On a recent trip to Quimby’s Books, I learned of the wonderful small edition silkscreen, sewn-bound booklets of Anthony Meloro and picked up four of his publications right on the spot. Misper has several very short and fragmented tales of criminality and police work. Here’s a two-page spread from Misper #1 from 2012, which draws its name from the police slang for a missing person. 

This came from Anthony Meloro and I couldn’t be happier with it. He’s one of the cartoonists I follow more eagerly and, sometimes, reading his comics the first thought it comes to my mind is I’d like drawing like him sometime in my life. For an unexpected reason I feel certain connection between his work and mine, despite most likely we are looking for different goals. As well, it reminds me sometimes comics anthology RAW at its best ––and believe me, this is one of the best compliments I can give.

Snakebomb (another lucky guy who owns Meloro’s gems) talked about his stuff much better than I could HERE.

Buy his comics!! (and don’t forget to wash your hands after reading)

anonymous asked:

heyyyyyyy, can you suggest some songs for me to listen to ^_^

sure can😎 shyer by london grammar, human by daughter, settle down by the 1975 (the bbc live lounge version) pretty much any song from the following bands : the mispers , alt-j, London grammar , the 1975 (their acoustic versions though)