misplacement of blame

y'all wanna know my prediction for infinity war? i bet bucky gets out of cryo and wants to help fight thanos and almost everyone is like “okay cool” but probably still a little wary of him but then tony comes in and doesn’t want bucky to work w/ him so bucky is forced to be sidelined again bc of tony’s misplaced blame i bet y'all tony is the reason bucky won’t be a big part of infinity war lmao

Adrien the Civilian

For ML Angst Week of @miraculous-weeks

Day 1: Mistakes/Aftermath

It’s my first time doing something like this so… Enjoy the angst? It’s 3000 words and only lightly edited so I put a read more ok im sorry

Warning: Character death, heavy angst. You’ve been warned.

Edit: I just realized I also hit the other day’s prompts? I—

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It wasn’t supposed to happen that way.

It was just a simple akuma attack. Just like any other.

The Baker, he was simply called, had the ability to turn everything into bread. He was a giant, however, easily towering halfway over Collège Françoise Dupont, and he wielded a giant rolling pin that could flatten everything in his path. The plan was simple—Ladybug would use her Lucky Charm, a bag of flour, and Chat Noir would come in and destroy the giant rolling pin with his Cataclysm. It wasn’t like they could just break that thing over their knees and call it a day, after all.

With their usual team effort, they had managed to blind The Baker with the flour and trip him with Ladybug’s string. She then hollered at him to use Cataclysm on the akuma’s rolling pin.

“Now!” she’d shouted, urgently.

He only did as he was told.

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"whatever she is, isn't human. It's old, it's powerful, and it hates."

guns & rosaries, Darcy/Loki

Now on AO3.

okay, you didn’t ask for a specific pairing so i just went with whatever worked, which turned out to be Darcy/Loki. So this is tasertricks, and a lot longer than I expected it to be. Hope you like it! :)

Darcy didn’t begin to suspect that anything was wrong until the third day on the job. Hunting monsters had never exactly been easy money, but she and Jane had been doing it for so long that Darcy forgot what it was like when a job went truly sideways.

From the start, it seemed like an average contract—strange and scary things started happening in a small town, townspeople freaked out, townspeople found a (mostly) innocent person to scapegoat—and the guy who hired them was too genuinely nice to be pulling some kind of con. And while Jane may have been too entranced by the guy’s abs to make an unbiased evaluation of the situation, Darcy’s bullshit detector had no equal. To be fair to Jane, though, even Darcy had to admit that Thor’s abs were extremely impressive.

All that aside, his concern that his little brother might be wrongly accused and driven out of their community was so palpable that Jane and Darcy accepted the contract on the spot and booked a flight to Norway the next day.

The first night was fine. Jane and Darcy were jet lagged as hell but still able to drag themselves to the only inn in town, where they rented two rooms for the duration of the contract (Jane was attempting to hide her desire to get in Thor’s pants as a sudden and unprecedented need for space, but Darcy wasn’t buying it). Darcy barely took the time to unpack her meager toiletries—she left the silver bullets, holy water, and emergency potions securely tucked away in the false bottom of her luggage—before heading out to join Jane and Thor in the pub for dinner.

When she finally collapsed into bed, exhausted, she had horrible, restless dreams all night. She woke up the next morning, drained, with the ghost of a crushing weight on her chest. Rubbing at the spot, feeling as if a bruise was forming, Darcy attributed the strangeness to lingering jet lag and a desperate need for caffeine. She paused only for a moment at the mirror, looking at the deep, dark bruises under her eyes in mild consternation. Should’ve brought more concealer, Darce.

On her way out the door, Darcy’s eyes caught on the items scattered across the vanity. Hmm, that’s strange—she would’ve sworn that they were in a different order when she laid them out the day before. Shaking her head, Darcy wrote it off as a flight of fancy and went on her way.

