a really bad idea because people either don’t like, think it’s fake or think Jen is whoring herself out for roles…so mother! promo is going to be a hot mess about the relationship and whether or not they are going to get engaged, babies while gossip blogs throw shade on how it’s totally a fauxmance to promote the movie. I can’t imagine Darren and his giant ego would want his masterpiece to be over shadowed by this thing people are making fun of.

And hopefully someone has Jen’s best interests at heart because if she does get an sort of award nom for this people will automatically assume it’s because she fucked her director. 

All around it’s a terrible situation.

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I usually come to your page to check your art to avoid missing something I skip on my dash, and I must say every time I start typing your tumbrl username, it feels so wrong. It should be serenity WINS, I mean, you art is so empowering and so absolutely great, that "fails" seems misplaced. Keep kicking ass with your art! :)

Haha, thank you, that’s so sweet of you to say! I’m glad you like my stuff.

My username is kind of a play off my internet handle from when I was a kid, but it stuck and it seems kinda catchy to me, so “fails” it is! I’ve heard a few interpretations from people over the years, the one that’s the least self-deprecating is “a lack of serenity”… but the reality is it’s from Sailor Moon. :B

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Fic questions: Catch Me. Okay so not an actually question but I now finally understand the inspiration for it because of Jake and Terry and "NO IM HOLDING COFFEE" and bless you for reblogging B99 so often that I finally gave it. It's still one of my favorite fics cause you're wonderful and just so so talented. ❤ That bet was just genius, btw. Lost headphones? Where did that come from?? Okay I guess that is an actual question. 😆 Okay I'm running out of characters LOVE YOU BYE.

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LOVE YOU ALWAYS, ANIKA. I’m so glad that you got to see  the inspiration behind “Catch Me”! And I’m even more happy that you got into the show 🙌🏽   And lost headphones definitely was super random now that I think about it. I believe the reasoning for that was because I have a tendency to lose/misplace mine regularly 😂

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that moment when you find a stack of Nurse t-shirts that were missed when counting inventory….damn it. I don’t know how I misplaced 4 shirts, I’m so sorry!! there is 1 of each size S, M, L, XL left still, so now the shop is updated so you can buy them -___-”“ i’m sorry for missing these ones, they’re not actually sold out yet and you can still snag them before they are gone for good!

Thinking about rewatching “The Falcon and the Snowman,” one of my favorite 80’s movies. As Roger Ebert said in 1985, “It’s just the meticulously observant record of how naiveté, inexperience, misplaced idealism and greed led to one of the most peculiar cases of treason in American history.” Plus Sean Penn and Timothy Hutton.

Do you know the feeling you get when you’ve been on a plane for hours and hours, and even when you’re on solid ground again, you can feel it, now and then? The judder of engines beneath you, the shift and movement in your blood. A misplacement, a falling out of time.

It’s like that, how sometimes I feel myself kissing her, even when I’m not. How I sometimes taste her in my mouth, fleeting but unmistakable. How her touch leaves echoes that ring and ring and ring. Time resettles. All is fluid, for us. There is no fixity but one another.

So I’ve been wondering about Young Justice: Misplaced, and whatever you do…

Don’t think about Jason Todd not even caring because his mom was already dead and he was living alone on the streets.

Don’t think about little Garfield all alone in the middle of nowhere by himself, crying because his mother was gone.

Don’t think about how Tim Drake’s parents probably didn’t even notice he was missing.

Don’t think about how Cissie’s dad disappeared.

Don’t think about how Icicle Jr. was probably praying that his dad wouldn’t come back.

Don’t think about how Barbara missed Commissioner Gordon.

Don’t think about how Jaime and his little sister were on their own.

Don’t think about how Eduardo was glad his father was gone.


Don’t think about how sad Misplaced was.

  • jaques: where are you going
  • weiss: im just a little thirsty
  • weiss: i'll be right back
  • -5 minutes later-
  • weiss: -has kicked out a party guest-
  • weiss: -yelled at a party guest-
  • weiss: -accidentally let loose a boarbatusk in the hall-

the holy trinity of lives ruined by jack

(not shown: jack being moonshot into a volcano off-screen)