misplaced sam winchester

I (Dean) write bad pick-up lines on your (Cas) cup every time I’m your barista (Requested by misplaced-my-grace)

 Sara and I co-wrote this one! Sara started it and then sent me an email saying “Do with this what you will. But if I keep going they’re going to fuck out behind the dumpsters because that’s where I’m at right now. “

The first coffee Cas gets at King and Co. cafe has “Cas” and a smiley face on the side.

He doesn’t know who made it, or wrote his name on it, but there are only three people behind the counter. The giant with floppy hair and a pointy nose, the squat British one who growled when Cas ordered an Americano, and the freckly one with scruff and pouty lips. He hopes the one with pouty lips.

The smiley faces continue for a week or so. They progress to hearts and then, somehow to nicknames. First is “Ole blue eyes,” then “angel in a trench coat,” then “favorite customer.”

The day that Freckles hands Cas his coffee and their fingers touch the bottom of the cup where it says “Warning: this beverage you are about to enjoy is extremely hot” is changed to read: “Warning: you are extremely hot.”

Cas blushes and Freckles grins.

“I’m Dean,” he says, lifting up the corner of his mouth.

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