The second day and night went much like the first; Jane and Darcy split up to subtly investigate suspicious activity in the town, and Darcy became more and more perturbed by what she heard. Apparently, several people had had heart attacks in the middle of the night over the past few months, a few too many to just be coincidence. At least several more had literally disappeared in the middle of the night, with no clue as to where they had gone. The townsfolk were adamant that they hadn’t left voluntarily—cars, clothes, and belongings were all still at home, and entire families had been left behind without warning.

Suspicion and paranoia were percolating, as they often did in situations like these, swelling into a wave of fear and hate that would find some unlucky sod to target. Apparently, in this case that scapegoat was likely to be Thor’s little brother.

Darcy and Jane would have to move quickly, before irreparable damage was done.

As she headed back to the pub to meet Jane and Thor for dinner, Darcy mused that it did indeed sound like some kind of supernatural creature was wreaking havoc on the town. Unfortunately, she was still at a loss for what kind—the vague descriptions she had gathered from the townspeople could fit any number of monsters she and Jane dealt with on a regular basis, not to mention the ones specific to this area of the world. Hopefully Jane had fared better.

Jane had not, in fact, fared any better. That was patently clear from the fact that Darcy’s best friend was currently engaged in a rousing sing-off with her fair-haired beau, which seemed well on its way to…yep, definitely ending in a drunken makeout.

Rolling her eyes fondly at the pair, Darcy moved to claim a table at the edge of the crowd. As she sat, Darcy felt the press of someone’s gaze and sat up to her full (modest) height. Taking her time, she nonchalantly cast her eyes about this room, searching for her unknown spectator.

As soon as her eyes landed on the man lounging in a chair by the fire, Darcy wondered how she ever could have missed him. He certainly wasn’t going out of his way to hide the direction of his gaze, and he smirked at her when their eyes met. With dark hair and a disdainful tilt of his chin, he looked nothing like the rest of the townspeople she had met so far.

Because of the distance and the reflection of the flames dancing in his eyes, she couldn’t tell if they were green or blue. There was no disguising the smug tilt of his mouth, though, especially as it was directed straight at her in a blatant challenge. Darcy allowed herself a smug look in return, and he sat up a bit straighter in his chair in response. She had a moment to wonder if he would abandon the distance between them and approach her, but then Jane was at the table, slightly drunk and glowing.

Swaying as she sat down, Jane leaned too close and shouted, “Thor’s getting us drinks!”

Darcy chuckled and leaned back in her seat, eardrums already aching from Jane’s lack of volume control. “That’s great, Janie, thanks. Did you find out anything good today?”

Jane shakes her head, then nods vigorously, then see-saws her hand in a so-so motion. “Umm—”

Snorting at her best friend, Darcy takes a different approach. Best to keep it simple. “Any word on how Thor’s brother is holding up under all the suspicion?”

Jane looked at her, wide-eyed and puzzled. “You were the one just having intense eye sex with him, Darcy, so you tell me. I thought you’d already ‘met,’ the way you were looking at each other.” She waggled her eyebrows outrageously, drawing a laugh out of Darcy.

“You’re the only one getting any action on this trip, Janie,” Darcy teased. Humming thoughtfully, she added, “I could see why he’d be the one everyone blames around here, though. He doesn’t exactly…fit in.”

Jane nodded sagely in agreement. “It’s always the outsiders who get blamed, isn’t it?” She and Darcy exchanged a glance, empathetic to Loki’s plight; they’d been on the receiving end of townspeople’s misplaced blame more than once in the past, and it was always unpleasant. Darcy turned back to where he was sitting, but Loki was gone.

Thor came back with their mead at that moment and conversation turned to lighter topics. Darcy let go of thoughts about his brother, but every now and then she swore she could feel eyes on her, watching and assessing.

That night passed much like the one before, and Darcy began to suspect that her nightmares possibly had something to do with whatever was haunting the town. She suffered no other effects than lingering exhaustion and a lingering heaviness in her chest, though, so she continued on with her day, planning to look into it later.

In hindsight, perhaps Jane and Darcy should have questioned the details of the supernatural goings-on a bit more extensively before making the trip. That way, Darcy might have been slightly more prepared to wake up to a ghoulish creature perched on her chest in the middle of the night.

As it was, Darcy was not prepared in the least. She woke abruptly, limbs paralyzed and pressed to the bed. Her mouth still worked, though, and she let out an earsplitting shriek, loud enough to bring the inn down around her ears. The vaguely woman-like creature bore down on her, glowing red eyes moving so close they drowned everything else out.

Whatever she was, she wasn’t human. She was old, powerful, and clearly hated Darcy with a fiery passion.

Darcy had just enough time to reflect on the embarrassment of dying in bed in a foreign country, alone, before her ears were filled with a thunderous clanging. The ghoul screamed in pain and frustration and clambered off of her, scrambling to the far corner of the room.

Limbs mobile again, Darcy propped herself up on her elbows just in time to see the creature turn itself to mist. A silver knife flew past, embedding itself directly into the wood where the creature had stood half a second earlier.

Loki stood in the doorway, one hand gripping some kind of bell while the other was still outstretched from throwing the knife.

Darcy blinked, and then he was rushing toward her. He grabbed her hand, dragging her the rest of the way out of bed, and they fled the bedroom at a run.

Well, Darcy thought to herself, this job just got a whole lot more interesting.

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Dan... I’m Live Streaming

Summary: Dan accidentally saunters in, naked, and kisses Phil on YouNow because he thinks he’s filming a video not streaming

Quote: “Hello, internet… I have a new reason why Dan’s a fail for you, not sure how relatable this one is though. Get in here Phil,” Dan said, with a half smirk half grimace on his face.

“I never remember to knock…”

Genre: fluff, a bit of pre smut

Word count: 1209

Triggers: none. (very slight almost argument) 

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Alex and the time she told maggie off before they got together

i’m actually glad you asked about this one because i feel as if there’s still a large amount of misinterpretation of alex’s stance here and a sort of… i don’t want to say demonization because it hasn’t been that vehement but definite assignment of misplaced blame that’s fallen onto alex for the way she expresses herself.

alex’s intent isn’t to hurt maggie’s feelings. she isn’t trying to be cruel, and her words aren’t coming from a desire to manipulate or guilt. maggie explicitly asks alex to explain what happened in regards to alex’s changed stance on their friendship because she didn’t understand the depth of the hurt alex was feeling as a result of maggie’s rejection. alex was being honest, albeit brutally, about her perception of what transpired between them and what she was feeling as a result of that. alex isn’t one to mince words. and she feels everything she feels very deeply, often times jumping the gun and making decisions based on those emotions. i wouldn’t say she wears her heart on her sleeve, but her heart drives the way she interacts with the people and the world around her. also important to keep in mind, maggie wasn’t wrong when she said that alex was at a heightened emotional state because of her new discovery of her identity. this is the first time alex has experience real rejection because it’s the first time she’s ever really liked someone. alex’s feelings are very raw, that she’s being honest about them after maggie literally asks her to isn’t something i think she should be blamed for.

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As children we are taught to ask questions
We ask ‘why’ like it’s as simple as
‘No thank you’ or ‘yes please’
But then we are told that asking 'why’ is impolite
That we have no manners,
So we grow out of old habits
No more 'whys’
Or 'thanks’ or 'please’
Because 'we have no manners’ they said
We don’t know why they said it
But it must be true,
So we walk through life with unanswered questions
They say 'answers will come when your older’
They say that 'we are still young’
That 'we shouldn’t worry so much’
So we make a mess of things
Fall into drugs or abusive relationships
We stop asking why
We stop worrying
It must be we deserve this
We continue, waiting to die,
Because they say that 'we put them through hell’
They say 'its where we will end up’
They cry as though they are the ones in pain
They say 'what have you done with your life’
We ask 'why didn’t you stop us’
We ask 'why didn’t you help’
They say 'grow up’
They say 'why do you think this happened’
They say 'you did this to yourselves’
They say 'we didn’t raise you that way’
We stutter, 'it was never my life’
We say, 'you told us not to ask questions’
We cry, 'you told us not to worry’
We cry, 'you told us your demands’
They tell us 'learn to think for yourself’
We declare, 'you never taught us to think’
—  mo
Misplaced [Wonwoo] (Feat. Meanie)

Summary: Wonwoo misplaces his ring and blames it on his girlfriend. Featuring a smudge of Meanie.

Words: 1.3k

Genre: Slight angst, slight fluff

Originally posted by jeonfairy

“Hey, what’s wrong?” I asked the crouching figure while carefully stepping over the scattered items of clothing and books.

“Nothing, can you get out?” He responded, clearly irritated. I blinked at his sharp reply before kicking away a few objects in front of me.

“Are you looking for something? Do you need any help?” I raised an eyebrow as he tossed away the contents of his sock drawer, digging through some of them.

“Yes,” he said through his gritted teeth. “I can’t find something.”

“What is it that you lost?” I cocked my head sideways.

“I didn’t lose it. I just can’t find it. It’s in my room somewhere.” He groaned, slumping down on the less messy side of the bed.

“That’s the same thing,” he rolled his eyes, but I continued anyways, “tell me, what did you lose?”

“I can’t find my ring. I didn’t lose it. I couldn’t have.” He rubbed his eyes with his hands, letting out a deep sigh. I cautiously walked over the mess, and sat down on the corner of the bed, next to my wailing boyfriend.

“What? Your seventeen ring? Are you sure?” I patted his stomach, softly drumming my fingers on his toned torso, a habit I have developed while dating Mingyu.

“Yes,” he grumbled, “I can’t find it anywhere.” I looked around the room, looking like it had been ripped apart by a tornado. Several articles of clothing had been callously strewn around the room in his haste to find his ring.

“Well… Where did you put it when you took it off?”

“I don’t know. I can’t remember. I took it off while I was writing some lyrics because my finger was swelling, and I came back from practice and I can’t find it anywhere!” He whined, rolling onto his side.

“Did you perhaps leave it next to your papers?” I suddenly recalled his ring sitting on top of the stack of scrap paper he had used up for writing failed lyrics.

“Maybe, I don’t know. Why?” I let out a loud sigh, shaking my head side to side.

“Oh no…” I mumbled, scrambling out into the living room to check the trash bins. A worried frown washed across my face as I saw the empty bins. I forgot that I had taken out the trash half an hour ago.

“What is it Y/N?” I heard Wonwoo’s deep voice coming from behind me, and I immediately tensed up.

“I threw away your used papers a while ago. I think your ring was with it.”

“What?” His footsteps drew nearer and nearer to where I was standing, and I turned back to meet his frightening and furious gaze.

“I-I didn’t know it was with it. I only threw them away because you told me to do so.” I cowered away from his towering figure, and fidgeted with the buttons on my blouse.

“I told you to throw away the papers, not my ring!” He growled, staring at me as if he was about to eat me alive.

“I didn’t know your ring was there! I’m sorry!”

“You have eyes for a reason! You should have looked carefully before throwing it away!” He yelled at me, and I felt the anger burst up my throat.

“Well, it’s not everyday there’s a ring buried in a mountain of crumpled papers!” I yelled back at him.

“You should know what you did. You just threw away my Seventeen ring! What are you going to do! It’s special to me!” And that was my breaking point.

“Oh, so that ring is special to you, but I’m not? Do you think that I’m your maid? Do you think I started dating you because I wanted to do your laundry and wash your dishes and clean after your mess? It’s my fault that I didn’t know that sweeping your floor was an obligation as your girlfriend, right?!?!” I screamed at him, and my head throbbed from pain.

Wonwoo stayed silent from my sudden outburst of anger, and the sudden, ominous quietness developed the room, the only thing audible being my heavy breathing. And wordlessly, I trudged into the bathroom, shutting the door closed behind me.

I sat down hard onto the edge of the bathtub and buried my face in my hands, the tears starting to fall. I heard heavy footsteps go past the door, which I didn’t acknowledge. The footsteps trailed out, gradually dimming, into the living room and stopped.

I heard a muffled “Oh shit” and quick footsteps back my way.

“Y/N?” Wonwoo said from outside the bathroom. Out of spite, I didn’t respond. “Y/N, I found my ring. Sorry I got so angry at you.”

I huffed at his immature behaviour for yelling at me for supposedly ‘throwing away his ring’, and then finding it again. Without giving him any type of response, I turned the tap on to wash my face to cool down my burning cheeks.

“Jagi?” He softly knocked on the door, patiently waiting for me to answer him until he spoke again, “I’m so sorry jagiya, can you open the door please?”

“Since when did he start calling me jagi.” I mumbled to myself, harshly pulling a towel out the cabinet to wipe my face.

“Y/N-ah? Jagiya, could you please open the door for me?” He asked again from the other side of the door. Fed up with him begging, I powerfully swung the door open to reveal a very downhearted looking Wonwoo.

Crossing my arms over my chest, I stared at him with a desolated look.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t know I left my ring on the coffee table. I’m sorry for yelling at you. Mianhae, Y/N-ah.” I grabbed his hand to inspect the shining ring on his pinky finger, squinting in anger.

“It’s special to me, you know?” I imitated him in squeaky voice, forcefully throwing his hand back to his hand.

“Mianhae,” He mumbled, looking down at the floor in shame.

“Why am I even patient with you for these kind of things?”

“Because you love me,” His lips held a cheek smile, but instantly wiped it away when I shot him a dirty glare.

“It doesn’t mean that I’ll stick around you to do your house chores and deal with your problems, just because I love you.”

“I know,” he spoke bitterly with a sigh, “and I’m sorry for that, Y/N. I will never say things like that ever again. Saranghae,” He looked at me with such sincerness, and I melted away under his glance.

“Me too. Wonwoo.” I spread my arms out wide to embrace him, and he walked close to me, into my hold. But instead of hugging him, I tightly clenched my jaw, smacking the back of his neck several times until he held onto my wrists, whining.

“Y/N-ah, it hurts, stop.” Mewling, he flailed his arms around, trying to swat my arms away.

“A tub of chocolate ice-cream and a pack of gummy bears! If you want me to forgive you, hurry!” I waved him away, pointing at the door. He groaned a ‘fine’, dragging his feet out of the house.

“Saranghae, Y/N-ah!” He said out loud, just before closing the door, bringing a happy wide grin onto my face.

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THE STARS SAID SO: a poem (about abuse)
























@littlefuckinmonster Thought you might appreciate this

Alright so let me explain something about desecration of human remains; its subjective. It’s very subjective. One culture may decide that burying a body is desecration while another might decide fire is the same. Humans are weird and dead things spook us enough that we make bizarre rituals and standards to keep from pissing off the dead. So taking bones from a gravesite when it’s likely they would have been washed away? Actually fairly respectful.

For another thing, this whole argument is fucking stupid, because grave robbing is a time honored tradition. A great deal of medical science and knowledge about the past is found through the remains of our predecessors. Up until we decided the dead needed to be treated with the utmost respect and luxury, most bodies were just sort of tossed in a grave and forgotten. Yes families visited but when the living relatives died or moved away, it left nothing but a wooden box of bones in the ground. What this person did is probably better, as the remains wouldn’t have ended up in the local water supply or spooking the shit out of some kid.

Could they have spoken with the cemetery owners? Yeah if there was time. But not knowing the age of the remains I can’t really comment on how much of an impact that would have had. The remains were treated with the same respect usually afforded to the dead and unless the bones belonged to someone powerful, there wouldn’t even be a curse attached. And while grave robbing is indeed a felony, so are bullshit drug charges in the War Against Drugs. I don’t see Tumblr staunchly defending that bullshit, but apparently everyone and their mother is now a lawyer over misplaced blame.

You know what is cursed? Blind hatred and aggression toward someone who didn’t do what they did with negative intent. Particularly since there was POSITIVE intent instead.

Also the Hope Diamond and the Cubs winning the world series probably had more to do with 2016 being shit. Not some practitioner with decent intentions who needs to be left the fuck alone. One person is not responsible for this year and if you think it is and think it’s okay to attack someone over this, you need help that this hellhole of a site isn’t going to offer you. My sympathies.

Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo Episode 12

Ohmygosh, can this show get any cuter or better? The answer is yes! It can and it does every single week with new character development and storylines coming together. I’m high on today’s episode and y’all know why, but let’s go slow. *fangirl squeal*

If yesterday was full of romance, today was definitely more on the bittersweet side. Jae-yi had to finally let go of his first love, who apparently left him for another man, and in the process he destroyed the one good relationship he had going on. It was high time Dr. Go confessed her feelings for Jae-yi and I understand her disappointment, but wasn’t she the one who put herself in this situation? It was her choice to wait around for 10 years to see if he liked her too, so I really don’t understand why is she taking her anger on him. Okay, fine, I do get it but I think she’s misplacing it by blaming him for not even considering her. Maybe with this new information and a time off between them, Jae-yi will appreciate their relationship in another light. They do say the distance makes the heart grow fonder.

What about awesome uncle Dae-ho and his crush on coach Choi? He is so sweet and funny, I really want him to win her over. He already got her sister’s approval. Heee! But, why doesn’t she like him? Is she still hang up on Coach Yoon? Come on! Not only he is married, he has never show any interest other than friendship. I understand that the heart wants what it wants but I can’t help feel that she’s holding on to the idea of love instead of actually going for it. I think that like best pupil, Coach Choi too has a little growing up to do in regards to the matters of the heart.

Then, we got Shi-ho. I have been waiting for the moment where she finally breaks. It was inevitable with the way she takes care of herself, in the sense that she doesn’t. She has performed in competitions and training without eating, sleeping and even injured; and this is only the tip of the iceberg. She refuses to find any kind of emotional support in her teammates or coach, and even when Bok-joo worries about her -because she can see first hand what she’s doing by being her roommate- she pushes her away. Granted, Shi-ho is jealous of Bok-joo, not only because of Joon-hyun’s affection but also because of the support system around her. But Shi-ho really needs to reach out to someone. Yesterday if possible. How many sleeping pills did she take? Does it even matter when she’s clearly in a state of mind where she thinks it’s a good idea to take more than one or two at the same time?

Another person who has it difficult this week is Sun-ok, who we knew had it rough growing up because she didn’t like the idea of her parents owning a motel. At the time she confessed it, I understood it and thought that for a young person it could be difficult but, at least, it was honest work. But now I see her problems are deeper since her family doesn’t support her in any way for her to achieve her dream. And that’s gotta be hard. Parents who only chastised you for doing what you love. Sun-ok is trying to make a different life than the one she comes from, through hard work, and it breaks my heart that she might have to give up. I hope next week we get to see her back in University!

I’m also happy it was mostly Sun-ok’s story the one that made Bok-joo think what weightlifting means to her.

Dad’s disease was bound to take a bad turn at some point and it was incredibly touching to see how much love he has for this daughter, but I would have been disappointed and emotionally manipulated if Bok-joo returned to weightlifting only because she felt guilty. But this show never disappoints and, by mixing the three storylines, Bok-joo’s return feels natural. Like she was ready and what happened, to Dad and Sun-ok, it was the last push she needed to make a decision. I’m glad she is back to feeling like herself, maybe not the same as before since she did a lot of growing up through these experiences, but her slump is over. Now she can feel proud and happy about her chosen profession and herself again.

The amusement park date was both adorable and hilarious. “Did it make your heart flutter?”, asked Joon-hyun to shy and silent Bok-jo, while I was yelling: “YES, DAMN YOU! THE CUTE. IT HURTS”. Every minute had me squealing over these two.

Bok-joo got to see Joon-hyun in a new light altogether, since their interactions weren’t all that different from before, but they sure came about from a different approach. And it’s all thanks to Joon-hyun’s candidness towards her, he didn’t hide nor lie for one minute about his intentions to woo or swept Bok-joo off her feet. I knew he was going to be straightforward but I wasn’t expecting playful, mischievous and endearing all at the same time.

I also appreciate how the show made Bok-joo realize she’s in love with Joon-hyun at her own pace. Very much like his own realization about their relationship, it wasn’t forced, it was just the clear answer. One that it wasn’t all that hard for either of them to figure out.

These two have been a couple for such a long time that you really have to see it to appreciate how their relationship is built on mutual respect, friendship, honesty and love. There’s a tacit understanding of each other and between each other.

And what about that final scene? *squeals* He goes for the peck, she takes the initiative, twice!, I’m screaming, and Joon-hyun sees the green light for a full on make out session. Tenderly, lovingly, knowingly… because this is it.

a big roguish baby 

Chaotic Good.
Angelus Sorrowsong flees from his problems. While sometimes this is due to his admittedly terrible sense of responsibility, he also tries to solve perceived problems by removing himself from the situation entirely. He’s an expert at misplaced blame, but considering his track record as an absolutely consistent fuck-up, his approach makes sense to him. Unfortunately, he has the tendency then to destroy just about everything positive he builds up for himself. And like a graceless bulldozer, he moves on to the next territory to inadvertently fuck up for everyone. 

Pros: High charisma, calculated thinker, brave, friend to disgusting animals everywhere, strong advocate for equality (charr equivalent of a humanist?), difficult to anger 
Cons: Inconsistent, secretive, inflexible, easily swayed by monetary gain, not the most dedicated of charr, addictive personality 

Mabel, Do You Believe in Transcendence?

Drift, 2/?

Read Part 1 here.

Read on Fanfiction.Net here.

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Dipper Pines was twelve years old when he stopped being human.

He was twelve years old when the demon Bill Cipher tried to fuse the Mindscape with the physical world, twelve years old when the two of them got locked into an intense battle waged in Dipper’s mind and body, twelve years old when he defeated the demon.

Twelve years old when he became one himself.

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daisyyridley  asked:

I don't know if you have been asked this before but if Joanna had lived do you think Tywin would still have hated Tyrion? For some reason I can't help but think that because Tyrion was born a dwarf, Tywin would still have distanced himself away from him, if that makes. Would Joanna have had to make up for Tywin's lack of affection? Etc

I think it’s correct to say Tywin would have tolerated Tyrion to an extent, had Joanna survived. The point is, whereas lots of Tywin’s hate generates from Joanna’s death and the subsequent and misplaced blame for it, that’s not all of it. In fact, most of it is nothing but bigotry (extraordinarily common, in the westerosi mentality) about Tyrion’s condition, and mostly Tyrion’s condition seen and perceived as a punishment from the Gods. Mind you, I don’t think Tywin to be an extremely religious man, but I do think show!Cersei’s words about her father and his relationship with the Divine are pretty accurate: “He believes in the Gods, he just doesn’t like them very much.”

Back to the point, I don’t think his opinion of his youngest son would have been much different because: a) a dwarf is still an abomination in the eyes of the people of Westeros, and as such a terrible slight to a House as noble as House Lannister (and we just know how much Tywin cares about the perception of his own family); b) do not forget Tyrion was considered the Just Punishment for the man who had become too powerful (hence the whole premise above about Tywin and the Gods) and as such it was unlikely Tywin would ever really have anything but disdain for him.

But of course it goes without saying Joanna’s survival would have counted for something. I know most people like to headcanon Joanna as a kind woman who would be gentle to Tyrion and sway her husband to be so as well, but I’m wary of that theory. Suspicious, actually. Joanna was ruthless, had to be in order to be Tywin’s kindred spirit: sure, she may have been softer than her husband, but I doubt she would have been a paradigm of Good the way many people want to depict her. And I believe that’s the reason why I’m not sure she would have liked or loved Tyrion, but she surely might have at least protected him on principle, because what we know of her is she was a Strong Mother and would have protected him no matter what. But would Tyrion’s status have changed drastically? I don’t think so. Maybe he would have been a tad more sheltered, but far from respected or cherished.

Ultimately it comes down to people’s ideas of Joanna, and Joanna and Tywin’s relationship, hence why I think it’s a very specific thing to speculate about, but that’s my take more or less!


“Society continues to misplace blame and shame on survivors—both women and men—on college campuses and everywhere else. That has to end. We must confront the myths and excuses that help perpetuate sexual assault. We must speak about these issues, boldly, thoughtfully and often, because criminals thrive when we are silent, when we are reluctant to engage, when we insist that these issues are too murky to sort out”

anonymous asked:

"I have no problem with the shit that goes on in fandom, write gay porn (hey I read it), paint racy pictures (no one can stop you), but when this stuff becomes public, and the actors themselves see these things, you only have yourselves to blame. So stop embarrassing yourselves. Because you’re not only making yourselves seem like nutters, you’re making other fans seem that way as well.", this is from a hate blog and i don´t agree with any of this but i wanted to know your opinion on it.

My opinion is that I (and perhaps everyone) owe this Poster my heartfelt thanks for their thought-provoking, yet concise, take on the matter. So here goes.

Thank you, Poster, for making it known that the root of the problem lies with us, makers of the free content you so casually enjoy and later condemn in the same breath. For not letting us off the hook because it’s clearly our fault when someone else takes our creation and publicly ridicules it behind our backs and against our will. Thank you for standing up for those downtrodden few who shames others for their own gain, be it attention or the sense of superiority: showrunners and members of the entertainment industry doing it for ratings; sexist moderators and talkshow hosts ‘discussing’ slash with a grimace on their face; overenthusiastic or simply malicious non-creating ‘fans’ taking risque materials without the maker’s consent only to force it upon a corresponding actor.

Thank you for leaving out the millions of risqué fictional content out there put by male fans featuring their favorite actresses/female characters, never to be shown to actresses, or shamed, or made into headlines almost exclusively reserved for female fandoms like IS THIS FETISHIZATION? or HOW DOES THEIR MIND EVEN WORK? or WOW IS FANDOM INSANE? Thank you for sparing society and how they normalize only the objectification and sexualization of women, that sexual fantasies where men are the only active participants and/or the focus of desire are regarded as a freakshow to be paraded before unwilling, uninformed participants who would naturally scandalize the content and the initiative without further consideration.

Thank you for disregarding the simple logic that the reason we content makers flock to Tumblr in the first place is because we regarded it as a safe community to share our interest without the public scrutiny you just know we brought onto ourselves and, through lazy generalization, onto you—although it’s not your work being put to trial nor is it your inbox exploding with hate and misplaced blame. For realizing that it’s not enough that we are already antagonized out there for liking what we like that you feel the righteous need to chastise us here also.

Lastly thank you, thank you for penning this excellent morsel of wisdom, as your wonderfully high horse no doubt allowed unobstructed view over the entire issue.

Reactions off the top of my head

I’ll probably change my mind about half of these within minutes, but… 

  • John actually saving the number and then text-flirting with the bus girl? WTF, JOHN?????? And that was before Mary even left! 
  • I just reblogged a post about this, but John blaming Sherlock for Mary’s death both misplaces the blame entirely, and takes Mary’s agency away
  • I hate the redemption arc. Fuck that so hard. 
  • Hopkins and Lestrade both fighting over access to Sherlock while Lestrade is simultaneously trying to flirt with Hopkins was cute
  • I’ve always hated the drugs thing but I’ll admit that Sherlock and the ginger nuts was kind of funny
  • John sending Sherlock away is total CRAP. 
  • “Go to hell, Sherlock”. UM. 

I’m sure I’ll be back with more coherent thoughts in a bit. I feel sick and sad right now.